Cover image for Lillian Too's easy-to-use feng shui : 168 tips for success.
Lillian Too's easy-to-use feng shui : 168 tips for success.
Too, Lillian.
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London : Collins & Brown, [1999]

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168 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
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Feng shui problem-solver.
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BF1779.F4 T5585 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area

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Looking for luck, love, wealth, and health? The world's best-selling writer on feng shui takes you step-by-step down the road to happiness! Lillian Too, renowned author of books and articles on this ancient Chinese art, divulges the secrets of controlling the powerful forces of ch'i to bring success into our lives. With 179 tips on everything from personalizing interior decoration to improving family relations, it's the most practical, thorough, systematic, and stunningly illustrated guide to eliminating every obstacle standing in the way of contentment. Enrich personal space by identifying auspicious corners, good fortune directions, and life-enhancing elements, and organize the household to intensify their beneficial qualities. Need to improve finances? Grow orange or lime plants, whose ripening fruits symbolize prosperity, or hang coins or bells on the doors. Sleep on an authentic Feng Shui bed, let carpets create solid foundations, and fill vases with the right flowers. Protect the home or office fr om the "shar chi" or "killing breath" of open shelves. And there's a reason traditional Chinese matriarchs keep cleaning paraphernalia out of sight-they know that visible brooms will "sweep away" the family's livelihood. Try one of many effective methods for ensuring togetherness and harmony between kinfolk, for helping children do well at school, and for attracting romance. As you put these time-tested ideas into practice, you'll feel your world getting better and better! 160 pages (all in color), 7 3/4 x 9 1/4. DELUXE PAPERBACK WITH FLAPS.

Author Notes

Lillian Too is the world's most successful author on feng shui and is in constant demand as a lecturer and feng shui consultant worldwide. Based in Malaysia, she heads her own publishing and investment company.

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Too shows how the principles of feng shui can be used in all aspects of life. She covers home, relationships, the office, career, wealth, and specific rooms with practical information and examples on how to apply the aspects of feng shui to affect one's life positively. Purchase where there is a continued interest in this topic. (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Feng Shui In The Home
Enriching Your Personal Space
1 Determine Your Auspicious Corners
2 Find Your Good Fortune Directions
3 Be Aware of The Energies In Your Space
4 Identify Inauspicious Structures Around You
5 Counter 'Arrows' That Hit Your Main Door
6 Sleep With Your Head Positioned Correctly
7 Sit In Your Best Feng Shui Position
8 Good Eating Feng Shui Brings Good Luck
9 Take Care of Your 'Rice Bowl'
Personalizing Your Interior Decoration
10 Understanding the Four Pillars in Feng Shui
11 Memorizing Your Enhancing Elements
12 Identify Your Destructive Elements
13 Keep Some Goldfish...or Some Carp
14 Display Auspicious Calligraphy
15 Hang a Painting of Peonies For Love
16 Create Good Luck With the Right Colours
17 Grow an Orange or Lime Plant
18 The Feng Shui of Plants in the Home
19 Create Curtains That Bring Good Luck
20 Sleep on an Authentic Feng Shui Bed
21 Let Your Carpets Create Solid Foundations
22 Feng Shui Tips on Flowers in the Home
23 Hang Feng Shui Coins or Bells on Door Handles
24 Watch Where You Position Your Cooker
25 Place Hi-Fi Equipment Along the West Wall
26 Keep Brooms and Mops Out of Sight
27 Do not Over-decorate Your Toilets
28 Dissolve the Shar Chi of Open Shelves
Chapter 2 Feng Shui In All Your Relationships
Enhancing Love and Family Happiness
29 A Family Room to Create Harmony
30 Happy Family Portraits Bring Togetherness
31 Mandarin Ducks to Enhance Your Love Life
32 Mirrors in the Bedroom Cause Problems
33 Separate Mattresses Lead to Separation
34 Don't Sleep Facing the Door
35 A Few Tips for Childless Couples
36 Coping With Difficult Children
37 Attract Romance and Love
38 Get Him/Her to Commit
39 Energizing Your Love Corners
40 Beware Exclusively Male/Female Energies
41 Keep Things in Pairs
42 Happiness Decor For the Bedroom
43 Get Help From Mother Earth
44 Hang a Chandelier in the South - west
Enhancing Your Friendships
45 Boost Social Life With Feng Shui
46 Windchimes to Increase Your Popularity
47 Strengthen Friendships With Pine Branches
48 Avoid Having Three in a Picture
49 Seating Friends at a Dinner Party
50 Knives and Scissors in Friendships
51 Knives Make Horrible Gifts
52 Create Good Luck For Those Around You
53 Pointing a Finger Creates Bad Feng Shui
54 'Heaven Men' and 'Devil Men'
55 One For the Road - the Last Drink
56 The Feng Shui of Taking the Last Piece
57 The Feng Shui of Serving Refreshments
58 Never Serve with Chipped Crockery
Chapter 3 Feng Shui In Your Office
Enhancing Your Work Space
59 Choosing Your Personal Work Space
60 Energizing Your Compass Group
61 Activating Your Lucky Directions
62 Protecting Against Bad Feng Shui
63 Avoiding Killing Chi
64 Feng Shui 'Cures' For Sitting Problems
65 Slow Down the Energy in Your Space
66 Take Note of Seating Arrangements
67 Orientating Your Negotiating Position
Personalizing Your Office Arrangements
68 Energizing Your Desk Top For Career Success
69 Enhance Your Career
70 Creating Support With a Mountain
71 A Turtle For Stunning Success
72 A Water Symbol For Good Fortune
73 Position Your Telephone For Luck
74 Place a Lucky Crimson Bird in the South
75 The Lucky Number 8
76 Block Excessive Sunlight
77 Use Colours For Good Fortune
78 Feng Shui Dimensions For Chairs and Tables
Lucky and Unlucky Objects
79 Networking Luck From the North-west
80 Use a 'Wealth Bucket' For Prosperity
81 Plants in the South-east For Profits Luck
82 Coins and Bells For Prosperity
83 Create Element Harmony in Door Design
84 The Luck Implication of Windows
85 Keep the Feng Shui Fish For Good Fortune
86 Hang Auspicious Art in the Office
87 Keep Your Office Secure
88 Hide Cleaning Equipment
Chapter 4 Feng Shui To Boost Your Career
Improving Your Chances For Success
89 Activating Your Career Luck
90 Success Luck With Feng Shui Doors
91 Sitting in Your Power Position
92 Desk Shapes and Placement
93 Find Your Best Directions For Business Travel
94 Win Recognition With Feng Shui
95 Energizing the Feng Shui of Your Files
96 Pressing Down the Nasty 'Five Yellows'
97 The Prosperity Signature
98 The Feng Shui of Watches and Clocks
Personal Grooming
99 Dress According to Your Five Flements
100 Balancing Elements With Shapes
101 Avoid Combining Elements Destructively
102 Pattern and Colour Combinations
103 Dirty, Torn Clothes Create Negative Vibes
104 Never Hang Washing Out Overnight
105 Good Grooming Makes Good Feng Shui
106 Wearing and Carrying Auspicious Accessories
107 Create Facial Balance With Make-up
108 The Feng Shui of Your Dressing Table
109 The Feng Shui of Facial Enhancment
Attracting Powerful Mentors
110 The Dragon Symbol Is All-powerful
111 The Phoenix Symbol For Successful Opportunities
112 Use Your Success Direction For Mentor Luck
113 Activate all the Symbols of Protection
114 Don't Get Stabbed in the Back
115 Use Your North-west For Patron Luck
116 The Chien Trigram Brings Powerful Help
Chapter 5 Feng Shui For Better Wealth Luck
Enhancing Personal Money Luck
117 Protect Your Income With Feng Shui Coins
118 Sit Facing Your Success Direction
119 Design an Auspicious Calling Card
120 Bury a Lucky Money Box in the West
121 A Sailing Ship Loaded with Gold
122 A Personal Wealth-enhancing Water Dragon
123 Create a Personal Wealth Vase
124 Invite the God of Wealth Into Your Home
125 A Three-legged Frog For Luck
126 Keep a Pet Terrapin For Good Fortune
Retail Shop Owners and Managers
127 Make a Better Turnover With Tinkling Bells
128 Stick Three Lucky Coins on Your Cash Box
129 Reflect the Till in a Wall Mirror
130 Three Tips For Good Shop Layout Design
131 Display the Lucky Horseshoe Shape
132 Hang Bamboo For Long-term Good Fortune
133 Good Feng Shui Design For Restaurants
134 Fire Symbols For the Property Business
135 A Plant in the East Ensures Growth
136 Balance the Elements of Your Business
137 Earth Energy Brings Good Fortune
Tycoons With Corporate Buildings
138 Guard Your Corporate Signboard
139 Lucky Numbers Bring Prosperity
140 Auspicious Corporate Logos
141 Grand Entrances For Excellent Feng Shui
142 Beware of Inauspicious Shapes
143 Head Offices Must Have Solid Foundations
144 Check the Position of Your Building
145 Redeveloping is Bad For Business
Chapter 6 Feng Shui For Different Rooms In The House
The Front Part of Your Home
146 A 'Bright Hall' Brings Good Fortune
147 Winding Pathways Slow Down Good Chi
148 How Flower Colours Enhance Your Home
149 Plants to Attract Precious Yang Energy
150 Beware of Bad Luck Aimed at the Door
151 A Door Flanked By Water Spells Tears
152 Auspicious Feng Shui Gate Design
153 Fu Dogs For Protection
154 A Spacious Foyer Brings Good Feng Shui
155 Place a Family Altar Auspiciously
156 Make Your Front Door Lucky
157 Front Doors Should Not Face a Toilet
158 The Taboos of the Main Door
159 Avoid Hostile Pillars Facing the Main Door
House Layouts and Elevations
160 Make Your Staircase Lucky and Auspicious
161 Double the Luck of Your Dining Room
162 The Importance of Kitchen Locations
163 Enhance the Flow of Chi in Your Room
164 Cures for Corners and Beams
165 Magnify Your Luck With Secondary Doors
166 Take Care of Your Bedroom Feng Shui
167 Too Many External Corners and Pillars
168 A Proper Roof For Protective Shelter