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The complete idiot's guide to handwriting analysis
Lowe, Sheila R.
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New York : Alpha ; Hemel Hempstead : Prentice Hall, [1999]

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xxii, 456 pages : illustrations\. ; 24 cm
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BF891 .L68 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf

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A beginner's guide to understanding how to analyze your own or someone else's handwriting, and knowing what it reveals about an individual's personality.

Author Notes

Sheila Lowe is a world-renowned graphologist who has practiced handwriting analysis for more than 30 years. She has served on the board of directors of the Handwriting Analysts Foundation and has developed her own handwriting analysis program. Ms. Lowe lives in California.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Read My Loopsp. 1
1 Your Handwriting Is Youp. 3
Behind Every Handwriting Is a Human Beingp. 4
In the Beginning: The Origins of Graphologyp. 6
Two Schools of Thoughtp. 11
2 Dead Men Tell No Tales, but Handwriting Doesp. 15
Symbols Etched in Inkp. 16
3 The Preliminariesp. 29
I Should Let You See My Handwritingp. 30
But What Should I Write?p. 32
As Good As It Gets: The Ideal Samplep. 36
4 Tools of the Tradep. 41
The Absolute Necessitiesp. 42
Plotting the Mind: Charts, Diagrams, and Graphsp. 43
Nice, but Not Essentialp. 46
School Models You Need to Knowp. 46
Books for the Budding Analystp. 50
Part 2 This Is Your Life: The Pagep. 53
5 Looking at the Big Picturep. 55
It's All in How You See Itp. 57
The "Ground" Workp. 59
A Fine Balancep. 61
Pressed inp. 62
Spaced Outp. 62
6 Space, the First Frontierp. 69
A Space Odyssey: Your Environment and How You Use Itp. 69
Don't Fence Me in: Line Spacingp. 70
Outer Space: Word Spacingp. 76
Inner Space: Letter Spacingp. 80
7 Margins, Back to the Futurep. 83
Somewhere in Timep. 83
Suitable for Framingp. 84
Ghosts of Christmas Past: Left Marginp. 87
Future Perfect: Right Marginp. 92
Greetings, Your Majesty: Upper and Lower Marginsp. 96
8 From Here to Eternity: Baselinep. 99
The Invisible Linep. 100
When Is No Line a Line?p. 100
Following the Rulesp. 102
Charting Your Goalsp. 104
How to Measure a Baselinep. 105
Ready, Set, Goal!p. 108
9 Calling Dr. Freud: The Zonesp. 113
In the Zonep. 113
Back to School with Freudp. 115
Welcome to My World: The Middle Zonep. 120
Soul Survivor: The Upper Zonep. 120
What Dreams May Come: The Lower Zonep. 122
10 Size Does Matter: Writing Sizep. 127
Leggo My Egop. 128
Bigger Than Small, Smaller Than Bigp. 130
It's the Little Things That Countp. 131
Big Is Beautifulp. 132
Decision, Decisions--I Can't Make Up My Mindp. 134
Up, Up, and Awayp. 135
Down in the Boondocksp. 139
Part 3 Let's Dance: Movementp. 145
11 I've Got Rhythm: Writing Rhythmp. 147
Different Strokes for Different Folksp. 148
Energy Balancing: Contraction and Expansionp. 149
Will Power or Won't Power?p. 150
Past, Present, or Future? Left and Right Trendp. 153
Rhythm and Bluesp. 155
Do You Wanna Dance?p. 158
Extreme, Dude!p. 160
12 Contents Under Pressure: Pressurep. 163
Ready for Action--Tensing and Flexingp. 163
External Influencesp. 165
Internal Influencesp. 166
Pussycat or Storm Trooper?p. 166
Breaking the Surface: Medium Pressurep. 168
Running on Empty: Light Pressurep. 168
Mount St. Helens: Slightly Heavy and Extremely Heavy Pressurep. 169
Sudden Bursts of Pressurep. 170
Life's Hard Enough--Displaced Pressurep. 171
Your Erogenous Zonesp. 173
Oh, What a Relief It Is: Shadingp. 175
13 Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: Speedp. 179
The Age of Innocencep. 180
Setting the Pacep. 183
Reading the Handwriting Speedometerp. 184
Slow As Molassesp. 185
Steady As She Goes: Medium Writing Speedp. 187
The Hare: Moderately Fast Writing Speedp. 188
14 Reach Out and Touch Someone: Connectionsp. 191
Impulse Patternsp. 191
Some People Say I'm Psychic: Airstrokesp. 193
Ties That Bindp. 195
Do Let's Stay in Touch: Connected Writingp. 196
I Need My Space: Moderately Disconnected Writingp. 198
Viva Variety! Printscriptp. 201
I Don't Know How I Know It, but I Dop. 205
15 From Me to You: Connective Formsp. 207
Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Garlandsp. 209
Cover Me, I'm Going in: Arcadesp. 212
No More Mr. Nice Guy: Anglesp. 214
Don't Pin Me Down: Threadp. 216
Sacre Bleu! It's Sacre Coeur: Supported Formsp. 219
Combining Formsp. 220
16 In the Mood: Slantp. 221
Culturally Speakingp. 222
Gauging Slantp. 222
Feeling It in the Heart: The Right Slantsp. 224
Upright, Uptight?p. 226
You'll Never Know How Much I Really Love You: The Left Slantsp. 227
Every Which Way But Loops: Variable Slantp. 230
Other Stuff About Slant That Doesn't Fit Anywhere Elsep. 233
Part 4 Just My Style: Formp. 235
17 Keep It Simple, Sweetheartp. 237
To Conform or Not to Conform, That Is the Question!p. 238
Just the Facts, Ma'amp. 240
I Go to Piecesp. 243
Skeletons in the Closetp. 244
Dressing Up Is Funp. 245
18 A Rose by Any Other Namep. 251
How Do I Look?p. 252
All the Trimmingsp. 257
The Man Behind the Curtainp. 260
Let's Get Personalp. 261
Part 5 Sweating the Small Stuffp. 267
19 The Finer Detailsp. 269
In the Beginningp. 270
Can't Let Gop. 270
The Endp. 272
I Love You, Period: Punctuationp. 274
Yoo-Hoo! Here I Am!p. 275
Don't Let Go!p. 276
Purple Haze: Choice of Ink Colorp. 277
20 Making It in the Minorsp. 281
Don't t's Mep. 282
Seeing i to ip. 287
Let's Get Organizedp. 288
The x-Files: The Small xp. 289
The Letter k Is Okayp. 290
mmm mmm Goodp. 290
Mind Your p's and q'sp. 291
r You Still with Me?p. 292
Oh, My Dear! Signs of Culturep. 293
L.A. Confidential: The Communication Lettersp. 293
21 Writing in Publicp. 297
Form over Substancep. 298
Checks and Balancesp. 298
Pushing the Envelopep. 300
How Do You Doodle?p. 303
22 Waving the Red Flag: Danger Signsp. 313
One True Thing: Honesty and Integrityp. 314
Read the Road Signsp. 315
No Evil "d" Goes Unpunishedp. 319
Downhill Racer: Signs of Violencep. 321
Don't Drink and Write: Drugs and Alcoholp. 324
To Your Good Health!p. 325
Part 6 The Last Wordp. 329
23 Writing the Analysisp. 331
Putting It All Together: The First Impressionp. 331
How Do You Do? Asking the Writing Questionsp. 334
Typecasting: Using Typologiesp. 340
Saying What You See--Writing the Reportp. 340
Professional Is as Professional Doesp. 343
24 And They Lived Happily Ever Afterp. 345
Goodwill Huntingp. 346
The Happy Couplep. 346
Divorce Courtp. 350
Relationships from Hellp. 351
Freudian Slip or Victoria's Secret?p. 357
Dump That Chumpp. 358
25 Making Handwriting Analysis Payp. 361
I Should Have Been Committedp. 362
Unlocking the Door to a Successful Practicep. 363
Seeing Clearlyp. 366
Target the Right Marketp. 368
Don't Be Invisiblep. 369
The Resume Tells the "Did Do," Handwriting Tells the "Can Do"p. 370
Writing What's Wrongp. 371
26 Computers and Graphology-- Strange Bedfellows?p. 375
Once Upon a Timep. 376
Passing the Bar (Graph)p. 378
How'd They Do That?p. 381
But Won't It Put Me Out of Business?p. 383
Is SLHA Alone out There?p. 385
Speeding on the Information Superhighwayp. 385
27 Order in the Courtp. 389
Is It Legal?p. 389
Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Rollp. 392
Point of Impactp. 393
Telling It Like It Is: Ethics and the Handwriting Analystp. 394
Becoming Certified: Just What Does It Mean?p. 397
The Last Word--Really!p. 398
A Glossaryp. 401
B Recommended Handwriting Analysis Organizations and Schoolsp. 405
Recommended Organizationsp. 405
Recommended Schools of Handwriting Analysisp. 408
C Bibliographyp. 411
D Code of Ethics for Graphologists Practicing in the United Statesp. 413
Preamblep. 413
Code of Ethicsp. 414
E The Good, the Bad, and the Uglyp. 417
Founding Fathers and Presidentsp. 417
American Heroesp. 422
The Clinton Affairp. 424
Entertainersp. 425
Dubious Charactersp. 427
British Royaltyp. 433
Indexp. 435