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Web Photoshop 5 to go
Miletsky, Jason I.
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Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pentice Hall PTR, [1999]

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xxvi, 275 pages, 20 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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No-compromise graphics solutions, from layers to lighting, filters to transparencies - and more. No hype, no fluff; just real answers for getting the job done faster, smarter, and better. Weve distilled the tips, techniques, and troubleshooting you need into one fast-access book for experienced Photoshop users and Web pros Backgrounds, buttons, navbars, transparencies, text effects, image maps, rollovers, animation, faster downloads, better quality ... and a FREE companion website filled with more tips and techniques. If it matters, its here - with tons of case studies, hands-on examples, solutions checklists, and plenty more 0-13-011848-6

Author Notes

Jason Miletsky is Partner and Head of Advertising/Design at P/FS New Media in Wayne, NJ. An expert Web designer, he teaches at Future Media Concepts, New York City's premiere certified Adobe and Avid training center.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgementsp. xxi
Introductionp. xxiii
Chapter 1 Photoshop Reviewp. 1
New Features in Photoshop 5.0p. 2
The Text Editorp. 2
The History Palettep. 2
Layer Effectsp. 2
Magnetic Lassop. 3
Freeform Penp. 3
Magnetic Penp. 3
PDF Importp. 3
Measure Toolp. 3
Expanded Scratch Disk Supportp. 3
Improvements in Color Managementp. 4
The Toolbarp. 4
Selection Toolsp. 4
Palettesp. 12
The Navigator Palettep. 13
Info Palettep. 13
Options Palettep. 13
Color Palettep. 14
Swatches Palettep. 14
Brushes Palettep. 15
Layers Palettep. 15
Channels Palettep. 16
Paths Palettep. 16
History Palettep. 16
Actions Palettep. 17
Working with Layersp. 17
Creating and Deleting Layersp. 18
Renaming Layersp. 20
Managing Multiple Layersp. 20
Moving, Linking, and Merging Layersp. 20
Viewing Layers: Turning Them On or Offp. 21
Flattening Layersp. 21
Saving Time with Actionsp. 21
Batching Actionsp. 24
Viewing an Action Before Completionp. 24
Forcing Menu Items to Workp. 25
Changing the Look of the Palettep. 25
Creating and Saving Setsp. 25
Some Useful Actions--My personal Listp. 25
Photoshop Colorp. 26
Color Modesp. 26
The Color Pickerp. 27
Freedom of Expression: The History Palettep. 28
The History Palettep. 29
Settingsp. 29
Bad Things Happenp. 31
The History Brushp. 31
Things I Missedp. 32
Summaryp. 33
Chapter 2 Preparing Images for the Webp. 35
Getting It All Togetherp. 36
Limitations of Image and Speed: (Nearly) Universal Rules of the Webp. 36
Establishing a Least Common Denominatorp. 37
Macintosh versus Windows/Netscape versus Internet Explorerp. 38
File Types for the Webp. 38
Understanding and Using GIFp. 40
Working with Color on the Webp. 40
Browser-Friendly Colorsp. 41
Creating a GIFp. 43
Color Depthp. 45
Ditheringp. 45
CLUTSp. 46
Interlacing Images to Relieve Web Frustrationp. 48
Animation and Transparencyp. 49
Creating a JPEGp. 49
The Compression Sliderp. 49
Formatting Optionsp. 50
Blurring the Lines to Reduce File Sizep. 52
Reducing File Sizes Further: Third-Party Programsp. 54
PNG: The New Kid on the Blockp. 55
Creating PNG Filesp. 56
Cross-Platform Compatibilityp. 56
PNG Transparencyp. 57
Summaryp. 58
Chapter 3 Transparencyp. 35
Now You See It, Now You Don'tp. 59
Transparent Filesp. 60
GIF89a Problems and How to Overcome Themp. 62
Solution 1 Choosing Your Background Wiselyp. 64
Solution 2 Using Channelsp. 66
Solution 3 Making Transparencies from Layersp. 66
The Truth Behind Shadows and Glowsp. 69
Summaryp. 70
Chapter 4 Creating Background Graphics and Effectsp. 71
Making Decisionsp. 72
How Background Images Appear in Your Browserp. 72
Balancing Design with Functionalityp. 73
Creating a Seamless Tiled Backgroundp. 75
Specific Seamless Background Samplesp. 77
Creating a Wood Texture Backgroundp. 77
Creating a Brick Wall Backgroundp. 79
Creating a Cracked Stone Backgroundp. 79
Creating a Watermarked Backgroundp. 80
Using Hexidecimals to Create a Solid Color Backgroundp. 81
Colors by Namep. 82
Creating a Top Background Borderp. 86
Combining Backgrounds and Hexidecimals: Transparency Factorsp. 88
Making and Using Transparencyp. 88
Creating More Exciting Background Bordersp. 90
Creating a Border with Shadows and Ridgesp. 90
Creating Backgrounds with Puzzle Bordersp. 95
Creating Backgrounds with Bookshelf (or Similar) Bordersp. 96
Ripped, Crinkled Paper Borderp. 96
Picture and Watermark Backgroundsp. 99
Using Frames to Develop Backgroundsp. 100
Summaryp. 102
Chapter 5 Creative Text Effectsp. 105
The Great Debate: Alias versus Anti-Aliasp. 104
Working with the Text Editorp. 104
Great Ways to Combine Text and Layer Effectsp. 106
Drop Shadow: Creating Drop Shadows with Layer Effectsp. 107
Adding Dimension to the Textp. 108
Skewing the Drop Shadowp. 109
Even More Exciting Layer Effectsp. 110
Inner Shadowp. 111
Adding Additional Depth to an Inner Shadowp. 111
Outer Glowp. 112
Inner Glowp. 113
Bevel and Embossp. 114
Outer Bevelp. 114
Inner Bevelp. 114
Embossp. 115
Pillow Embossp. 116
Layer Effects in the Real Worldp. 116
Beyond Layer Effects: Creative Text Designp. 120
Creating a Hammered Emboss Effectp. 120
Creating Burning, Melting Text: Technique Onep. 123
Creating Burning, Melting Text: Technique Twop. 125
Creating Icy Lettersp. 127
Creating Dotted Textp. 128
Creating Neon Textp. 129
Creating Quick 3D Textp. 130
Creating Bubbled Textp. 131
Filling Part of Your Text with an Image (Working with Masks)p. 132
Summaryp. 134
Chapter 6 Navigation, Buttons, and Bulletsp. 135
The Importance of Buttonsp. 136
Creating Beveled Buttonsp. 137
Using Simple Bevels to Create Buttonsp. 137
Creating Buttons with Dual Bevelp. 138
Using Traditional Methods for Bevelsp. 139
Creating Traditional Dual Bevelp. 140
Creating Circular Bevelsp. 142
Creating A Simple Circular Bevelp. 142
Creating a Pushed-in "Coat" Buttonp. 144
Creating a Pill-Shaped Buttonp. 145
One More Cool Thing with This Examplep. 148
Creating Buttons with Texture Addedp. 149
Creating Buttons with a Brushed Metal Texturep. 149
Creating Water Puddle Buttonsp. 152
Other Types of Buttonsp. 154
Tabbed Buttonsp. 154
Buttons Made from Imagesp. 155
Creating Complex Navigation Toolsp. 156
Image Mapsp. 156
Creating an Image Map. Step 1 Graphic Navigationp. 157
Creating an Image Map. Step 2 Measuring Coordinatesp. 158
Creating an Image Map. Step 3 Referencing in Your HTML Documentp. 159
Rollover Buttonsp. 160
Summaryp. 164
Chapter 7 Inline Graphicsp. 165
Getting Images into Photoshopp. 165
Personal Scannersp. 166
Photo CDsp. 167
Stock Photo CDsp. 168
Digital Camerasp. 169
Resizing and Resampling Imagesp. 170
Photo Retouching Techniquesp. 174
Cropping Image Edges (Say That 3 Times Fast!)p. 174
Using the Crop Toolp. 174
Using the Marquee to Cropp. 175
Changing the Canvas Size to Crop an Imagep. 175
Cropping to Make Sizes Matchp. 177
Removing Dust and Scratchesp. 177
Removing Noise from an Imagep. 179
Using the Despeckle Filterp. 180
Using the Median Filterp. 180
Using the Gaussian Blur Filterp. 181
Sharpening Blurred Photographsp. 181
Color Correction Tools and Techniquesp. 183
Adjusting Color with Hue/Saturationp. 188
Cool and Useful Effects for Inline Imagesp. 190
Cool Lightning Effectsp. 190
Lightning Effect: Technique Onep. 190
Lightning Effect: Technique Twop. 192
Creating Cool Collage Effectsp. 196
Other Collage Tips: Defringing and Removing Mattesp. 202
Turning a 2D Image into a 3D Imagep. 202
Creating the Illusion of Speedp. 204
Methods for Framing Imagesp. 206
Drop Shadowsp. 206
Curved Cornersp. 207
Using Filters to Create Picture Bordersp. 208
Mosaic Tile Borderp. 208
Cloud Borderp. 208
Polka Dot Borderp. 208
Brick Borderp. 208
Using Third-Party Filters for Image Effectsp. 210
Kai's Power Toolsp. 210
Gallery Effects Volume 1 Classic Artp. 213
Summaryp. 216
Chapter 8 Animationp. 217
Animation Basicsp. 217
GIF Animation versus Other Animation Techniquesp. 218
Macromedia Flashp. 219
Macromedia Director (Shockwave)p. 219
Example: Making a Ball Bouncep. 219
Viewing an Animation with the Actions Palettep. 221
Working in GifBuilderp. 223
Other Features of GifBuilderp. 225
Filtersp. 225
Movie Gear for the PCp. 227
Adobe ImageReadyp. 227
Summaryp. 228
Chapter 9 Real Life Example: A Complete Walk Throughp. 229
Learning by Examplep. 229
Getting the Ideap. 231
Designing the Picturep. 231
The Oval Background Imagep. 231
Creating the Titlebarp. 236
Placing the Woman and the Monitorp. 238
Swoosh It Upp. 239
Cutting the Picturep. 239
Making it Move: Creating the Animationsp. 241
Assembling the pictures in HTMLp. 244
Summaryp. 248
Chapter 10 Tips, Tricks, and Suggestionsp. 249
The Single Pixel Trickp. 250
Use Photoshop for Layoutp. 252
Guides and Gridsp. 253
Using the Measure Tool and Info Palettep. 253
Keep Your Files Organizedp. 254
Optimizing Performancep. 255
Setting Up Scratch Disksp. 255
Other Solutions to Memory Problemsp. 256
Extensions Made Easyp. 256
Save Hard Disk Space. Lesson One: Forget the Pastp. 258
Save Hard Disk Space. Lesson Two: No Previewsp. 259
Save Multiple Copies of Imagesp. 259
Don't Rely on Graphics for Navigationp. 260
Importing Vector Graphicsp. 260
Present Graphics and Text from a Marketing Standpointp. 261
Steal Source Codep. 262
Buy a Mouse Trapp. 263
Plan Ahead for Larger Projectsp. 263
Making High Quality, Small File Size PDFsp. 264
Use Keyboard Commandsp. 266
Summaryp. 267
Indexp. 269
About the Authorp. 275