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The complete idiot's guide to Microsoft Excel 2000
Gunter, Sherry Kinkoph.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, 1999.
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xiv, 391 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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The downfall of Enron, Global Crossing, WorldCom and other large American firms, and the resulting shockwaves in the world economy, have brought the subject of corporate governance to the forefront of business thinking. As well as new theorising on the subject, many researchers in academia, business and the public sector are turning to the events of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which in many ways parallel those of today.

Author Notes

Sherry Kinkoph has authored more than 30 computer books for Macmillan Publishing over the past six years and is on a quest to help users of all levels master ever-changing computer technologies. Her recent publications include How to Use Microsoft Office 97, Easy Office 97 Small Business Edition, and Sams Teach Yourself Quicken 99 in 10 Minutes.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
The New and Improved Excel 2000p. 1
Why Do You Need This Book?p. 1
How Do You Use This Book?p. 2
Part 1 Basic Trainingp. 5
1 Excel in a Nutshellp. 7
Spreadsheets: A Brief Retrospectivep. 7
Starting and Exiting Excelp. 8
Working with Program Window Elementsp. 11
Worksheets, Workbooks, Workthis, Workthat?p. 13
How Do I Move Around in Here?p. 14
Controlling Windowsp. 16
Ordering from Menusp. 17
Twiddling Your Toolbarsp. 20
What's New in Excell 2000?p. 22
2 File Fundamentalsp. 25
Opening and Closing Filesp. 26
Starting New Filesp. 26
Opening Existing Filesp. 27
Closing Filesp. 31
Saving Filesp. 31
Saving a New Filep. 33
Saving an Existing Filep. 33
Working with Multiple Filesp. 34
Switching Between Open Filesp. 35
Viewing Multiple Files at the Same Timep. 36
Deleting Filesp. 38
Finding Filesp. 38
3 Date Entry in a Dashp. 41
Dealing with Datap. 42
Entering Datap. 44
Are Your Numbers Valid?p. 45
Entering Dates and Timesp. 47
Editing Datap. 48
Speeding Up Data Entryp. 49
Have No Fear, AutoCorrect Is Herep. 50
Fill 'Er up with AutoFillp. 52
Using AutoCompletep. 55
4 The Wonderful World of Worksheetsp. 57
Understanding Worksheet Structurep. 58
Navigating Worksheetsp. 59
Using the Go To Commandp. 60
Using the Worksheet Scroll Arrowsp. 61
Splitting Sheetsp. 62
Naming Sheetsp. 65
Adding and Deleting Sheetsp. 67
Moving and Copying Sheetsp. 68
Protecting Worksheetsp. 69
Assigning Passwords with the Save As Dialog Boxp. 69
Using the Protection Commandsp. 71
5 Hel Me, Please!p. 75
Using the Office Assistantp. 75
Displaying the Office Assistantp. 77
Asking a Questionp. 77
Viewing a Topicp. 78
Using the Help Tabsp. 79
Closing the Office Assistantp. 81
Customizing the Office Assistantp. 82
Using the What's This? Featurep. 83
Using Lotus 1-2-3 Helpp. 84
Finding Excel Help on the Webp. 86
6 Fine-Tuning Excelp. 91
Customizing Excel Toolbarsp. 91
Floating Versus Anchoredp. 92
Separating the Default Toolbarsp. 94
Adding and Removing Buttonsp. 96
Creating Your Own Toolbarp. 97
Customizing Excel Menusp. 100
Customizing How Excel Worksp. 102
Part 2 Putting Excel to Workp. 105
7 Working the Wide-Open Rangesp. 107
What's a Range?p. 107
Selecting Rangesp. 108
Branding Your Rangesp. 110
Range Rulesp. 110
Naming with the Define Name Dialog Boxp. 111
Naming on-the-Flyp. 112
Working with Multilevel Rangesp. 114
8 Concocting Formulasp. 117
What's a Formula?p. 117
Get Your Operators in Orderp. 119
Dealing with Operator Precedencep. 119
Using Reference Operatorsp. 120
Using Comparative Operatorsp. 121
Entering Formulasp. 122
Absolute Versus Relative Cell Addressesp. 126
Using Range Names in Formulasp. 128
Referencing Cells from Other Worksheetsp. 130
9 Functions: Fast Formulas for Fast Resultsp. 133
What's a Function?p. 133
The Awesome AutoSum Functionp. 135
Functions in Actionp. 138
All About Argumentsp. 138
Examining the Result Typesp. 140
Entering Functions into Formulasp. 141
Useful Functions You Won't Want to Live Withoutp. 145
10 Fixing Formula Problemsp. 151
What's Wrong?p. 151
Try an Auditp. 153
Using the Auditing Toolbarp. 154
The Auditing Tools at Workp. 155
Tracing an Error Messagep. 157
Common Error Messages and How to Get Rid of Themp. 158
Part 3 Worksheet Groomingp. 161
11 Formatting for Fun or Profitp. 163
Performing a Data Makeoverp. 163
Ye Olde Bold, Italic, and Underline Commandsp. 164
Changing the Font and Sizep. 165
Using the Format Cells Dialog Boxp. 166
How to Make Your Numbers Attractivep. 168
Changing Number Formats with the Toolbar Buttonsp. 171
Formatting with the Styles Dialog Boxp. 171
Do You Need an Alignment?p. 173
Centering a Titlep. 174
Rotating Textp. 176
AutoFormat: Easy Formatting for the Formatting Impairedp. 177
12 Rearranging Your Worksheet Datap. 181
Changing the Worksheet Structurep. 182
Making It All Fit Fastp. 182
Changing Column Widthp. 184
Changing Row Heightp. 185
Adding Columns and Rowsp. 185
Deleting Columns and Rowsp. 187
Hiding Columns and Rowsp. 187
Rearranging Data on the Worksheetp. 189
Move Your Datap. 189
Copying Datap. 190
Using the Drag-and Drop Techniquep. 191
Using the Paste Special Commandp. 192
Deleting Datap. 193
Seek and Ye Shall Find, and Then Ye Can Replacep. 194
13 Getting Graphicp. 199
The World of Spreadsheet Artp. 199
Inserting Clip Artp. 200
Inserting Image Filesp. 203
Draw Your Own Artp. 204
Drawing AutoShapesp. 206
Object Tipsp. 207
Turning Words into Artp. 208
14 Adding Borders and Backgroundsp. 213
Bordering on Bordersp. 213
Here's a Little Background Informationp. 218
Strictly Colorp. 219
Following a Patternp. 221
15 Printing and Previewingp. 225
Preview It Allp. 226
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Printing, and Morep. 228
Changing the Default Printerp. 229
Changing the Default Settingsp. 230
Setting Up with Page Setuptp. 231
Changing Marginsp. 231
Changing Page Optionsp. 232
Dealing with Sheet Optionsp. 233
How About a Header or a Footer?p. 234
Using Predefined Headers and Footersp. 234
Setting Custom Headers and Footersp. 235
Pondering Page Breaksp. 236
Setting a Manual Page Breakp. 236
Using Page Break Preview Modep. 237
Part 4 Charting New Territoryp. 239
16 Charts That Say It Allp. 241
A Cornucopia of Chartsp. 241
Jumping In with the Chart Wizardp. 244
The Lowdown on Chart Partsp. 247
17 Formatting Chartsp. 251
Using the Chart Toolbarp. 251
Changing the Chart Typep. 253
Formatting with the Format Dialog Boxp. 254
Formatting Colors, Lines, and Patternsp. 256
Formatting Axesp. 258
Formatting the Data Seriesp. 258
Adding New Chart Elementsp. 259
18 Map It Outp. 263
All About Map Chartsp. 263
Creating a Map Chartp. 264
Moving Around Your Mapp. 269
Changing the Map Featuresp. 269
Adding Labels to Your Map Chartp. 270
Create a Pin Mapp. 271
Part 5 Building and Analyzing Databasesp. 273
19 Build Your Own Excel Databasesp. 275
The Dirt on Databasesp. 275
Database Lingop. 277
Planning Is Everythingp. 278
Let's Build One Already!p. 279
Entering Records Directlyp. 281
Using a Database Formp. 282
20 Manipulating Your Datap. 287
I've Got a Database--Now What?p. 287
A Sorting We Will Gop. 288
Pass Me That Filterp. 292
21 All About PivotTablesp. 295
What's a PivotTable?p. 295
Creating Your Own PivotTablep. 299
Analyzing with Your PivotTablep. 301
Changing the Analysisp. 304
Changing the Summary Functionp. 305
Using Page Fieldsp. 306
Grouping PivotTable Itemsp. 308
Leaving It All Behindp. 310
22 Seeking with Goal Seekp. 311
What's Goal Seek?p. 311
Going One-on-One with Goal Seekp. 313
The Scenario Scenep. 315
Part 6 Nothing but Netp. 319
23 Integrating Excel with Other Applicationsp. 321
Exploring the New and Exciting Clipboard Toolbarp. 321
To Link or to Embed? That Is the Questionp. 324
Which Is Better: Linking or Embedding?p. 325
How to Link Datap. 326
How to Embed Datap. 327
Excel's Import/Export Businessp. 329
Sharing via Emailp. 330
24 Creating Excel Web Pagesp. 333
Excel and the Internetp. 333
Getting Started with the Internetp. 335
Using the Web Toolbarp. 336
Wandering the Webp. 338
Searching the Web from Excelp. 341
Downloading Filesp. 343
Running a Web Queryp. 344
25 Using Excel on the Webp. 347
Creating a Web Page in Excelp. 347
Inserting Linksp. 351
Windows 98 in a Flashp. 355
A Mouse in the Handp. 355
The Point of the Pointerp. 356
Clicking's a Snap!p. 356
Clicking a Buttonp. 357
Dragging Ain't No Drag!p. 358
When You Need a Menup. 359
Start Up the Start Menu, You Upstart!p. 359
Why Don't You Drop Down and See Me Sometime?p. 359
Keyboard Kwikies!p. 360
Windows Don't Have To Be a Pane!p. 361
Wipe Away Your Windowp. 362
Seize the Size!p. 362
Become a Mover and a Shaker...and a Resizer!p. 362
Wiping Out the Windowp. 362
Let's Rap About Dialog!p. 363
Tab: It Isn't Just for Dieters Any More!p. 363
A Text Field Is the Type for Typep. 363
Drop Down and Give Me 20!p. 363
What the Scroll Is That?p. 364
Check Out the Check Box!p. 364
Option Button, Option Button, Who's Got the Option Button?p. 264
Speak Like a Geekp. 367
Indexp. 371