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My iMac
Gore, Andrew.
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Foster City, CA : IDG Books, [1999]

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xxx, 342 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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iMaximize Your iMac Plug in, turn on, double-click. With an iMac, getting onto the Web or into a program is easy. But there is a universe of incredible iMac possibilities that aren't quite so obvious. This book shows you how to find them. Created by the editor-in-chief of Macworld and two Mac experts, My iMac reveals the secrets of iMac mastery, from "Zen and the Art of iMac Setup" to "A Landlubber's Guide to the Internet." CD-ROM packed with valuable software! Free Norton AntiVirus and Norton Utilities trials from Symantec Free Expander and utility products from Aladdin (shareware) Free Recover-iT Internet Backup Service tryout from Dantz Plus a Free iMac library with over 30 utilities, applications, icon sets, and games, including demos of Dark Vengeance, Lode Runner, Civilization II, and StarCraft! See Appendix B for details. Unleash the iMac Difference Move stuff from your old Mac to your iMac Discover all the goodies in the new Mac operating system Speed up your iMac with ten easy tips Get more work out of AppleWorks Make the most of the Internet -- your complete guide to browsers, service providers, e-mail, games, managing personal finances, and building your own personal Web page Troubleshoot problems, from modem hangups to system conflicts System Requirements: One iMac in any color

Author Notes

Andrew Gore is Editor-in-Chief of Macworld magazine and the author of three popular computer books, PowerBook, AT&T EO Personal Communicator, and Newton's Law. Internet and financial software authority Jill Baird works at Intuit, the Quicken company. Chris Breen is a contributing editor at Macworld and an iMac expert.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. ix
Prefacep. xi
Acknowledgmentsp. xix
Part I Beginningsp. 1
Chapter 1 Zen and the Art of iMac Setupp. 3
Out-of-the-Box: Plugging in Your iMac for the First Timep. 3
Setting upp. 4
Getting comfyp. 7
The iMac tutorialsp. 10
Getting Connectedp. 11
Setting up the easy way: Connecting to EarthLinkp. 11
Connecting to your existing ISP accountp. 15
Opening a new ISP accountp. 19
Love at first site: Recommended sites for new iMac surfersp. 21
Upgrading to Mac OS 8.5p. 22
Membership has its benefitsp. 23
Installing Mac OS 8.5p. 27
Chapter 2 Getting Stuff from Your Old Mac to Your iMacp. 31
The Macs, They Are A-Changin'p. 31
Ports of call: Your old Macp. 32
Ports of call: Your iMacp. 34
You Move Me: Transferring Files with Your iMac's Built-in Toolsp. 35
Ethernetp. 35
Modemp. 43
IrDAp. 48
You Move Me: Transferring Files with Add-on Toolsp. 50
Ethernetp. 50
USBp. 51
Summing Up: Which Way to Go?p. 53
Playing for Keeps: What to Savep. 54
Tips for the tradep. 54
Who's movin' whom?p. 56
Chapter 3 iMaximizing Your iMacp. 57
Inner Space: The iMac Withinp. 58
Pulling it apartp. 59
Taking advantage of the situationp. 64
Putting it back togetherp. 70
Maximizing Your iMac's Performancep. 73
Cut down on extensions and control panelsp. 73
Throw cache at your iMacp. 73
Get real: Turn off virtual memoryp. 74
Use a RAM diskp. 75
Defragment your hard drivep. 75
Don't bog down your iMac with frivolous dutiesp. 76
Use keyboard shortcutsp. 76
Use shortcuts when they're availablep. 77
Let Sherlock do the work for youp. 77
Learn to touch typep. 78
Getting the Most Out of Your Gamesp. 78
Buy external speakersp. 78
Buy more RAM and VRAMp. 79
Consider adding 3D acceleration hardwarep. 79
Get a game controllerp. 79
Chapter 4 Soft Side of the iMacp. 81
A Little Historyp. 81
The Modern Mac OSp. 82
Mac OS 8.0 and 8.1p. 83
Getting the Most out of Your OSp. 84
Cool elements of the Mac OSp. 85
Tips and tricks for Mac OS 8.5 usersp. 95
What in Tarnation Is That? Inside the System Folderp. 103
Finderp. 103
Systemp. 103
Important folders inside the System folderp. 103
Contextual menu itemsp. 105
Control panelsp. 105
Extensionsp. 105
Fontsp. 105
Helpp. 105
Internet search sitesp. 105
Launcher itemsp. 105
Preferencesp. 106
Startup items/shutdown itemsp. 106
Chapter 5 Making AppleWorks Work for Youp. 107
The Core of AppleWorks: What Is It?p. 108
The elements of AppleWorksp. 109
Using AppleWorksp. 110
Word processorp. 111
Draw programp. 119
Paint programp. 125
Spreadsheetp. 126
Databasep. 129
Communicationsp. 131
Putting It All Togetherp. 132
The cheerful holiday letterp. 133
Part II "i" Is for Internetp. 139
Chapter 6 A Landlubber's Guide to the Internetp. 141
The Active Browserp. 143
What's an ISP?p. 143
There's something about Earlp. 144
What's a Web browser?p. 147
Getting to know Internet Explorer 4.5p. 148
What's a frame?p. 158
What's a plug-in?p. 160
Which browser is best for me?p. 161
The Accidental Surferp. 164
It takes a virtual villagep. 164
Who are those yahoos anyway?p. 165
Desperately seeking anything!p. 168
Elementary, my dear Watsonp. 171
A paranoid's guide to the Webp. 172
Who's newsp. 175
I can e-mail it to you wholesale!p. 178
Chapter 7 Exhibiting the Self: Building Your Personal Web Pagep. 181
Web Page Basics: Before You Beginp. 183
Sketching thumbnails: Grab your crayonsp. 183
Engineering the onionp. 184
Helping visitors navigate through your sitep. 185
Using HTMLp. 186
Stealing: A good way to make your Web site look good fastp. 188
Using graphics wisely: Every picture tells a story, doesn't it?p. 192
Image editing and conversion toolsp. 192
Making your site usablep. 194
Rolling Up Your Sleevesp. 194
The easy way: Using free WYSIWYG page building tools on the Webp. 195
The Harder Way: Creating pages with HTML editing softwarep. 197
Count Zero: Checking your site to make sure it worksp. 206
Going Publicp. 206
Chapter 8 Zen and the Art of E-Mailp. 209
Starting Outlook Expressp. 211
What's what in your Inboxp. 213
Viewing folders and the Preview panep. 213
Sending and Receiving E-Mailp. 215
Connecting to the Internetp. 215
Addressing e-mailp. 216
Writing and editing an e-mail messagep. 217
Sending e-mailp. 218
Customizing Outlook Expressp. 218
Using the Contact listp. 218
Changing the way your mail is sortedp. 219
Using Mail Rules to add contacts to your list automaticallyp. 220
Using Mail Rules as spam repellantp. 222
Connecting and receiving e-mail when you start Outlook Expressp. 223
Working with E-Mail Attachmentsp. 224
Minding attachment etiquettep. 225
Opening attachmentsp. 226
Saving attachmentsp. 226
Attaching filesp. 226
Removing attachmentsp. 227
Managing Your E-Mailp. 227
Deleting e-mail from your Inboxp. 228
Personal Information Managementp. 228
Chapter 9 Dollars and Sensep. 231
Managing Your Finances with Quicken and Quicken.comp. 233
Using Quicken to balance your budgetp. 233
Getting started if you are completely new to Quickenp. 235
How much time is this gonna take?p. 237
Setting up your first accountp. 240
Getting started if you've used other versions of Quickenp. 240
Finding out about online bankingp. 241
Banking online with Quicken on the iMacp. 241
Consulting with the experts at Quicken.comp. 243
Downsizing Your Debtp. 243
Using the Debt Reduction Planner on Quicken.comp. 244
Shopping for the lowest interest ratesp. 246
Getting free credit reports onlinep. 246
Finding professional debt counseling and advicep. 247
Planning Your Loansp. 248
Determining how much loan you can affordp. 248
Determining whether it's time to refinance your mortgagep. 248
Obtaining Tax Tools and Advicep. 250
Determining the correct withholding amount on your paycheckp. 251
Getting general tax advicep. 252
Getting Smart About Insurancep. 252
Getting the basics on insurance termsp. 253
Shopping for insurancep. 253
Getting the lowdown on your insurance companyp. 254
Determining your auto insurance risk factorsp. 254
Calculating how much insurance you needp. 254
Investing Onlinep. 255
Investment advice from some expertsp. 255
The scoop on online discount brokersp. 256
Part III Even iMacs Get the Bluesp. 257
Chapter 10 iMac Troubleshooting: Hardwarep. 259
I Can't Get Startedp. 259
My iMac won't start up! I push the Power button and nothing happens!p. 259
Okay, I checked the power connections and it still won't switch on. Now what?p. 260
I've done everything you suggested and it still won't start up. Suggestions?p. 260
My iMac starts, but then I see a picture of a folder that first flashes a question mark, then the Mac OS logo, then back to the question mark, and ... well, you get the idea. What's up?p. 260
What happened to my hard drive!? I started up from the CD-ROM, and now I can't see the icon anywhere on the desktop!p. 262
How do I initialize my drive?p. 263
Drive Setup says I can't initialize the drive. Why not?p. 264
Now that my drive is formatted and all my data is gone, what do I do?p. 264
My iMac is frozen--the cursor won't move and the keyboard does nothing. How do I restart?p. 265
Peripheralsp. 265
My iMac's mouse doesn't light up the way it seems to in the ads. Why not?p. 265
Okay, I understand about the lack of the light in my mouse, but why won't the cursor move smoothly across the screen?p. 266
No matter how hard I push the mouse, the cursor won't move at all!p. 266
Certain keys on my keyboard work but others don't!p. 267
Modemp. 267
My modem makes a heck of a racket! How do I turn it down?p. 267
My modem won't, well, modem!p. 268
My connection is sooooo slow!p. 268
Why do I keep losing my connection?p. 268
Whoops, I need to add a 1 to my phone number!p. 269
I can't connect no matter what I dop. 270
I tried to set up a second configuration profile and now I can't use the first profilep. 270
Videop. 271
All the icons on my desktop are really tiny/huge!p. 271
There's an awful lot of black space around the screen. Can I adjust the monitor so I see more desktop and less border?p. 271
My iMac's monitor is pinched in and slightly off-kilterp. 272
The image on my iMac's monitor is a little wigglyp. 272
CD-ROMp. 272
The Williams-Sonoma Guide to Good Cooking CD-ROM that came with my iMac doesn't workp. 272
My CD-ROM drive makes an awful noise!p. 272
Chapter 11 iMac Troubleshooting: Softwarep. 275
Things That Go Bump in the Night (or During the Day)p. 276
My iMac freezes/crashes/won't work after I start it up. What's wrong?p. 276
Excuse me for interrupting, but even when I start my iMac with the OS 8.x Base set selected in Extensions Manager, my iMac crashesp. 281
I've tried starting with the Shift key held down and the iMac still crashes/freezes!p. 282
I've tried everything--even the third-party repair utilities--and the iMac just won't boot. What now?p. 284
The Backing-Up-Your-Data Lecturep. 284
Point 1 Backing up your data is importantp. 284
Point 2 Your iMac's hard drive, just like each and every one of us, will eventually shuffle off this mortal coilp. 285
Point 3 Weigh the amount of time it takes you to back up your data versus the time it will take to re-create itp. 285
Point 4 You're such a miserable cheapskate that you're unwilling to pay a single nickel more to ensure that your data is securep. 287
Okay, I understand the importance of backing up, I realize that my iMac's hard drive will eventually die, I've resolved to become a more proactive person, and I'm willing to spend a few bucks. How should I go about implementing a backup strategy?p. 287
All and Sundry Errorsp. 289
I just installed updated software/drivers for my applications/printer/CD-ROM/scanner/joystick/whatever and now my iMac's all messed up!p. 290
(Insert program name here) suddenly quits without warning and I see a message about a Type 1 error. What does that mean?p. 290
My Web browser suddenly quits with some kind of error. Does that mean it's out of memory too?p. 292
My iMac's icons have turned into blank pages and/or little hands perched over a piece of paper. What's that about?p. 293
I've heard that computers can get viruses. What are the chances that I have one, or might get one, on my iMac?p. 293
Chapter 12 Resolving Your Problemsp. 295
Internet Helpp. 295
Web sitesp. 296
Newsgroups/bulletin boardsp. 300
Subscription listsp. 302
Apple Helpp. 303
Fax supportp. 303
Phone supportp. 303
Dealer helpp. 305
Mail order/onlinep. 306
Traditional dealerp. 306
User Groupsp. 307
Appendix A Know Your iMacp. 311
Appendix B About the CD-ROMp. 323
Afterwordp. 309
Indexp. 331
End-User License Agreementp. 347
CD-ROM Installation Instructionsp. 354