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The complete idiot's guide to palmistry
Gile, Robin.
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New York : Alpha ; Hemel Hempstead : Prentice Hall, 1999.
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408 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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BF921 .G52 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf

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A step-by-step layperson's guide to the ancient magical art of palmistry, revealing how to read both one's own or someone else's palm to determine lifespan, creative potential, romantic prospects, physical health and financial status.

Author Notes

Robin Gile has over twenty years of professional palm reading experience. He has taught palmistry to hundreds of students at conferences, lectures, workshops, and professional readings throughout the Southwest. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Lisa Lenard is co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to New Millennium Predictions (with the New Age Collective), The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology (with Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur), and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot and Fortune-Telling (with Arelene Tognetti). She lives in Corrales, New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Your Future's in Your Handsp. 1
1 I Want to Hold Your Handp. 3
Your Hand Is a Map That Movesp. 4
What Is Palmistry?p. 5
A Short History of the Handp. 6
How Does It Work?p. 7
Why Does It Work?p. 8
You Can Learn to Read This Mapp. 9
Oh, Say Can You See?p. 9
Observation Is Allp. 10
You Light Up My Lifep. 12
Staying in Focusp. 12
Using Your Intuitionp. 13
The Five Questions Robin Is Asked the Mostp. 13
What Your Hands Can Tell You--And What You Can't Seep. 15
2 Every Hand Tells a Storyp. 17
The Hand Is a Microcosm of the Selfp. 17
Know Thyselfp. 19
How Well Do You Know Yourself?: A Handy Quizp. 19
We Are the Stories We Tellp. 23
How the Stories You Tell Reveal More Than You Realizep. 23
How Your Hand Tells Your Storyp. 24
Why We Tell Stories--and How Stories Workp. 26
What Do Archetype and Myth Have to Do with Your Hand?p. 27
A Myth Is Not a Liep. 27
An Archetype Is Not a New Kind of Bridgep. 28
Telling Stories: A Handy Exercisep. 30
3 Look, Ma--Two Hands!p. 31
The First Things to Look at When Reading Palmsp. 31
It Takes Two Handsp. 32
Measuring Tools: Calipers and Rulersp. 33
Ch-ch-ch-changes: A Storyp. 35
The Shapes of Handsp. 36
The Elementary Handp. 37
The Practical Handp. 38
The Spatulate Handp. 40
The Conic Handp. 42
The Philosophical Handp. 43
The Psychic Handp. 45
The Mixed Handp. 46
Yes, But How Does It Feel?p. 47
Pressure, Pressure, Pressurep. 48
What Color Is Your Hand?p. 50
Cold Hands, Warm Heart?p. 51
What Your Skin Is Sayingp. 51
Some Handy Anatomyp. 52
A Hand in Your Future: Keep a Journalp. 53
Part 2 Let Your Fingers Do the Talkingp. 55
4 Every Finger Tells a Storyp. 57
What Your Palmist Knows at First Sightp. 57
Hold Out Your Handp. 58
A Who's Who of the Fingersp. 60
A Closer Look at the Fingersp. 61
Phalanges: Strength in Sectionsp. 61
How Long Are Your Fingers?p. 63
Throwing Out Those Curvesp. 64
Tiny Signs in Little Linesp. 66
Joints: How Smooth Is Your Thinking?p. 67
Distance to Crossp. 68
The Shapes of Your Fingertipsp. 69
Square Tips: Everybody Needs the Farmerp. 70
Spatulate Tips: Hands On, Can Dop. 71
Conic Tips: The Pragmatic in All of Usp. 71
Mixed Tips: A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of Thatp. 71
And Then There Are Nailsp. 71
Nail Shapesp. 72
Are You a Biter or a Decorator?p. 72
How Many Reps Can Your Nails Do?p. 73
Finding Your Finger Profile: An Exercisep. 74
5 There's Nothing Like a Thumbp. 75
The Most Important Digitp. 76
The Volume and Length of the Thumbp. 76
The Tip of the Thumbp. 77
The Set of the Thumbp. 79
You Take the High Road, and I'll Take the Low Roadp. 79
How Generous Are You?p. 80
How Stubborn Are You?p. 81
Bend Me, Shape Mep. 81
Phalange Is Not a Dirty Woodp. 82
The Shape of the Thumbp. 83
The First Phalangep. 83
The Second Phalangep. 84
The Third Phalanges: Does Love Make the World Go 'Round?p. 86
The Heart Chakra on Your Handp. 87
Are You a Giver or a Taker?p. 89
Is the Love You Take Equal to the Love You Make?p. 89
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: Some Thumb Storiesp. 90
Which Thumb Are You?p. 90
6 Your Mercury Finger: How You Communicatep. 93
Take Care of Business, Healing, and Teachingp. 94
The Length of the Mercury Fingerp. 95
The Set of the Mercury Fingerp. 96
The Leanings of the Mercury Fingerp. 98
The Angle of the Mercury Fingerp. 100
A Look at the Mercury Phalangesp. 101
The First Phalangep. 102
The Second Phalangep. 103
The Third Phalangep. 104
Mercury Fingertipsp. 104
Square Mercuryp. 105
Spatulate Mercuryp. 106
Conic Mercuryp. 107
Pointed Mercuryp. 108
Picture This: Some Mercury Storiesp. 108
Which Mercury Are You?p. 109
7 Your Apollo Finger: Oh, You Beautiful Youp. 111
Musicians, Actors...and Fortune-Tellersp. 111
The Length of the Apollo Fingerp. 112
The Shape of the Apollo Fingerp. 114
The Angle of the Apollo Fingerp. 115
A Look at the Apollo Phalangesp. 115
The First Phalangep. 116
The Second Phalangep. 117
The Third Phalangep. 118
Apollo Fingertipsp. 119
Square Apollop. 120
Spatulate Apollop. 120
Conic Apollop. 120
Pointed Apollop. 120
Beauty and the Beast: Some Apollo Storiesp. 121
Which Apollo Are You?p. 121
8 Your Saturn Finger: Rules and Regulationsp. 123
Property and Responsibilityp. 123
The Length of the Saturn Fingerp. 124
The Shape of the Saturn Fingerp. 126
The Angle of the Saturn Fingerp. 127
A Look at the Saturn Phalangesp. 128
The First Phalangep. 129
The Second Phalangep. 130
The Third Phalangep. 130
Saturn Fingertipsp. 132
Square Saturnp. 133
Spatulate Saturnp. 134
Conic Saturnp. 134
Pointed Saturnp. 135
Mind Your Ps and Qs: Saturn Talesp. 135
Which Saturn Are You?p. 136
9 Your Jupiter Finger: Take Me to Your Leaderp. 137
How You Are Seen in Your Own Mirror, Spiritually, Socially, and Politicallyp. 138
The Length of the Jupiter Fingerp. 138
The Shape of the Jupiter Fingerp. 141
The Angle of the Jupiter Fingerp. 142
A Look at the Jupiter Phalangesp. 143
The First Phalangep. 144
The Second Phalangep. 145
The Third Phalangep. 147
Jupiter Fingertipsp. 148
Square Jupiterp. 149
Spatulate Jupiterp. 149
Conic Jupiterp. 149
Pointed Jupiterp. 149
Pundits, Pulpits and Promises: Stories About Jupiterp. 149
Which Jupiter Are You?p. 150
Part 3 I've Got a Line on Yourp. 151
10 Lines, Lines, Everywhere a Linep. 153
It's as Plain as the Lines on Your Handp. 153
Behind the Linesp. 154
Shapes Along the Way: Dots, Triads, Squares, Channels, Islands, Forks, Branches, and Barsp. 155
A Map of the Lines of the Handp. 156
Heart, Head, and Life: The Three Biggiesp. 157
The Heart Line: How Do You Feel About This?p. 157
The Head Line: Are You Ruled by the Mind?p. 157
The Life Line: What's in a Line?p. 158
The Simian Crease: 2 for 1p. 158
Rising Lines: Is Your Karma Weak or Strong?p. 160
Where Your Paths May Leadp. 161
Other Significant Linesp. 161
There's Always a Silver Liningp. 162
11 The Heart Line: How Do You Love?p. 163
Finding the Heart Linep. 163
Where It Beginsp. 164
Where It Endsp. 165
The Length of the Heartp. 167
The Depth of the Heartp. 168
The Curve of the Heartp. 170
Going Upp. 170
Going Downp. 172
Heart Line Extremesp. 173
Lines from the Heartp. 174
Inclinationsp. 175
Affectationsp. 177
Bad Choicesp. 178
You Gotta Have Heart: A Storyp. 180
Mapping Your Heart Linep. 180
12 The Head Line: How Do You Think?p. 183
Finding the Head Linep. 183
Where It Beginsp. 184
Where It Endsp. 187
The Length of the Head Linep. 188
Intensity of the Head Linep. 190
The Curve of the Head Line (or Lack Thereof)p. 191
The Imaginative Head Linep. 193
The Practical Head Linep. 194
Lines from the Head Linep. 194
The Inventorp. 195
The Refinerp. 196
Read Past the Headline: A Storyp. 196
Mapping Your Head Linep. 196
13 The Life: How (and Where, and Why) Do You Do What You Do?p. 199
Finding the Life Linep. 199
How It Beginsp. 200
Where It Ends?p. 201
The Length of the Lifep. 201
The Depth of the Life Linep. 203
Quality Is Everythingp. 203
It Takes Two Handsp. 204
The Curve of the Life Linep. 205
Does Your Life Line Hug Your Thumb?p. 205
A Widely Arcing Life Linep. 206
Some Life Lines Have Sistersp. 206
Telling Time on the Life Linep. 208
Lines from the Life Linep. 210
Travel, Journeys, and Relocationsp. 210
Other Lines to Look Atp. 211
Throw Out a Lifeline: A Storyp. 211
Mapping Your Life Linep. 212
14 The Destiny Line: How Will You Do?p. 213
The Rising Line of Saturn: Is It Fate?p. 213
Where It Beginsp. 214
Where It Endsp. 215
The Saturn Line Goes Off in Another Directionp. 216
What If You Don't Have a Destiny Line?p. 216
Who Controls Your Destiny?p. 217
Changing Destiny Linesp. 217
Broken Destiny Linesp. 218
Karma and Free Willp. 218
We Seldom Know When God Is Good to Usp. 219
We Are Empowered Than We Ever Care to Noticep. 219
War Storiesp. 220
Mapping Your Rising Line of Saturnp. 220
15 Other Lines: Supporting Rolesp. 221
The Rising Line to Mercuryp. 222
The Role of the Mercury Linep. 223
What If You Don't Have a Mercury Line?p. 224
The Mercury Line and Multilingualismp. 224
The Rising Line to Apollop. 225
The Role of the Apollo Linep. 226
What If You Don't Have an Apollo Line?p. 227
A Star on the Apollo Linep. 227
The Rising Line to Jupiterp. 228
A Few Other Lines to Look Forp. 229
The Camera's Eye: A Knack for the Visualp. 230
The Girdle of Venus (Patron of the Arts) and the Via Lascivia (the World According to Freud)p. 231
Mark of the Teacher: Showing Others the Wayp. 232
Which Line Is Which?p. 234
Looking for Lines in All the Right Placesp. 235
Part 4 Ain't No Mount High Enoughp. 237
16 The Geometry of the Palm: Squares, Islands, Triangles, and Other Shapesp. 239
All About Dermatoglyphicsp. 239
Your Karma in Your Fingertipsp. 240
What's in Those Whorls?p. 242
Geometric Designsp. 243
Squares Give You Strength and Enclose Energyp. 244
Ovals and Lozengesp. 245
Lucky Trianglesp. 246
Will the Circle Be Unbroken?p. 247
More Than Mere Doodlesp. 248
Star Light, Star Brightp. 248
Crosses of Fortunep. 249
Tridents: Forks in the Road?p. 250
Grids and Grilles: Take Warningp. 251
What the Hindus Say: A Brief Glimpsep. 252
Your Own Graphic Analysisp. 253
17 The Mounts of the Fingersp. 255
Mounts of the Selfp. 255
Locating the Mounts of the Fingersp. 256
Which Way Do They Go?p. 257
The Mount of Jupiterp. 259
Are You Manifesting Your Leadership?p. 259
Marks on the Mount of Jupiterp. 260
The Mount of Saturnp. 262
The Karmic law Enforcerp. 262
Marks on the Mount of Saturnp. 263
The Mount of Apollop. 263
The Golden Youthp. 264
Marks on the Mount of Apollop. 264
The Mount of Mercuryp. 266
The Great Communicator--Are You Listening?p. 266
The Medical Stigmatap. 267
Lines of Love and Childrenp. 268
Marks on the Mount of Mercuryp. 269
Take a Look at the Mounts of Your Fingersp. 270
18 The Mounts of the Palm, Part 1p. 273
Mounts of Informationp. 273
Locating the Mounts of the Palmp. 274
Which Way Do They Go?p. 275
The Mount of Venusp. 276
The Ways of Lovep. 277
Marks on the Venus Mountp. 277
Active Marsp. 279
Anger in the Palm of Your Handp. 279
Marks on Active Marsp. 281
Passive Marsp. 281
Resistance Is Futilep. 282
Marks on Passive Marsp. 282
The Plain of Marsp. 283
Vengeance Is Thinep. 284
Marks on the Plain of Marsp. 284
Some Mounts of Your Ownp. 285
19 The Mounts of the Palm, Part 2p. 287
The Lunar Mountp. 288
Your Mother/Your Psychep. 289
Health on the Mount of the Moonp. 291
The Three Realms of the Moonp. 291
Is There Insanity in the Hand?p. 292
Marks on the Mount of the Moonp. 292
The Mount of Uranusp. 293
The Idealistic Inventorp. 295
Marks on Uranusp. 295
The Mount of Neptunep. 295
The Engineer of Dreamsp. 296
Marks on the Mount of Neptunep. 297
The Mount of Plutop. 297
Saints and Sinnersp. 298
Why Won't My Pluto Stay Put?p. 299
Marks on the Mount of Plutop. 299
More Mounts of Your ownp. 299
Part 5 Looking for Love, Money, and Happinessp. 301
20 What Do You Want Your Palm to Answer?p. 303
Is the Future in Your Hands?p. 304
The Urge to Know the Futurep. 304
Examining Your Motives: A Quizp. 305
Reading Between the Lines: Gestalt and Potentialp. 306
The Story of Youp. 307
Possibilities in the Patternsp. 308
How Your Hands Can Changep. 309
Strength of Commitmentp. 309
Near Missesp. 310
Some Samples for Studyp. 311
Ask Your Palm a Questionp. 316
21 Where to Look When You're Looking for Lovep. 317
Finding the Love in Your Handp. 318
Thumb Wrestlingp. 319
Looking Beneath the Sun: Where Your Search Begins and Endsp. 320
Adding Together the Heart and Head Linesp. 320
Venus Is the Goddess of Lovep. 321
Has Your Heart Got a Curve?p. 322
Is Venus Wearing a Girdle?p. 322
Little Lines of Peoplep. 323
Relationships and Marriagep. 323
A Line Does Not Your Child Makep. 324
Comparing Your Hands with Your Lover'sp. 324
Assessing the Compatibility of Handsp. 325
Assessing the Compatibility of Heads and Heartsp. 325
How Do Your Phalanges Size Up?p. 326
Pair Bonding: Sociology in the Handp. 327
Can Your Hand Tell You When You'll Get Married?p. 328
Ask Your Palm About Lovep. 328
22 There's Money All Over Your Handsp. 331
Your Money--and Other Peoples' Moneyp. 332
The Shape of the Handp. 332
Putting Your Fingers on Moneyp. 333
Cross Your Palm with Silverp. 334
The Triangle of Earningsp. 335
Winning the Lotteryp. 336
Tough Timesp. 336
Assessing Your Potentialp. 337
Is Your Heart in It?p. 337
Is Your Head in It?p. 337
Being Healthy Never Hurtsp. 338
The Role of the Planetsp. 338
Value Your Venusp. 339
Marshal Your Marsp. 339
Support Your Saturnp. 340
Joy from Your Jupiterp. 340
Making Your Mercury Work for Youp. 341
The Sun Is a Questionp. 341
It's Better to Be Consistent Than Luckyp. 341
Ask Your Palm About Moneyp. 342
23 The Pursuit of Happinessp. 343
What Is Happiness?: A Zen Koanp. 343
Taking a Good, Hard Look at Yourself: A Quizp. 344
Comfort, Contentment, and the Zone of No Challengep. 347
Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Obtaining Your Heart's Desirep. 347
Home and Hearthp. 348
Building a Comfortable Nestp. 349
A Place to Retreatp. 349
Drop By Any Timep. 349
Job Securityp. 350
Security Is an Illusion; Adaptability Is Survivalp. 350
There Are People Who Love Their Jobsp. 351
Finding Your Job Potential in Your Handp. 351
The People in Your Lifep. 352
Ruts and Circles: Finding and Breaking Patternsp. 352
Friends, Lovers, Brothers, Othersp. 352
Lord, I Was Born a Ramblin' Manp. 353
Islands, Boats, and Journeysp. 353
Wanderlust as Diseasep. 354
Ask Your Palm About Happinessp. 354
Part 6 The Bigger Picturep. 355
24 Learning to See the Gestalt: The Whole Picturep. 357
How to Look at the Whole Handp. 357
Being Systematicp. 358
Handy by Designp. 359
Encouraging Dialoguep. 360
What's Dominant?p. 360
Determining Dominancep. 364
It's Better to Be Lucky Than Goodp. 365
The Hand as Life Path and True Destinationp. 365
Risk Takers and Security Seekersp. 366
Dependence and Independencep. 366
Encouraging Potentialp. 367
The Gestalt of Your Handsp. 368
25 Turning Self-Sabotage into Self-Fulfillmentp. 371
Who's Hurting Whom?p. 371
Standing in Your Own Wayp. 372
Karmic Signpostsp. 373
Where to Look for Signs of Self-Sabotagep. 374
Signs Along the Head Linep. 374
It's a Mad, Mad Mount of the Moonp. 375
Criminal Behaviorp. 375
Sex Is Not So Simplep. 376
Is It Sex or Is It Love?p. 377
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Placesp. 377
Psychometry and the Hand-Holding Palmistp. 378
Nobody Owns This Life But Youp. 379
Signs of Self-Sabotage in Your Own Handp. 379
26 The Future of the World Is in All of Our Handsp. 381
We Move Toward a Story of Our Own Makingp. 381
The Difference Between Our World and Theirsp. 382
The Future of a Generation Is in Its Handsp. 382
The Baby Boomersp. 383
The Next Generationp. 383
A Lack of Catechism (We Are Responsible)p. 384
Little Disastersp. 384
Second Comings and Other Mythsp. 385
From Leonardo to Youp. 386
A Hand in the Futurep. 387
Separating the Wheat From the Chaffp. 388
Being True to Yourself, Your Heart, and Your Passionp. 388
A Some Good Palmistry Books to Check Outp. 389
B Palmistry Onlinep. 391
C Glossaryp. 393
Indexp. 397