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Visio 5 for dummies
Walkowski, Debbie.
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Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, [1999]

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xxii, 330 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
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Create snazzy-looking charts and diagrams that get your point across with the powerful and popular Visio drawing and diagramming software. Add a whole new level of sophistication to your business documents (from flowcharts that really flow to terrific technical schematics) with Visio 5 and Visio 5 For Dummies, your fast and friendly guide to making the most of the standard, technical, and professional editions of this handy tool for creating visual aids for all occasions.

Inside Visio 5 For Dummies, you'll discover quick and easy ways to insert Visio illustrations into your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in order to boost the impact of your reports and presentations. Use the Visio wizards and SmartShapes to save time and trouble, put the program's stencils to work with an exclusive pictorial index of the most popular stencils, and get the hang of Visio shapes as you customize them to suit the project at hand. Master advanced Visio techniques, such as connecting drawings to databases, and explore all the ways to integrate Visio into your Web pages. Find all this information here, packed inside this indispensable plain-English guide!

Author Notes

Debbie Walkowski has logged more than 17 years in the computer industry. An accomplished software trainer, she is the author of more than 15 books on a wide range of technical topics.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
About the Authorp. 1
How to Use This Bookp. 2
Concentrate on these partsp. 2
Skip these parts if you wantp. 2
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Part I Starting with Visio 5 Basicsp. 3
Part II Creating Basic Drawingsp. 3
Part III Customizing Your Workp. 3
Part IV For the Die-hard Visio Junkie: Using More Advanced Scuffp. 3
Part V The Part of Tensp. 4
Appendixp. 4
How This Book Worksp. 4
Icons Used in This Bookp. 5
Assumptionsp. 5
Part I Starting with Visio 5 Basicsp. 7
Chapter 1 Visio 101p. 9
Getting the Scoopp. 9
Who's using Visio and why?p. 10
Examining the four Visio productsp. 10
Getting Familiar with Visio Lingop. 11
Making your drawings extraordinaryp. 12
Getting In and Out of Visiop. 13
Starting Visiop. 13
Opening additional stencilsp. 14
Saving a drawingp. 16
Saving a workspacep. 17
Opening a saved drawing or workspacep. 17
Closing Visiop. 19
Working Onscreen with Visiop. 19
Moving and arranging stencilsp. 20
Working with more than one drawingp. 21
Displaying and hiding toolbarsp. 22
Checking out the menu(s)p. 22
Getting help when you need itp. 23
Chapter 2 Hot Off the Press: Printingp. 25
Understanding Printing Termsp. 25
How Printing Works with Visiop. 26
Previews: They Aren't Siskel and Ebert!p. 27
Preparing Oversize Drawings for Printingp. 30
Making Adjustmentsp. 31
Changing margin settingsp. 33
Centering a drawingp. 33
Reducing and enlarging drawingsp. 34
Printing Your Documentsp. 35
Adding Headers and Footers to a Drawingp. 36
Part II Creating Basic Drawingsp. 39
Chapter 3 Getting into Shapep. 41
What's in a Shape?p. 41
Open or closed shapesp. 42
One- or two-dimensional shapesp. 43
Dragging Shapes into Your Drawingp. 45
Selecting Shapesp. 46
Moving, Copying, Stamping, and Deleting Shapesp. 47
Moving shapesp. 47
Copying and pasting shapesp. 48
Stamping shapesp. 48
Deleting shapesp. 49
Handling Handles, Endpoints, and Other Stuffp. 49
Control handlesp. 51
Control pointsp. 52
Verticesp. 52
Rotation handlesp. 54
Eccentricity handlesp. 55
Connection pointsp. 56
Padlocksp. 56
Sizing Up Your Shapesp. 58
Finding the Shapes That You Wantp. 58
Chapter 4 Say What? Incorporating Textp. 61
Adding Text to a Drawingp. 61
Editing Textp. 64
Text Manipulationsp. 65
Copying and pasting without the gluep. 66
Moving a text blockp. 66
Resizing a text blockp. 68
Changing the lineupp. 68
Margins: Finding some breathing roomp. 72
Picking up the tabp. 74
Creating bulleted listsp. 76
Creating numbered listsp. 77
Setting the indentation and spacing of textp. 78
Changing the Way Your Text Looksp. 79
Adding a colorful backgroundp. 80
Copying formatting to other textp. 82
Rotating textp. 82
Chapter 5 Connecting Shapesp. 85
Figuring Out Connectorsp. 85
Working with Connection Pointsp. 87
Gluing Connectors to Shapesp. 88
Figuring out if glue is dynamic or staticp. 88
Determining your glue typep. 91
Switching from one glue to anotherp. 91
Setting glue optionsp. 92
Adding Connectors to Shapesp. 93
Connect shapes as you drag shapesp. 94
Using the Connector tool to draw connectorsp. 96
Using the Connector tool and the Ctrl keyp. 97
Using the Connect Shapes toolp. 97
Dragging connector shapes into your drawingp. 100
Pulling connectors from shapesp. 100
Handling Connectors That Cross Pathsp. 101
Using Routable Connectors and Placeable Shapesp. 103
Using Auto Layout for Connected Drawingsp. 105
Part III Customizing Your Workp. 109
Chapter 6 Making Your Drawings Precisely Rightp. 111
Checking Out Your Optionsp. 111
Using the Drawing Gridp. 113
Setting Your Scalep. 115
Snapping Shapes into Placep. 117
Measuring Up with Rulersp. 120
Using Guides to Guide Youp. 123
Creating guide linesp. 124
Creating guide pointsp. 124
Aligning and Distributing Shapesp. 126
Chapter 7 Shape Up!p. 129
Drawing Your Own Shapesp. 129
Using the Line toolp. 129
Using the Pencil and Arc toolsp. 132
Using the Freeform toolp. 134
Using the Ellipse and Rectangle toolsp. 135
Reshaping Shapesp. 135
Moving and adding verticesp. 136
Moving control pointsp. 138
Rotating Shapesp. 140
Flipping Shapesp. 144
Creating Shapes the Fun Wayp. 145
Uniting shapesp. 146
Combining shapesp. 147
Fragmenting shapesp. 149
Intersecting shapesp. 150
Subtracting shapesp. 151
Give Your Shapes a Makeoverp. 152
Changing line stylep. 152
Adding fill color, pattern, and shadowp. 154
Do it again, pleasep. 156
How do I get rid of all this formatting?p. 156
Arranging Shapesp. 157
To group or not to groupp. 157
Rearranging your stacksp. 158
Chapter 8 Working with Pagesp. 161
The Role of the Templatep. 162
Reorienting a Pagep. 162
Choosing a Standard Page Sizep. 164
Setting a Custom Page Sizep. 165
Another Page, Pleasep. 167
Adding and deleting pagesp. 167
Getting from one page to anotherp. 169
Show me all your pages!p. 170
Reordering pagesp. 171
Viewing on the Big Screenp. 172
What's in a Background?p. 172
Creating and assigning a background pagep. 174
Displaying a background pagep. 175
Editing a background pagep. 175
Rotating Pagesp. 176
Chapter 9 Love That Layered Lookp. 179
Some Essential Facts about Layersp. 180
How Layering Worksp. 181
Using the View Toolbarp. 182
Adding a Layer or Removing One?p. 182
Renaming a Layerp. 184
Hiding a Layerp. 185
Assigning Shapes to Layersp. 186
Activating Layersp. 187
Using Layers on Background Pagesp. 188
Protecting Layers from Changesp. 188
Assigning a Color to a Layerp. 189
Selecting Layers to Printp. 191
Snap and Glue Options for Layersp. 192
Chapter 10 Save Time with Visio Wizardsp. 193
What's a Wizard and Why Do I Want One?p. 193
Discovering What Wizards Can Really Dop. 194
Finding the Wizard That You Wantp. 196
Using a Wizardp. 198
Part IV For the Die-hard Visio Junkie: Using More Advanced Stuffp. 201
Chapter 11 Creating Stencils, Masters, Templates, and Stylesp. 203
Working with Stencilsp. 203
Saving a local stencil as a standalone stencilp. 205
Creating a standalone stencil from scratchp. 206
Creating a standalone stencil from a Visio stencilp. 207
Working with Master Shapesp. 209
Adding master shapes to stencilsp. 209
Deleting master shapes from stencilsp. 210
Moving master shapes from one stencil to anotherp. 211
Viewing and arranging shapes on a stencilp. 211
Working with Templatesp. 213
Working with Stylesp. 214
Creating and saving a stylep. 216
Applying a style to a shapep. 217
Chapter 12 Storing, Using, and Protecting Information in Your Shapesp. 219
Storing Data in Visio Shapesp. 219
Entering custom properties datap. 220
Editing custom properties fieldsp. 221
Reporting on Data Stored in Visio Shapesp. 222
Creating a reportp. 222
Updating reportsp. 224
Customizing Shape Behaviorp. 224
Using the SmartShape Wizardp. 225
Setting shape behavior with a menu commandp. 226
Setting a shape's double-click behaviorp. 228
Protecting Your Workp. 230
Keeping shapes secure from changep. 230
Keeping drawings securep. 232
Chapter 13 Using Visio with Other Programsp. 235
Creating Drawings from Data in Other Programsp. 235
Creating organization chartsp. 236
Creating project timelinesp. 239
Using Visio in Non-Visio Documentsp. 240
Dragging or pasting shapesp. 240
Linking shapes and drawingsp. 242
Embedding shapes and drawingsp. 243
Exporting shapes and drawingsp. 245
Sending drawings via e-mailp. 246
Using Visio Drawings on the Internetp. 248
Adding hyperlinks to a drawingp. 248
Saving a drawing as an HTML pagep. 249
Part V The Part of Tensp. 251
Chapter 14 Answers to Ten (Or So) Burning Questions aboutVisiop. 253
Can I Work with Other File Types inside of Visio?p. 253
How Do I Know Whether I'm Using the Right Template to Create My Drawing?p. 254
Can I Customize My Visio Drawing Environment?p. 254
How Many Times Can I Undo in Visio?p. 254
How Do I Search for a Shape in Visio? I Don't Want to Open Every Stencil!p. 254
How Do I Unlock a Shape?p. 255
How Do I Copy Formatting from One Shape to Another?p. 255
How Do I View Multiple Pages at the Same Time?p. 255
How Do I Check a Drawing for Page Breaks?p. 255
I Always Save My Files in the Same Folder. How Can I Let Visio Know?p. 255
How Can I Draw Shapes Precisely?p. 256
Can I Count Shapes on a Layer?p. 256
How Do I Rotate Shapes to a Specific Angle?p. 256
Chapter 15 Ten of Visio's Coolest Stencils and Wizardsp. 257
Check Out These Stencilsp. 257
Geographical mapsp. 258
Directional Maps stencilp. 259
Marketing Diagrams stencilp. 259
Form Design stencilp. 260
Charting Shapes stencilp. 262
Blocks with Perspective stencilp. 264
Some Great Wizards to Tryp. 266
Web Diagram Wizardp. 266
Chart Shape Wizardp. 268
Build Region Wizardp. 270
Stencil Report Wizardp. 272
Chapter 16 Ten of the Best Visio Tipsp. 275
Use Your Pasteboardp. 275
Preview Your Drawings in Windows Explorerp. 275
Group Shapesp. 276
Use Shape Help!p. 276
Use Guides to Position and Move Shapesp. 276
Work with Drawing Layersp. 276
Fool Around with Snap and Glue Until You Figure Them Out!p. 277
Set Undo Levelsp. 277
Quick;y Edit the Text in Your Documentp. 277
Use Keyboard Shortcutsp. 278
Chapter 17 Ten Really Slick Drawings from the Makers of Visiop. 279
Appendix: Stencil Galleryp. 287
Stencils in Visio Standard, Visio Professional, and Visio Technicalp. 288
Stencils in Visio Professionalp. 297
Stencils in Visio Technicalp. 303
Indexp. 315
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