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The complete idiot's guide to reflexology
Wolfe, Frankie Avalon.
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New York : Alpha ; Hemel Hempstead : Prentice Hall, 1999.
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xii, 394 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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RM723.R43 W65 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
RM723.R43 W65 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
RM723.R43 W65 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
RM723.R43 W65 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
RM723.R43 W65 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf

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You're no idiot, of course. You know echinacea can help a runny nose, massage is good for aching back muscles, and yoga can help relax a tired body. But when it comes to reflexology--the practice of healing the body by applying pressure to different parts of the feet--you'd rather just soak your tired dogs in hot water and call it a day. Don't feel so de-feeted just yet! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology is a fun, easy-to-follow, illustrated guide to massaging your own (and others) feet to treat back pain, headaches, upset stomachs, colds, allergies, stress, depression, and more. In this Complete Idiot,s Guide you'll learn how to:

Author Notes

Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D., is a certified reflexologist and teacher of reflexology at the Tree of Light Institute in Boise, Idaho. She is a member of the American Holistic Health Association and the Coalition for Natural Health. She lives in Boise, Idaho.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Before You Take Your Socks Offp. 1
1 What Is Reflexology?p. 3
Reflexology: Go with the Flowp. 3
In the Zonep. 6
Ooh, That Tickles!p. 10
Up to Your Ankles in Natural Healthp. 11
Does America Have a Foot Fetish?p. 15
2 Why Do I Want My Feet Rubbed?p. 19
It's a Healing Featp. 20
Detoxing That'll Knock Your Socks Offp. 22
Stressed Out?p. 23
Gentle Enough for Baby, Strong Enough for a Manp. 25
All Things in Timep. 28
3 Reflecting on Historyp. 33
Ancient Healers on the Nilep. 34
Ancient Chinese Secretsp. 37
India Jones and the Temple of Toesp. 38
References from the Big Bookp. 40
Reflexology Comes to Americap. 41
4 The Foot at a Glancep. 45
My, What Big Feet You Have, Grandma!p. 45
The Foot as a Sensory Organp. 48
Introducing Your Body Systemsp. 52
Keeping You Grounded--The Four Elementsp. 53
Foot Symbology: One Step at a Timep. 58
Part 2 The Body Systems: Mapping It Outp. 61
5 In Your Defense: The Immune Systemp. 63
Granting Immunityp. 63
Your Keen Spleenp. 65
Lymph-ing Alongp. 67
"Thymus Be Strong" Should Be a Commandmentp. 71
6 A Lot to Swallow: The Digestive and Intestinal Systemp. 75
Beginnings and Endingsp. 75
Where It All Starts: The Stomachp. 77
Does Liver Live Here?p. 81
You Have Some Gallbladderp. 85
The Pancreas: Your Sweet-Tooth Organp. 86
Where It All Ends: The Colonp. 88
7 Down to the Bone: The Structural Systemp. 91
A Structured Environmentp. 92
Having the Backbone to Get a Treatmentp. 93
One Classy Jointp. 96
The Whole Toothp. 100
8 What Nerve: The Nervous Systemp. 103
You're Getting on My Nervesp. 103
The Brain: Thinking on Your Feetp. 105
The Pituitary: Master Controllerp. 109
The Pineal: Seeing the Light of Dayp. 111
Adrenals: Fight or Flightp. 112
9 Remember to Breathe! The Respiratory Systemp. 115
Divine Respirationp. 115
A Little Heavy Breathing: The Lungsp. 116
Sinus Up for Reflexologyp. 122
Ears to Having You Work on My Feet!p. 124
Eyes Can See Clearly Nowp. 125
10 Give Me a "P": The Urinary Systemp. 127
Liquid Plumberp. 127
Fill 'Er Up: The Bladderp. 129
Pintos or Kidneys?p. 132
Urine Luckp. 135
Ureter--Always Wanted to Meet Herp. 136
Healing and the Emotionsp. 137
11 Getting to the Heart of the Matter: The Circulatory Systemp. 141
Circulating Rumors and Other Thingsp. 141
Be Still My Heartp. 142
As a Man Thinketh in His Heartp. 145
Keep Circulating: Veins and Arteriesp. 148
Blood, Sweat, and Tearsp. 151
12 Sexy Stuff: The Glandular Systemp. 155
Sex and the Glandsp. 155
The Thyroid--Metabolism Regulatorp. 157
The Gonads: By Dr. Phil D. Glanzp. 161
Part 3 Tools and Techniques for Feeling Goodp. 167
13 Digging In: Where Do I Start?p. 169
Taming Aunt Grettap. 169
Hand Me That Footp. 170
Making Contactp. 175
Reaching the Depths of Your Solep. 176
When Your Feet Bruise but Your Ego Doesn'tp. 179
A Typical Routinep. 181
14 Let Your Fingers Do the Walkingp. 185
You're in Good Handsp. 186
Finger Walkingp. 188
Thumb Nibblingp. 191
Pain Is Not Gain--Usuallyp. 192
Hooked on Reflexologyp. 195
Milk It for All It's Worthp. 196
15 How to Touchp. 201
A Healing Touchp. 202
Keep Your Eyes on the Foot and Your Hands on the "Heel"p. 203
Keep in Touchp. 203
Happiness Runs in a Circular Motionp. 205
No Pinching Allowedp. 212
Injured Areas: Don't Go Therep. 214
16 Third Time's a Charmp. 219
Doing the Mathp. 219
The Mystery of Threesp. 220
Body, Mind, and Solep. 222
Knead Me, Heel Mep. 223
Up, Down, and Back Againp. 226
Ready? Relax!p. 226
17 Tools of the Tradep. 233
Oils, Potions, and Lotions, Oh My!p. 234
The Tool Debatep. 237
Tools You Can Usep. 240
Plug-In Tools for Toe Jammin'p. 243
Pull Up a Chairp. 246
Part 4 The Practice of Reflexologyp. 251
18 Finding Balance: The Elemental Footp. 253
The Four Elements Revisitedp. 253
Air: Snap, Crackle, and Popp. 255
Water: Puff, the Magic Anklesp. 256
Earth: Stiff Toes, Stiff Neckp. 258
More Water: Those Slimy, Sweaty Feetp. 259
Fire: Feet That Flame Onp. 260
19 The Personality in the Feetp. 263
High Arched and Up in the Cloudsp. 263
Flat-Footed and Down to Earthp. 265
The Callused Personalityp. 266
Filled with Emotion: Swollen Feetp. 267
Hot or Cold, Wet or Dry?p. 268
Footloosep. 270
Connecting the Dots: The Future in Your Feet and Handsp. 271
20 Podiatry Mattersp. 275
The Doctor Is Inp. 275
An Athletic Fungusp. 276
Bone Spurs and Other Misstepsp. 278
When Good Women Love Bad Shoesp. 279
This Little Piggy Had Cornp. 281
Some Natural Remediesp. 283
21 Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: What You Need to Knowp. 287
Empathy, Not Sympathyp. 288
Keeping a Professional Distancep. 289
Dumping the Bad Energyp. 292
Jack Be Nimble: Supplements and Exercisesp. 294
Stepping into the Future with Reflexologyp. 295
22 Reflexologists as Sole Practitionersp. 299
Getting a Foot in the Doorp. 300
The Healing Atmospherep. 301
Working from Homep. 303
Stopping Trouble Before It Startsp. 305
Certifiably Certifiablep. 310
Part 5 Reflexology in Actionp. 313
23 Keeping Your Glands in Orderp. 315
Are You Unbalanced?p. 316
How to Ride a Twenty-Eight-Day Cyclep. 316
Dealing with Diabetesp. 319
PMS: Calming the Beast Withinp. 322
Thyroid Be Donep. 324
24 Let's Get Things Movingp. 327
Reflexology: A Moving Experiencep. 328
Constipation: When Things Are NOT Movingp. 330
Joe's Storyp. 332
Branden the Constipatedp. 333
Cliff--Not Your Regular Babyp. 336
Stop and Smell the Rosesp. 337
25 Reflexology Helps You Breathep. 339
Take a Deep Breathp. 340
Don't Call 911 for a Healing Crisisp. 341
Attacking Asthmap. 342
Oh, Stop Your Sniffling!p. 345
Allergies No Morep. 346
26 A Nervous-System and Psychological Workoutp. 349
Central Processingp. 350
Rock a Bye Babyp. 351
Leveling Out the Highs and Lowsp. 354
What Do You Mean I'm Hyper? A Look at ADDp. 355
Calming Things Downp. 356
The Reflexology Top Tenp. 359
A Reflexology Schools, Teachers, and Associationsp. 361
B Supplies and Where to Find Themp. 367
C What Does It All Mean? A Brief Glossaryp. 373
Indexp. 381