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Complete idiot's guide to Microsoft Office 2000
Kraynak, Joe.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, 1999.
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xv, 330 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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"Covers Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, FrontPage"--Cover.

Includes index.
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Author Notes

Joe Kraynak has taught hundreds of thousands of new PC users how to make the most of their computers with his easy-to-read books. His previous books include the first and second editions of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Office 97; Easy Internet, Second Edition; Windows 95 Cheat Sheet; The Complete Idiot's Guide to PCs; and The Big Basics Book of Microsoft Office.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Part 1 Microsoft Office Over Easyp. 5
1 10-Minute Guide to Office 2000 Professionalp. 7
Running Your Office Applicationsp. 7
Scooting Up to the Shortcut Barp. 8
Activating Other Shortcut Barsp. 10
Customizing The Shortcut Barp. 11
Saving, Naming, and Opening the Files You Createp. 12
Working with the Smart New Office Interfacep. 14
Not-So-Basic Mouse Movesp. 15
2 When in Doubt, Ask for Helpp. 17
Meeting Your Office Assistantp. 17
Finding Help Topics in the Table of Contentsp. 19
Getting Help from the Answer Wizardp. 21
Searching the Index for Specific Helpp. 21
Part 2 Whipping Up Word Documentsp. 23
3 Making and Editing Word Documentsp. 25
Starting with the Boilerplate Specialp. 25
Inserting, Typing Over, and Deleting Textp. 27
What's with the Red Pen?p. 28
Typing Text Has Never Been Easier!p. 29
Scroll, Scroll, Scroll Your Dcoumentp. 29
Changing Viewsp. 30
10 Ways to Select Textp. 31
Dragging, Cutting, and Copying Textp. 32
Juggling Two or More Documentsp. 33
The Ol' Find and Replace Trickp. 33
On Second Thought: Undoing Changesp. 34
4 Giving Your Text a Makeoverp. 35
Fast and Easy Formatting with the Toolbarp. 35
Two More Formatting Tricksp. 37
Visiting the Font Smorgasbordp. 37
Paragraph Formatting: Line Spacing and Indentsp. 38
Ruling Your Indented Servantsp. 39
Keeping Tabs on Your Tabsp. 40
The Painted Word: Using Text As Artp. 41
Inserting WordArt Objectsp. 41
Setting Off Text in Text Boxesp. 43
Baby, You've Got Style(s)p. 44
Applying Character and Paragraph Stylesp. 45
Creating Your Own Stylesp. 45
5 Aligning Your Text with Columns and Tablesp. 47
Creating Your Own Newspaper Columnsp. 47
Avoiding Gridlock with Tablesp. 49
Using the Insert Table Buttonp. 50
Drawing a Table with Your Mousep. 51
Transforming Existing Text into a Tablep. 52
Moving Around Inside Your Tablep. 53
Performing Reconstructive Surgery on Your Tablep. 53
Adjusting the Row Height and Column Widthp. 53
Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rowsp. 54
Splitting and Joining Cellsp. 54
Giving Your Table a Face-Lift with Borders and Shadingp. 55
Sorting and Summing Table Entriesp. 56
6 Spicing It Up with Graphics, Sound, and Videop. 59
Inserting Pictures, Sounds, and Video Clips from the Galleryp. 59
Inserting Scanned Images On-the-Flyp. 61
Importing Graphics Filesp. 61
Moving Pictures Around on a Pagep. 61
Resizing and Reshaping Your Picturesp. 62
Touching Up a Picture with the Picture Toolbarp. 63
Sketching Custom Illustrationsp. 64
Creating Drawings with Simple Lines and shapesp. 64
Working with Layers of Objectsp. 66
Working with Two or More Objects as a Groupp. 67
Editing Existing Picturesp. 67
7 Checking Your Spelling and Grammarp. 69
Looking for Mis Spellingsp. 70
Spell-Checking on the Gop. 70
Spell-Checking Just Before You Hand It Inp. 71
Customizing the Spelling Checkerp. 72
Making Word Automatically Correct Your Typosp. 73
Word's Helpful, Useful, Beneficial Thesaurusp. 75
8 Creating Mailing Labels and Form Lettersp. 77
Addressing an Envelope or Mailing Labelp. 78
Addressing an Envelopep. 78
Addressing a Mailing Labelp. 79
Meeting Your Address List with a Form Letterp. 80
First You Need Some Datap. 80
Then You Need a Form Letterp. 81
Now You Can Mergep. 81
Using Mail Merge to Do Mailing Labelsp. 84
9 Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Printing Documentsp. 85
Setting Up Your Pages for Printingp. 86
Setting the Page Marginsp. 86
Picking a Paper Size and Print Directionp. 87
Where's Your Paper Coming From?p. 87
Laying Out Your Pagesp. 87
Adding Page Numbersp. 88
Chopping Your Text into Pagesp. 89
Head-Banging Headers and Foot-Stomping Footersp. 90
Previewing Pages Before Printing Themp. 92
Ready, Set, Go to the Printerp. 93
Part 3 Crunching Numbers with Excel Spreadsheetsp. 95
10 Spreadsheet Orientation Dayp. 97
Taking Excel on the Open Roadp. 98
All Data Entries Are Not Created Equalp. 99
Entering Datap. 100
What About Dollar Values and Percents?p. 102
Numbers As Textp. 102
Numbers As Dates and Timesp. 102
Secrets of the Data Entry Mastersp. 103
Fill 'Er Upp. 103
A Faster Fill Upp. 104
Create Your Own AutoFill Seriesp. 104
Fill In The Blanks with AutoCompletep. 104
Life in the Cell Block: Selecting Cellsp. 105
Working with Worksheetsp. 106
All This and a Database, Too?p. 107
11 Doing Math with Formulasp. 109
Understanding Formulas and Concocting Your Ownp. 110
Get Your Operators in Orderp. 110
Tell Me How to Put Them in Already!p. 111
Going Turbo with Functionsp. 113
The Awesome AutoSum Toolp. 113
Demystifying Functions with the Paste Function Featurep. 114
Seeing a Real Live Investment Function in Actionp. 117
Controlling Cell Addresses When You Copy or Move Formulasp. 118
Playing "What If...?" with Scenariosp. 119
The Making of a Scenariop. 119
Manaking Your Scenariosp. 120
12 Giving Your Worksheet a Professional Lookp. 123
Tweaking Row Heights and Column Widthsp. 124
Fission and Fusion: Merging and Splitting Cellsp. 125
Add a Few Rows, Toss in Some Columnsp. 125
Nuking Rows, Columns, and Cellsp. 126
Making It Look Great in 10 Minutes or Lessp. 127
Drive-Through Formatting with AutoFormatp. 127
Don't Forget Your Formatting Toolbarp. 128
More Control with the Format Cells Dialog Boxp. 129
Applying Formats with a Few Brush Strokesp. 131
Hanging a Few Graphical Ornamentsp. 131
13 Graphing Data for Fun and Profitp. 133
Charting Your Datap. 134
So Now You Want to Print It?p. 136
Changing Your Chart with Toolbars,Menus, and Right-Clicksp. 137
Bar Charts, Pie Charts, and Other Chart Typesp. 138
Formatting the Elements That Make Up a Chartp. 138
Adding Text, Arrows, and Other Objectsp. 140
14 Printing Wide Worksheets on Narrow Pagesp. 141
Preprinting: Laying the Groundworkp. 141
Portrait or Landscape: Setting the Page Orientationp. 142
Checking and Moving Page Breaksp. 142
Repeating Titles and Column Labelsp. 144
Adding Headers and Footersp. 145
Setting the Page Orderp. 145
When It Just Won't Fitp. 146
Stuff It with Print to Fitp. 146
Selective Printing with Print Areasp. 146
Hiding Columns and Rowsp. 147
Finally! Printing Your Worksheetsp. 147
Part 4 Snapping Slide Shows in PowerPointp. 149
15 Slapping Together a Basic Slide Showp. 151
Start from Scratch? Nah!p. 151
Using the AutoContent Wizardp. 152
Starting with a Templatep. 153
Changing Views to Edit and Sort Your Slidesp. 154
Working on Slidesp. 155
Organizing Your Presentationp. 155
Inserting and Deleting Slidesp. 156
Changing the Background, Color Scheme, and Layoutp. 157
Applying a Different Design to the Entire Presentationp. 157
Changing the Backgroundp. 157
Picking a Different Color Schemep. 158
Taking Control with the Master Slidep. 159
16 Adding Text, Graphis, and Sounds to a Slidep. 161
As If You Didn't Have Enough Textp. 162
Jazzing Up Your Slides with Clip Art and Other Picturesp. 162
Backing Up Your Claims with Charts (Graphs)p. 163
Adding Sounds to Your Slidesp. 165
Attaching a Recorded Sound to a Slidep. 165
Narrating an Entire Slide Showp. 166
Going Multimedia with Video Clipsp. 167
17 Shuffling and Presenting Your Slide Showp. 169
Rearranging Your Slidesp. 169
Adding Special Effectsp. 170
Special Effects on the Slide Sorter Toolbarp. 171
Animating Transitions from Slide to Slidep. 172
Using Animated Buildsp. 173
Animating Your Chartsp. 175
Making an Interactive Presentation with Action Buttonsp. 175
It's Show Time!p. 175
Part 5 Mastering the Information Age with Accessp. 179
18 Making Your First Dabatasep. 181
What Is a Database, Anyway?p. 181
Database Lingo You Can't Live Withoutp. 182
Cranking Out a Database with the Database Wizardp. 183
Creating and Customizing Tablesp. 185
Configuring Tables: Pick a Viewp. 185
Changing the Field Propertiesp. 186
Creating New Tablesp. 188
Creating and Customizing Data Entry Formsp. 189
Restructuring a Formp. 189
Changing the Control Source and Other Control Propertiesp. 190
Adding Controls to a Formp. 190
Creating a New Formp. 191
19 Entering Data: For the Recordp. 193
How Forms, Tables, and Datasheets Differp. 193
Filling Out Formsp. 194
Entering Data in a Tablep. 195
What Are These Drop-Down Lists For?p. 196
20 Finding, Sorting, and Selecting Recordsp. 199
Sorting Your Records by Number, Name, or Datep. 199
Filtering Records to Lighten the Loadp. 200
Filtering the Easy Wayp. 200
When Your Filtering Needs Become More complexp. 200
Using Queries to Sort, Select, and Calculatep. 202
Using the Query Wizardsp. 202
Creating a Query Without a Wizardsp. 204
Saving, Opening, and Editing Queriesp. 205
21 Giving Data Meaning with Reportsp. 207
The Report You Need May Already Exist!p. 207
Making Reports with the Report Wizardp. 208
Customizing the Appearance and Content of Your Reportp. 210
Working with a Report in Design Viewp. 210
Changing the Overall Appearance of the Reportp. 212
Selecting, Moving, and Aligning Controlsp. 212
Changing Font Styles and Sizesp. 213
Adding Controls to the Reportp. 213
Calculating Totals, Subtotals, and Averagesp. 213
Saving and Printing Reportsp. 215
Part 6 Looking After Your Life with Outlookp. 217
22 Keeping Track of Dates, Mates, and Things to Dop. 219
Getting Started with Outlookp. 219
Using the Standard Toolbarp. 221
Configuring the Outlook Barp. 222
Keeping Appointments with the Calendarp. 223
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Viewp. 223
Setting Appointment Dates and Timesp. 224
Editing, Moving, and Deleting Appointmentsp. 226
Scheduling a Recurring Weekly or Monthly Appointmentp. 227
Keeping Track of Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Other Big Eventsp. 227
There's a Rolodex on Your Screen!p. 228
Adding Address Cards to the Contacts Listp. 228
Making Your Modem Dial Phone Numbersp. 229
Sending Email Messages to Your Contactsp. 230
What Do You Have to Do Today?p. 230
23 Managing Your Emailp. 231
Nickel Tour of the Inboxp. 231
Adding Email Accountsp. 233
Creating a New Email Messagep. 234
Retrieving and Reading Incoming Messagesp. 235
Organizing Messages in Foldersp. 236
Sending Faxesp. 237
Part 7 Getting Productive with Office 2000p. 239
24 Sharing Data Between Applicationsp. 241
Dynamic Data Sharing with OLEp. 241
Embedding an Object with Copy and Paste Specialp. 242
Creating a Link Between Two Filesp. 243
Embedding a New Object with Insert Objectp. 245
Transforming Word Documents into Presentations and Vice Versap. 246
Publishing Access Reports in Wordp. 247
Analyzing Your Access Database in Excelp. 248
25 Creating and Publishing Your Own Web Pagesp. 249
Creating Web Pages in Wordp. 250
Transforming Existing Documents into Web Pagesp. 250
Making Web Pages from Scratch with a Wizardp. 251
Formatting Your Web Pagesp. 252
Connecting Your Page to Other Pages with Hyperlinksp. 253
Working with Framesp. 254
Creating an Online Presentation in PowerPointp. 255
Placing Your Pages on the Webp. 256
Finding a Home for Your Pagep. 256
Setting Up a Web Folderp. 257
Uploading Files to an FTP Serverp. 258
Managing Your Web Site with FrontPagep. 260
Creating a New Web Sitep. 261
Making Pagesp. 262
Verifying Hyperlinksp. 262
Publishing Your Webp. 263
26 Macros for Mere Mortalsp. 265
Roll 'em: Recording a Macrop. 266
Playing Back a Recorded Macrop. 268
Assigning Shortcut Keys for Quick Playbackp. 269
Making Buttons for Your Macrosp. 271
Saving Your Macrosp. 272
27 No-Brainer Publications with Microsoft Publisherp. 275
Conjuring Up Quick Publications with Page Wizardsp. 276
Basic Stuff You Ought to Knowp. 278
Making New Pagesp. 280
Working Faster with Grainy (or No) Picturesp. 280
Customizing a Prefab Publicationp. 280
Page Layout Tools You Can't Live Withoutp. 282
Printing Professional-Looking Publicationsp. 283
Checking Out Your Printing Optionsp. 284
Do It Yourself with Your Desktop Printerp. 284
Two-Color Output for the Budget Consciousp. 284
Printing to a File for Outside Printngp. 285
Glossaryp. 287
Indexp. 301