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The complete idiot's guide to winning through negotiation
Ilich, John, 1933-
Personal Author:
Second edition.
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New York, NY : Alpha Books, [1999]

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xxiii, 290 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
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Provides guidance on persuading others to give you what you want without driving people away. The text offers strategies for a wide range of negotiations.

Author Notes

John Ilich is a master negotiator and member of the American Bar Association and Illinois Bar. He is the author of four best-selling books on negotiation.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Negotiation Basicsp. 1
1 The Natural Negotiatorp. 3
The Meaning of It Allp. 3
A Born Dealmakerp. 4
A Mark, a Yen, a Buck, or a Poundp. 5
The Personal Touch That Means So Muchp. 6
The Negotiator's Golden Rulep. 7
2 Bargaining Essentialsp. 11
Prepare Your Positionp. 12
Setting Your True Negotiating Goalp. 15
Dealing Yourself an Ace in the Holdp. 17
Strategic Alliancesp. 18
Psyching Upp. 18
3 Scoping Out the Other Sidep. 21
A Rose by Any Other Namep. 21
First Things First!p. 22
Researching Your Opponentp. 24
Making Your Opponent Happyp. 25
What If You Both Can't Win?p. 26
Becoming the Equalizerp. 26
Your Equalization Worksheetp. 28
4 On Your Mark..., Get Set..., Negotiate!p. 31
Setting the Stagep. 32
Timing Is Everythingp. 33
Finessing the First Impressionp. 34
Your Opening Movesp. 35
What if I'm Rebuffed?p. 38
Part 2 Bargaining Table Techniquesp. 41
5 Increasing Your Word Powerp. 43
Keep It Simplep. 43
Make It Vividp. 44
Speak Your Opponent's Languagep. 46
The Sound of Silencep. 48
The Advantages of Being a Good Listenerp. 49
The Art of Extrapolationp. 52
A Final Word on Languagep. 53
6 Getting Physicalp. 55
The $30-Million Poker Facep. 55
Maximizing Your Movementsp. 56
Reading Your Opponent's Body Languagep. 58
Propping Yourself Upp. 59
7 Timing Is Everythingp. 63
Perfecting Your Patiencep. 64
Patience, Persistence, and Negotiating Successp. 67
Getting Time on Your Sidep. 68
Good Timing for Offers or Counteroffersp. 68
Help! I've Lost My Timing!p. 69
Negotiating on a Deadlinep. 69
Putting Your Opponent on a Deadlinep. 70
Dealing with Deadlines Placed on Youp. 71
Manipulating Timep. 71
8 Questions, Questions, and More Questionsp. 73
You're Asking Me?!p. 73
Sizing Up the Situationp. 74
Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Specific Questionsp. 76
Taking the Leadp. 76
Planting Suggestive Seedsp. 78
Setting Up Some "Yesses"p. 78
Giving the Illusion of Choicesp. 79
A-One, A-Two, and A-Three ... Successive Questionsp. 80
When the Questions Are Aimed at Youp. 80
9 The Paper Chasep. 83
Doing Your Homeworkp. 83
Writing That Worksp. 85
When Writing Works Against Youp. 86
Making an Impactp. 86
Get Organizedp. 87
Putting It in Writingp. 88
The Uses of Correspondencep. 89
Getting It in Writingp. 90
Blazing the Paper Trailp. 90
Professionalizing Your Paperworkp. 91
Using Formsp. 92
Who Should Receive Your Correspondence?p. 93
10 Top Negotiating Techniquesp. 95
The Professional Negotiator's Arsenalp. 96
Doling Out the Info: Building Your Casep. 96
Catching Negotiating Flies with Vinegar and Honeyp. 97
The "Exhausting" Techniquep. 98
Making Like Mario Andretti: Shifting Gearsp. 99
The "Conduit" Techniquep. 100
The "Talk-Show Host" Techniquep. 101
The "Self-Deprecating" Techniquep. 102
The "It's a Shame" Techniquep. 103
Part 3 Making Minds Meetp. 105
11 Identifying Your Opponentp. 107
It's All a Question of (Negotiating) Stylep. 107
A Word of Caution About Typesp. 111
From Weakness, or From Strength?p. 112
Strong, but Not-So-Silentp. 112
Foiling the Fence-Straddlerp. 113
The 98-Pound Weaklingp. 114
12 Reaching Out to the Other Sidep. 117
An Appeal to Imagep. 117
Who Are You?p. 118
Discovering What Turns Your Opponent Onp. 119
Working the Self-Image Anglep. 120
Building Bridgesp. 120
Open Mouth, Insert Footp. 121
Feelings, Nothing More than Feelingsp. 122
Playing the Emotional Angle?p. 122
An Emotional Triadp. 122
Making Your Appealsp. 124
Staying Above the Frayp. 126
Staying Alert to Opponent's Appealsp. 127
13 Goodwill Huntingp. 129
Compatibility Counts!p. 129
The Benefits of Benevolencep. 130
Building the Goodwill Bridgep. 130
Getting to Goodwillp. 132
Climbing the Fair-Way to Negotiating Heavenp. 132
Sincerely Yoursp. 133
Your New Best Friendp. 134
When Not to Give Goodwill: A Cautionary Notep. 135
Part 4 Increasing Your Negotiating Powerp. 137
14 Power, Unleashedp. 139
What's Your Power Source?p. 139
The Rules of the Gamep. 141
Keep Recharging Your Negotiating Powerp. 143
Mental Practice: The Way to Boost Your Negotiating Powerp. 144
15 Taking Controlp. 147
It's Habit Forming!p. 147
Habit and Negotiationp. 148
Dealing with Your Opponent's Bad Habitsp. 150
Controlling Conceptsp. 151
Taking Chargep. 155
Regaining Control Once You've Lost Itp. 156
Part 5 Problem Solvingp. 159
16 Don't Get Your Dander Up!p. 161
Anger's Disruptive Potentialp. 162
The Constructive Use of Angerp. 163
If Your Opponent Gets Angryp. 164
Pouring Oil on Troubled Watersp. 165
A Calming Scenariop. 166
17 Fear and Tremblingp. 169
The Effects of Fearp. 169
Fear and Negotiationp. 170
The Top Three Negotiating Fearsp. 170
Using the Fear Factor on Your Opponentp. 173
Constructive Uncertaintyp. 174
Uncertainty as Strategyp. 174
Taking the Fear Tactic Furtherp. 174
Never Let Them See You Sweatp. 176
18 When Principles or Personalities Collidep. 179
The Risks of Getting Personalp. 179
Managing an Opponent Who's Become Personalp. 181
A Matter of Principlep. 182
How to Overcome Matters of Principlep. 183
When All Else Failsp. 184
Part 6 Sealing the Dealp. 187
19 Offers and Counteroffersp. 189
The Negotiation Rumbap. 189
Let Your Opponent Make the First Movep. 190
Three Opening Move Strategies: The Good, The Bad, and The Uglyp. 190
The Use of Counteroffersp. 192
Guidelines for Making Offers and Counteroffersp. 192
Why Highballs and Lowballs Are for Screwballsp. 193
Catching a Highball or Lowballp. 193
Handling Your Opponent's Offers or Counteroffersp. 194
Identifying Dealmakers and Dealbreakersp. 194
The Legalese of Offers and Counteroffers: A Cautionary Talep. 195
Devastation via Concessionp. 196
20 Closing with Classp. 199
When Is Closing Time?p. 199
When Your Opponent's Body Language Tells You Not to Closep. 200
What to Expect at a Closingp. 201
Closing Do's and Don'tsp. 202
Four Words That Can Devastate a Closingp. 202
Effective Closing Techniquesp. 203
The Final Word on Closingp. 204
Part 7 Real-Time, Real-World Negotiatingp. 207
21 Real Estate Negotiationsp. 209
You Can't Tell the Players Without a Scorecardp. 210
What to Look for When You Buy a Homep. 212
Terms Every Home Buyer Should Knowp. 214
Making the Offerp. 214
Signing and Closing the Dealp. 216
For Sellers Only: Evaluating an Offerp. 217
Negotiating to Buy or Sell Commercial or Investment Propertyp. 218
Dealing With Commercial or Investment Brokersp. 218
Buyer's Market: Figuring Out What a Property Is Worthp. 218
Researching Real Estatep. 219
Opening the Negotiationsp. 220
22 Negotiating a Lease or Subleasep. 223
Lease or Sublease?p. 223
You and Your Leasep. 224
Terms to Negotiate in Your Leasep. 226
Five Tips for Negotiating Leasesp. 227
23 The Art of Auto Negotiationsp. 229
Five Car-Buying Focus Pointsp. 229
How to Get the Best Deal from a Dealerp. 230
Signing and Closing the Dealp. 231
Buying a Used Carp. 232
Selling a Used Carp. 233
Leasing a Carp. 233
24 After All, You're Worth It: Pay Raisesp. 235
There's a Right Time for Everythingp. 235
Where, Oh Where, Shall We Meet?p. 236
Setting the Moodp. 236
Keep a Compliment Filep. 237
Have a Specific Targetp. 237
Why Most People Fail to Seek a Raisep. 238
25 Brother, Can You Space a Dime? Negotiating a Loanp. 241
Understand Why Lenders Make Loansp. 241
My Momma Told Me, You Better Shop Aroundp. 242
Choosing a Lenderp. 242
Everything Is Negotiablep. 244
Information, Please!p. 245
Negotiating with a Loan Officerp. 246
What if You're Rejected for a Loan?p. 246
26 Becoming a Savvy Consumerp. 249
Check Out the Warranty Before You Buyp. 249
Finding the "Yes" Person at the Storep. 251
If All Else Failsp. 253
27 Dispute Settlementp. 255
The Need for Skilled Dispute Settlersp. 256
Burying the Hatchetp. 256
The Common Sense Approachp. 256
Abolishing Angerp. 257
Successful Settlementsp. 258
Watch Your Attitudep. 261
28 Negotiating on the Internetp. 265
Adventuring Onlinep. 266
What Is the Internet?p. 266
Harnessing the Internetp. 267
Honing Your Internet Negotiating Skillsp. 268
How Negotiating on the Internet Is Differentp. 269
How to Negotiate on the Internetp. 270
Comparison Shopping Made Internet Easyp. 271
Another Advantage from Bargaining on the Internetp. 272
The Bottom Linep. 272
Glossaryp. 275
Indexp. 279