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Easy iMac : see it done, do it yourself
Lee, Lisa.
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[Indianapolis, Ind.?] : Que Corp., [1999]

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ix, 304 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
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QA76.8.I2645 L44 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Central Closed Stacks

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A task-based tutorial that gives a new iMac buyer the full color, step-by-step tasks they are most interested in.

Topics include: Getting Started; Sending E-Mail; Using Applications; Working with Disks, Folders, and Files; Printing with Mac OS; Personalizing Mac OS; Setting up Applications; Using Mac OS Application Accessories (Including Sherlock, Movie Player, Playing Games, and Other Fun Stuff); Maintaining Your System; Connecting to Online Services and the Internet; and iMac Hardware Features and Accessories.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Getting Started
1 Setting Up Your iMac
2 Starting Up
3 Using Mac OS Setup Assistant
4 Opening a Window
5 Closing a Window
6 Collapsing a Window
7 Uncollapsing a Window
8 Moving a Window
9 Resizing a Window
10 Restoring a Window
11 Scrolling a Window
12 Using Menus
13 Using Context Menus
14 Arranging Windows on the Desktop
15 Using a Dialog Box or Control Panel
16 Looking Up a Help Topic with Mac OS Help
17 Searching for a Help Topic
18 Looking Up a Help Topic with Sherlock
19 Getting Context-Sensitive Help
20 Shutting Down the iMac
Part 2 Connecting to Online Services and the Internet
1 Connecting to AOL
2 Connecting to Apple's Web Site
3 Setting Up for the Internet
4 Using Earthlink's Total Access
5 Starting Internet Explorer
6 Browsing with Links and Toolbar Buttons
7 Typing an Address
8 Adding a Site to Your Favorites List
9 Going to a Site in Your Favorites List
10 Rearranging Your Favorites List
11 Working with Page Holder
12 Searching the Internet with Sherlock
13 Setting Internet Security Levels
14 Using the History List
15 Quitting Internet Explorer
16 Starting Outlook Express
17 Reading Mail
18 Responding to Mail
19 Creating and Sending Mail
20 Subscribing to Newsgroups
21 Reading Newsgroup Messages
22 Posting New Messages
23 Replying to an Existing Newsgroup Message
24 Quitting Outlook Express
Part 3 iMac Hardware
1 Adding a USB Device
2 Adding Adapter Devices
3 Connecting a Printer
4 Using an Infrared (Wireless) Connection
5 Adding Memory
6 Connecting to a Network
7 Using USB Hubs
8 Troubleshooting iMac Hardware
Part 4 Using Applications in iMac
1 Starting an Application from the Apple Menu
2 Starting an Application from an Alias
3 Starting an Application and Opening a Document
4 Switching Between Applications
5 Closing an Application
6 Saving a Document
7 Opening a Document
8 Switching Between Open Documents
9 Creating a New Document
10 Closing a Document
11 Selecting Text
12 Copying Text
13 Moving Text
14 Copying Data Between Documents
15 Moving Data Between Documents
Part 5 Working with Disks, Folders, and Files
1 Navigating Your Hard Disk with the Mouse
2 Opening Folders
3 Selecting a Folder's Window View
4 Sorting Window Contents
5 Changing View Options
6 Finding Files and Folders with Sherlock
7 Using Sherlock to Search by Category
8 Selecting a Single Folder or File
9 Selecting Adjacent Folders or Files
10 Selecting Nonadjacent Folders or Files
11 Selecting All Folders or Files
12 Creating a Folder
13 Copying Folders and Files
14 Moving Folders and Files
15 Renaming Folders and Files
16 Creating a Pop-Up Folder Window
17 Creating an Alias to a File or Folder
18 Changing a Folder or File Label
19 Deleting Folders and Files
20 Undeleting a File or Folder
21 Emptying the Trash
1 Setting the Default Printer
2 Printing a Document
3 Viewing the Print Queue
4 Pausing and Restarting a Print Job
5 Canceling Printing
6 Changing Printer Settings
7 Adding a Printer
8 Adding a Printer Icon to the Desktop
9 Deleting a Printer Icon from the Desktop
Part 7 Personalizing Mac OS
1 Showing and Hiding Applications
2 Moving the Applications Menu
3 Choosing a Desktop Picture
4 Choosing a Desktop Pattern
5 Using Themes
6 Changing Highlight Colors on Your iMac
7 Sychronizing Colors on Your iMac
8 Tweaking Your Monitor
9 Changing How Your Sound Works
10 Changing the System Alert Sound
11 Changing How the Mouse Works
12 Changing the System Date and Time
13 Using Energy Saver
14 Protecting Your System and Applications Folders
15 Setting Up Mac OS for Multiple Users
16 Setting Up Mac OS for the Impaired
Part 8 Setting Up Applications
1 Adding Aliases
2 Renaming Aliases
3 Deleting Aliases
4 Adding Applications to the Apple Menu
5 Deleting Applications from the Apple Menu
6 Adding Folders to the Apple Menu
7 Rearranging the Apple Menu
8 Starting an Application When You Start Mac OS
9 Installing Applications
10 Uninstalling Applications
11 Using AppleScript
12 Using File Sharing
Part 9 Using iMac Accessories
1 Playing Games
2 Using Stickles
3 Using Note Pad
4 Typing Text in Note Pad
5 Using SimpleText
6 Using Key Caps
7 Viewing an Image with SimpleText
8 Formatting Text in SimpleText
9 Using Scrapbook
10 Using Sherlock
11 Using SimpleSound
12 Playing an Audio CD
13 Changing the Volume
14 Playing a Media File
15 Editing a QuickTime Movie Using Movie Player
16 Using Calculator and Graphic Calculator
17 Using Chooser
18 Using the Network Browser
19 Using the Control Strip
Part 10 Maintaining Your iMac
1 Displaying Disk Information
2 Scanning Your Disk for Errors
3 Using the Reset Button
4 Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files
5 Defragmenting a Disk
6 Backing Up Files on Your iMac
7 Restoring Backed-Up Files
8 Restoring Your iMac's Software
9 Formatting a Hard Disk
10 Using Apple System Profiler
11 Rebuilding Your Desktop
12 Increasing Application Memory
13 Displaying System Information
14 Checking System Performance
15 Using Extensions Manager
16 Performing a Clean Install of Mac OS
Part 11 iMac Software
1 Viewing Files with Adobe Acrobat
2 Starting AppleWorks's Word Processor
3 Formatting Your Word-Processed Documents
4 Creating a Spreadsheet with AppleWorks
5 Creating Diagrams and Charts with AppleWorks
6 Creating a Database with AppleWorks
7 Drawing Freehand with AppleWorks
8 Playing Nanosaur
9 Working with Kai's Photo Soap
10 Creating a Web Page with PageMill 3.0
11 Managing Your Finances With Quicken 98
12 Searching for Recipes with Williams Sonoma's Good Cooking