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Reality 101
Rice, Wayne.
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Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers, [1999]

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221 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
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Young teens seeking answers to some of their most vexing questions will enjoy Reality 101. With a user-friendly format similar to the best-selling Questions Children Ask series, this book contains 101 questions covering 10 topics. Each question is accompanied by a cartoon illustration. Answers are followed by a Scripture verse and a list of related Scripture references. Interesting or humorous bits of trivia, quotes, and "food for thought" will spark a teen's interest. Reality 101 is sure to penetrate the hearts and minds of teens, their parents, and anyone interested in the spiritual growth of young Christians.

Author Notes

WAYNE RICE is founder and director of Understanding Your Teenager, an organization serving parents of teens and preteens, and has written numerous books about youth and youth ministry.
DAVID R. VEERMAN is the father of two daughters, a thirty-year veteran of youth ministry, and the author of over thirty-five books.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. x
Introductionp. xi
God Stutt
1. Why should we listen to what the Bible says? Wasn't it just written by people?p. 2
2. How can a book that was written thousands of years ago have anything to do with me?p. 4
3. Hasn't science proven that the Bible is wrong about a lot of stuff?p. 6
4. How did the Bible actually get written?p. 8
5. Why is the Bible so confusing to read?p. 10
6. Who decided what books went into the Bible?p. 12
7. How come during Bible times God did all these miraculous things like the burning bush and he doesn't do that today?p. 14
8. Why is the Bible so full of rules? Doesn't God want me to have any fun?p. 16
9. How is God three people and yet one God at the same time?p. 18
10. What makes one religion right and the others wrong? Aren't all religions just going to the same destination but following different roads to get there?p. 20
11. People talk about having a "relationship with God," but how can they have a relationship with someone they can't see?p. 22
12. Don't good people make it into heaven?p. 24
13. What about people who never hear about Jesus Christ? Will they go to heaven or hell?p. 26
Relative Issues
14. I'm old enough to make decisions and take responsibility for my life. Why won't my parents treat me like an adult and trust me?p. 30
15. My parents are so old-fashioned that they are an embarrassment to me. How can I get them to change?p. 32
16. The Bible says, "Honor your father and mother," but what if your parents aren't believers?p. 34
17. How do I introduce my parents to Christ?p. 36
18. Why do parents split up?p. 38
19. Why should my parents expect me to live like a Christian when I know they didn't at my age?p. 40
20. My stepparent is always telling me what to do. Why should I obey somebody who is not my real parent?p. 42
21. Why do brothers and sisters fight?p. 44
22. My parents keep asking me personal questions, but I don't want to tell them everything. Isn't it OK to have some privacy?p. 46
23. Our family vacations are boring. My parents say it's "family time." Why is that such a big deal?p. 48
Just Friends
24. I have trouble making friends. Is there something wrong with me?p. 52
25. How can I choose the right friends?p. 54
26. I have good friends, but my parents don't like them. What can I do?p. 56
27. My best friend is changing and starting to do things that I know are wrong and will hurt her. How can I help her stay on the right track?p. 58
28. Are all cliques bad? Is it wrong for my Christian friends to have a clique?p. 60
29. My closest friends like to go out and party. I don't! How do I keep their friendship without falling into their ways?p. 62
30. My friends don't go to church. Does that mean they will go to hell?p. 64
31. Is it safe to have non-Christian friends? Is it wrong?p. 66
32. Some of my friends put me down because I'm a Christian. What should I do?p. 68
33. How can friends who are Christians treat you so crummy sometimes?p. 70
34. My friends have spread rumors about me that aren't true. What should I do?p. 72
35. One of my friends has talked about suicide. Should I tell someone?p. 74
On the Horizon
36. How can I know God's will?p. 78
37. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life. Nothing seems to interest me. What should I do?p. 80
38. Will God's plan always be something that I don't like?p. 82
39. What does it mean when people say, "Jesus is coming back"? How will he come back?p. 84
40. How do I know if what I want to do is what God wants me to do?p. 86
41. Is it true that we are not supposed to know about our future?p. 88
42. How can I know I'll find my perfect mate? Is there only one right person to be married to?p. 90
43. If you know God has everything under control, is it still OK to be disappointed?p. 92
44. What if I go to college and have a particular major but don't use it?p. 94
45. When you die, what happens? Do you go straight to heaven?p. 96
46. When I look at how adults have messed up the world. I get pretty discouraged. Am I destined to become just like them?p. 98
47. Should Christians be involved in protecting the environment for future generations if Jesus is coming back soon anyway?p. 100
Get Real
48. Will God love me more if I do everything right instead of messing up all the time?p. 104
49. Most of the time I wish I were someone else. Why did God make me this way?p. 106
50. How can I figure out what I'm good at?p. 108
51. I seem to act differently with different groups of kids. How can I tell which me is the real me?p. 110
52. How do you define a "bad" person?p. 112
53. People tell me I'm a loser. Why shouldn't I believe them?p. 114
54. Is it acceptable to change your appearance with plastic surgery, tattoos, body piercing, etc?p. 116
55. If drugs make me feel so good, why shouldn't I take them?p. 118
Big Bucks
56. Why do I always seem to need more money?p. 122
57. Is it OK to have a part-time job during the school year?p. 124
58. Is money itself bad (evil)?p. 126
59. Is it wrong to desire to live in a big house, have a nice car, and have expensive things?p. 128
60. Why is the church always asking for money?p. 130
61. How much money should I give to the offering?p. 132
62. Should I start saving money now for when I'm old and can't work anymore?p. 134
63. Is gambling wrong?p. 136
64. What's the point of working so hard for a few lousy bucks when all the really successful people are making millions?p. 138
Pump It Up
65. How does music affect me?p. 142
66. What's the difference between regular rock and Christian rock music?p. 144
67. Listening to rock music makes me feel good. What's wrong with that?p. 146
68. I listen to Christian rock; should I try getting my friends to listen to it?p. 148
69. What's wrong with seeing R-rated movies and videos? I've heard it all and seen it all before.p. 150
70. Does God have a sense of humor?p. 152
71. Is God OK with science-fiction books and movies?p. 154
72. If you know that swearing is wrong, it is really bad to hear it in movies?p. 156
73. Can Christians become entertainers in the secular world, or should they make only Christian music and Christian movies?p. 158
Getting Through
74. Since God knows everything, why should I pray?p. 162
75. How do I know if God hears what I pray?p. 164
76. Does God hear me if I pray in my head and not out loud?p. 166
77. How does prayer work? What difference does it make in the world?p. 168
78. Does God always answer our prayers?p. 170
79. What should we pray for/about?p. 172
80. Is there a right way and a wrong way to pray?p. 174
81. How come sometimes when I pray it feels like no one is there listening to me?p. 176
82. How long should I pray? Is praying once for one thing long enough?p. 178
83. People say, "God spoke to me in prayer." Should I hear God's voice talking to me?p. 180
The Class Act
84. Why do adults make such a big deal about grades?p. 184
85. Why do parents get so upset at one bad test if you still have a good grade in the class?p. 186
86. Will God be mad if I drop out of school?p. 188
87. Does God really help me when I pray before a test?p. 190
88. Is it illegal to take a Bible to class?p. 192
89. Should I disagree with my teacher when he teaches evolution?p. 194
90. How important is it to make your Christianity known in your school?p. 196
91. Why do I have to take all these stupid classes that I'll never use in the future?p. 198
92. My parents want me to go to college and only care about academics. Do I listen to my parents or do what I know is best for me?p. 200
Bad News
93. If God is love, why is there so much hate?p. 204
94. Why does God allow so much pain and suffering?p. 206
95. Since God can do anything, why doesn't he make things fair? I don't want special treatment; I just want things fair.p. 208
96. Why isn't the world any different since Jesus came and died? I thought that was supposed to change things.p. 210
97. Why did my parents' generation leave the world in such a mess?p. 212
98. What can one person my age do to make a difference in the world?p. 214
99. Will we be held responsible for things we didn't do as well as for things we did do?p. 216
100. Should Christians ever "pull the plug"?p. 218
101. What about capital punishment?p. 220