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The complete idiot's guide to new millennium predictions
Lenard-Cook, Lisa.
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New York : Alpha Books, [1999]

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xxi, 456 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm
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A primer for anyone curious about what's in store for us in the new millennium. The book taps into the millennial fever of the late 1990s with forecasts from an astrologer, a numerologist, a tarot reader and a psychic - who offer a sometimes scary, sometimes soothing glimpse of the future.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Bridge to the 21st Centuryp. 1
1 New Age Meets the New Millenniump. 3
How This Book Came Aboutp. 3
Why Intuitive Arts Are Important to the New Millenniump. 4
An Introduction to the New Age Collectivep. 7
The Future Enters into Usp. 12
2 Humankind Through the Millenniap. 15
Our 20th-Century Fascination with the Futurep. 15
Just When Does the New Millennium Begin?p. 19
Passages: Millennial, That Isp. 22
The Last Thousand Years: From Morse Code to Satellitesp. 24
The Next Thousand Years: From Y2K to...?p. 24
3 New Millennium Oraclep. 27
What's a Book on the New Millennium Without Statistics?p. 27
Stats About the American Lifestylep. 28
Stats About Countries and Cultures All Over the Worldp. 30
Stats About the Earthp. 33
Stats About the Universep. 34
Our Great Human Adventurep. 34
Part 2 Meet the Dawn: Astrologyp. 37
4 An Astro Primerp. 39
Astrology Basicsp. 39
Signs and Wondersp. 43
More About Sun Signsp. 47
Circling the Zodiac: From Aries to Piscesp. 50
Little Fish in a Big Universep. 55
5 Heaven on Earthp. 57
The Soul Has Many Mansions: The 12 Housesp. 57
An Earth's-Eye View of the Solar Systemp. 59
When Planets Are in Aspect to Each Otherp. 62
Planets That Are Symbolic Change Agents for the 21st Centuryp. 64
6 Astrological Cycles for the 21st Centuryp. 69
Gateways of Initiation for Each Paired Planetary Cyclep. 70
Hard Aspects: Symbolic Invitations to Shift Consciousnessp. 71
Cycles to Look Forward Top. 74
Birth Charts for Two Centuriesp. 81
7 How Planetary Cycles in the New Millennium Affect Your Birth Chartp. 87
Have You Had Your Birth Chart Done?p. 87
Important Astrological Events as Transits to Your Birth Chartp. 94
The Saturn-Jupiter Challenges and Opportunities for Each Sun Sign in the 21st Centuryp. 102
The Evolutionary Tasks of Four Generationsp. 111
8 Predictions, Visions, Challenges, and Weavingsp. 117
Are You Ready to Change?: 21st-Century Cosmic Growth Assignmentsp. 117
Transpersonal Invitations to Evolve: The Cycles of Uranus, Neptune, and Plutop. 121
When God Was a Womanp. 123
Take Up the Challenge: Be a Conscious Weaver with the Godsp. 127
Part 3 Two's Company: Numerologyp. 129
9 Numerology and the Language of Numbersp. 131
Numerology Is the Language of Numbersp. 132
Changing Channels: Moving from the 1 to the 2p. 135
Legacy of the 1: Where We've Beenp. 139
Leaping to the Number 2: Where We're Goingp. 140
10 New Millenium Numbers at a Glancep. 143
Living with the 2p. 143
The New Millennium Modelp. 145
Year 2000: The Big Onep. 150
The First Millennium Cycle, by the Numbersp. 152
The Birthday and Life Path of the New Millenniump. 155
11 Your Personal Numbers for the New Millenniump. 157
Basic Meanings of Numbers 1-9p. 157
Figuring Your Personal Year Numbers from 2000 to 2009p. 161
Personal Year Themesp. 162
The Balance Number: Your Ability to Deal with Difficult or Threatening Situationsp. 165
The Numbers and Your New Millenniump. 167
Part 4 Picture This: The Tarotp. 169
12 What's in the Cards?p. 171
A Picture's Worth a Thousand Wordsp. 171
Tarot's Major Arcanap. 177
13 Tarot's Minor Arcana: Wands and Cupsp. 191
Tarot's Minor Arcanap. 191
14 Tarot's Minor Arcana: Swords and Pentaclesp. 209
You and Me Against the Worldp. 209
Interpreting Tarot Spreads and Doing Readingsp. 225
15 Questions, Questions, Questionsp. 231
Everybody's Curious About the New Millenniump. 231
Ask Away!: Questions About Moneyp. 234
Ask Away!: Questions About Society and Politicsp. 243
Cultivating Patience and an Open Mindp. 252
16 More Questions, Questions, Questionsp. 255
We Know There's More You Want to Find Outp. 255
Ask Away!: Questions About Technologyp. 256
Ask Away!: Questions About Medicine and Healthp. 262
Ask Away!: Questions About Our Earthp. 267
Anything Goes?!p. 273
17 What the Tarot Says About You in the New Millenniump. 275
A Fool's Journey to the Futurep. 275
What Kind of Year Will 2000 Be for You?p. 276
What's Your Destiny?p. 283
What's Your Wish?p. 284
What Decisions Do You Need to Make?p. 287
Spinning the Wheel of Fortunep. 289
Part 5 Know It All: Psychic Intuitionp. 291
18 Intuitive Tools for the New Millenniump. 293
What Is Intuition?p. 293
The New Millennium Is a Time of Changep. 294
Are You Intuitive? A Quizp. 295
Building Your Intuitive Powerp. 296
Using Your Headp. 298
Your New Millennium Doesn't Have to Be a Game of Chancep. 300
19 Mind/Body Medicine and Beyond: Using the Power of the Mind and Spirit to Healp. 303
Thinking About Healingp. 303
Tapping into Your Own Healing Powerp. 307
When Your Life Is Out of Balancep. 308
A Healthy Balance for the 21st Centuryp. 313
20 Psychic Awareness for the New Millennium's Global Communityp. 315
Consciousness Tools for the 21st Centuryp. 315
Getting Along in the New Millenniump. 319
Recognizing Our Shared Humanityp. 321
Star Trek Isn't Just Science Fictionp. 324
We Are the World: Embracing Hope and Optimismp. 325
21 Psychic Prophecies and Predictions for the New Millenniump. 327
Is the Y2K the End of the World?p. 327
Prophecies and Predictionsp. 328
Ancient Voices: Hopi and Mayan Predictionsp. 332
Earth Changes: Our Magnetic Shiftsp. 334
Is the New Millennium a Renaissance of Intuition?p. 335
How Psychic Intuition Helps Us Make the Millennium Shiftp. 335
A Thousand Years from Nowp. 337
Part 6 In Your Hands: Palmistryp. 339
22 A Hand-y Map to the Futurep. 341
What Is Palmistry?p. 341
The Strength of the Thumbp. 343
A Tour of the Fingersp. 346
Getting a Line on the Futurep. 354
Your Mounts: Where the Action Isp. 358
Putting It All Togetherp. 366
23 The Imprint of Each Generationp. 367
Every Generation's Hands Are Uniquep. 368
Born 1921-1940: Conservative Pragmatismp. 370
Born 1941-1960: You Say You Want a Revolution?p. 372
The Quantum Leap: What's All This About a Mid-Life Crisis?p. 374
Born 1961-1980: The Conservative Backlashp. 375
Born 1981-2000: Cheerful Pragmatistsp. 378
Life, Health, and the Pursuit of Happinessp. 381
24 A Hand in the New Millenniump. 385
What We Can Learn About Tomorrow from the Hands of Todayp. 385
Animal Rightsp. 387
Race Is Less of Issuep. 389
When Nerds Rule the Worldp. 391
From Tattoos to Six-Million-Dollar Bodiesp. 392
Spiritual Breakthroughsp. 393
A Lack of Cataclysmp. 394
Part 7 Living in the New Millenniump. 397
25 Science and Medicinep. 399
A World Without Bordersp. 399
Smart Stuffp. 401
Human-Engineered Evolutionp. 403
Back to the Future: Will Mr. Fusion Be a Reality?p. 406
Will the Earth Survive Global Warming?p. 407
26 Economics and Financesp. 411
Mr. Greenspan, Are We at the Dawn of the New Economy?p. 412
Keeping Currentp. 415
One Earth, One Economyp. 418
The Star Trek Generationp. 419
What We Valuep. 420
27 Are We Ready for the New Millennium?p. 423
What the Cards Have to Say: Are We Ready?p. 423
An Interview with the Expertsp. 426
How About It: Are You Ready?p. 434
Humanity's Future on Spaceship Earthp. 436
A Glossaryp. 438
B Y2K Hotline and Web Sites: Be Prepared!p. 443
Y2K Hotlinesp. 443
Web Sites to Accessp. 444
C Further Reading About the New Millenniump. 446
New Millennium, Generalp. 446
Astrologyp. 446
Numerologyp. 447
Palmistryp. 447
Psychic Intuitionp. 447
The Tarotp. 447
Indexp. 449