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The Character of kinship.
The Character of kinship.
Goody, Jack., editor.
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Cambridge [Eng.] : University Press [1973]
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xii, 251 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Published on the occasion of the retirement of Meyer Fortes.
Barth, F. Descent and marriage reconsidered.--Strathern, A. Kinship, descent and locality: some New Guinea examples.--La Fontaine, J. Descent in New Guinea: an Africanist view.--Leach, E. Complementary filiation and bilateral kinship.--Barnes, J. A. Genetrix: genitor:: nature: culture?--Bloch, M. The long term and the short term: the economic and political significance of the morality of kinship.--Pitt-Rivers, J. The kith and the kin.--Freeman, D. Kinship, attachment behaviour and the primary bond.--Smith, R. T. The matrifocal family.--Harris, G. Furies, witches and mothers.--Abrahams, R. G. Some aspects of levirate.--Goody, J. Polygyny, economy and the role of women.--Tambiah, S. J. From varna to caste through mixed unions.--Barnes, J. A. Bibliography of the writings of Meyer Fortes (p. 231-235)
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