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Novell's NetWare 5 Basics
Lindberg, Kelley J. P.
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San Jose, CA : Novell, [1999]

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xxii, 341 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
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Novell's NetWare(r) 5 Basics Master the Nuts and Bolts of NetWare 5 Whether you're new to NetWare networking or you're looking for the basics on the latest NetWare release, Novell's NetWare(r) 5 Basics gives you the hands-on tools you need to get up to speed. Using clear illustrations and examples, Kelley J. P. Lingberg and Kevin Shafer describe all the core administrative components of NetWare 5 - including NDS and the new LDAP, ConsoleOne(TM), NDPS, ZENworks, and Netscape FastTrack Server(r) for NetWare - and show you step-by-step how to implement them. Inside, You'll Learn How To...
* Install and manage a NetWare 5 server
* Upgrade from a previous version of NetWare
* Connect workstations to the network
* Manage Novell Directory Services(r)
* Create and administer users
* Implement tight network security
* Set up Novell's Distributed Print Services(TM)
* Troubleshoot your system
* Configure NetWare 5 for ZENworks
* Use the Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare
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Author Notes

Kelley J. P. Lindberg, CNE and former senior program manager for NetWare, intraNetWare, and other products, is the award-winning author of "Novell's Guide to Managing Small NetWare Networks" and the Novell's NetWare Administrator's Handbook series. She also coauthored "Novell's CNA Study Guide for NetWare 4.1." Kevin Shafer is an editor and author whose previous books include "Novell's Encyclopedia of Networking," "Novell's Dictionary of Networking," and "Novell's Guide to Networking Hardware."

Table of Contents

Prefacep. ix
Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
Chapter 1 Starting a NetWare 5 Networkp. 1
Network Building Blocksp. 2
Network Hardwarep. 3
Network Softwarep. 14
Network Protocolsp. 20
How NetWare 5 Ties the Blocks Togetherp. 25
Novell Directory Services (NDS)p. 27
Securityp. 29
Network Managementp. 30
Beyond the Basicsp. 30
Chapter 2 Installing and Managing NetWare 5 Serversp. 33
Preparing to Install or Upgrade a Serverp. 35
Getting the Server Readyp. 35
Protecting the Serverp. 40
Installing a New NetWare 5 Serverp. 47
Beginning the Installationp. 48
Specifying the Server's Informationp. 50
Setting Up the Server's Environmentp. 53
Adding the Macintosh and UNIX Name Spacesp. 59
Upgrading from Previous Versions of NetWarep. 60
Setting Up the Server Hardware and Volume SYSp. 62
Setting Up the Server's Environmentp. 65
Adding the Macintosh and UNIX Name Spacesp. 68
After the Installation -- Managing the Serverp. 69
Console Utilities and NLMsp. 70
Using Remote Console to Control the Server from a Workstationp. 72
Bringing Down and Rebooting the Serverp. 75
Modifying Server Startup Activitiesp. 76
Monitoring the Server's Activitiesp. 77
Monitoring the Error Log Filesp. 78
Beyond the Basicsp. 79
Chapter 3 Installing Workstationsp. 81
Getting the Latest Client Softwarep. 83
Installing NetWare 5 Client Softwarep. 84
Windows 95/98 and Windows NT Workstationsp. 85
Windows 3.1x and DOS Workstationsp. 92
Connecting to the Network and Logging Inp. 97
Logging In from Windows 95/98p. 97
Logging In from Windows NTp. 99
Logging In from Windows 3.1xp. 100
Logging In from DOSp. 101
Beyond the Basicsp. 101
Chapter 4 Managing Novell Directory Services (NDS)p. 103
NDS Objectsp. 105
Categories of Object Classesp. 105
NDS Object Classesp. 109
The NDS Schemap. 118
Working with NDS Objectsp. 118
NDS Replicas and Partitionsp. 119
Planning the NDS Directory Treep. 121
Starting at the Topp. 121
Organizing by Departments versus Locationsp. 123
Using Naming Standardsp. 125
Name Context -- Your Location in the Treep. 125
Using Additional Services with NDSp. 128
Using Catalog Services to Search the Treep. 128
Using LDAP Services for NDSp. 129
Using Novell DNS/DHCP Servicesp. 129
Keeping Your NDS Software Up to Datep. 130
Beyond the Basicsp. 130
Chapter 5 Creating and Managing Usersp. 133
What Do Users Need?p. 134
Creating Users and Groupsp. 135
Creating a Userp. 136
Creating Groups and Assigning Group Membership to Usersp. 140
Opening an Object's Information Pagesp. 141
User Network Activitiesp. 142
Logging Inp. 143
Logging Outp. 147
Using NetWare User Toolsp. 148
Network Tasks from Windows 95/98 and Windows NTp. 148
Making Applications Easy to Accessp. 149
Installing Z.E.N. works on the Serverp. 151
Running snAppShotp. 153
Creating an Application Objectp. 155
Login Scriptsp. 158
Creating a Login Scriptp. 161
Assigning Profile Login Scripts to Usersp. 162
The Most Common Login Script Commandsp. 162
Beyond the Basicsp. 167
Chapter 6 Managing Network Securityp. 169
Login Securityp. 171
User Accounts and Passwordsp. 171
Preserving Password Securityp. 172
Account Restrictionsp. 173
Intruder Detectionp. 175
NDS Securityp. 177
NDS Rightsp. 178
Inheriting NDS Rightsp. 179
NDS Security Equivalencep. 181
Effective NDS Rightsp. 181
Seeing and Changing an Object's NDS Rightsp. 182
File System Securityp. 186
File System Trustee Rightsp. 186
Inheriting File System Rightsp. 189
File System Security Equivalencep. 189
Effective File System Rightsp. 190
Seeing and Changing a User's File System Rightsp. 191
File and Directory Attributesp. 193
Types of File and Directory Attributesp. 194
Assigning File and Directory Attributesp. 198
Beyond the Basicsp. 198
Chapter 7 Managing Network Filesp. 201
Understanding Server Volumesp. 202
Traditional NetWare Volumesp. 203
NSS Volumesp. 205
Planning Network Directoriesp. 206
What Goes on the Server?p. 206
What Goes on the Workstation?p. 210
Managing Files and Directoriesp. 211
Purging and Salvaging Filesp. 212
Purging and Salvaging Files with NetWare Administratorp. 213
Purging Files with PURGEp. 215
Backing Up and Restoring Filesp. 215
Planning a Backup Strategyp. 216
Preparing to Use Enhanced SBACKUPp. 221
Backing Up Filesp. 226
Restoring Filesp. 230
Beyond the Basicsp. 232
Chapter 8 Setting Up Printersp. 233
How NetWare Printing Worksp. 234
Queue-Based Printingp. 235
Understanding Queue-Based Printingp. 235
Planning Queue-based Printingp. 240
Installing NetWare Queue-based Printingp. 241
Print Device Definitionsp. 245
Redirecting a Parallel Port to a Print Queuep. 246
Verifying Your Printing Setupp. 247
Handling Print Jobsp. 248
NDPS Printingp. 250
Understanding NDPS Printingp. 250
Planning NDPS Printingp. 254
NDPS Printing Setup Planningp. 255
Installing NDPS Printingp. 256
Managing NDPS Printersp. 266
Managing NDPS Print Jobsp. 267
Beyond the Basicsp. 268
Chapter 9 Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWarep. 269
Installing the FastTrack Server for NetWarep. 270
Connecting to the Administration Serverp. 273
General Administration Optionsp. 274
Servers Supporting General Administration Optionsp. 277
Beyond the Basicsp. 290
Chapter 10 Installing and Using Online Documentationp. 291
Novell's Online Documentationp. 292
Installing the Online Documentation Filesp. 293
Setting Up the Browser on a Workstationp. 296
Launching the Netscape Communicatorp. 298
Viewing the Novell Online Documentationp. 299
Beyond the Basicsp. 300
Chapter 11 Disaster Planning and Troubleshootingp. 301
Planning Aheadp. 302
Keeping Good Records of Your Networkp. 303
Troubleshooting Tipsp. 305
Narrow Down the List of Suspectsp. 305
Check the Hardwarep. 307
Refer to the Documentationp. 308
Look for Patches or Workaroundsp. 308
Try Each Solution by Itselfp. 308
Document the Solutionp. 309
Beyond the Basicsp. 309
Glossaryp. 311
Indexp. 327