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The complete idiot's guide to feng shui
Moran, Elizabeth.
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New York : Alpha Books, 1999.
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xxi, 404 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
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BF1779.F4 M67 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
BF1779.F4 M67 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf

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A step-by-step guide to bringing the power of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui into one's home or office.

Author Notes

Elizabeth Moran earned a B.S. in Cinema Television Production at the University of Southern California. She is a graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute and is the author of several books on television and pop culture.
Val Biktashev descends from a long line of shaman healers. A native of Siberia, Val immigrated to the United States in 1992. He founded the Beverly Hills-based American Healing Arts Institute in 1997. Val has studied with a world-renowned classical feng shui master and has performed nearly 2,000 feng shui readings with successful results.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Let's Get into Feng Shuip. 1
1 What Is Feng Shui?p. 3
The Feng Shui IQ Testp. 4
What Feng Shui Is Notp. 6
What Feng Shui Isp. 6
Who Practices Feng Shui?p. 7
Feng Shui's Beginnings in the Eastp. 8
Feng Shui Moves Westp. 9
Feng Shui and Youp. 9
What Do I Need to Practice Feng Shui?p. 10
Twenty Ways to Benefit from Feng Shuip. 11
2 Western Intellectual Heritage and the Holy Grailp. 13
Mind Power 101p. 14
12 Percent of the Wholep. 14
The Mother Lode of Knowledgep. 16
Nature Speaks Mathematics, Toop. 16
Fascinating Fibonacci and the Golden Ratiop. 17
Other Profound Patternsp. 19
In Search of the Holy Grailp. 20
Great Greeksp. 20
The Renaissance and the Scientific Revolutionp. 21
The Newtonian Epochp. 21
United We Standp. 21
Einstein's Relativity and Quantum Realityp. 22
The Theory of Everythingp. 22
A New World Vision for the Millenniump. 23
3 The Great Wall of Knowledge and the Rise of Feng Shuip. 25
Made in Chinap. 26
China's Greater Naturep. 26
Stargazer for Hirep. 26
The Art of Astrologyp. 27
The Science of Astronomyp. 28
Confucianism and Daoism: Philosophy Chinese Stylep. 29
Experience vs. Experimentp. 30
Reversal Is the Movement of the Daop. 30
Change Is in the Windsp. 30
The Masked Origin of the Yijingp. 31
Changing Patternsp. 31
How Does Feng Shui Fit In?p. 32
Neolithic Feng Shuip. 32
The Form School of Feng Shuip. 33
The Compass School of Feng Shuip. 33
Feng Shui Todayp. 34
4 Qi Wiz! It's Life's Force!p. 35
What Is Qi?p. 36
Qi Around the Worldp. 37
Qi in Motionp. 37
The Three Forces of Qi Energyp. 37
Cosmic Qip. 38
Human Qip. 39
Earth Qip. 40
Drawing on Qi's Powerp. 40
Sheng Qip. 44
Sha Qip. 44
Poison Arrow Qip. 45
Part 2 The Fundamental Principles of Feng Shuip. 47
5 The Principle of Yin and Yangp. 49
The Big Bang, Chinese Stylep. 49
The Nothing of Everythingp. 50
Yin: The Feminine Sidep. 50
Yang: The Masculine Sidep. 51
The Symbol of Taiji--Opposite Do Attractp. 52
Which Way Is Up?p. 53
Yin and Yang Culture Clashp. 54
Western Yangp. 54
Eastern Yinp. 55
Yin and Yang and Feng Shuip. 55
6 The Principle of the Five Phasesp. 57
What Are the Five Phases?p. 58
If It's Fire, It Must Be Summerp. 58
The Productive Cyclep. 60
The Domination Cyclep. 60
The Reductive Cyclep. 61
A Spoonful of Sugarp. 63
The Five Phases of Buildingsp. 64
The Five Phases Quizp. 65
7 The Principle of the Eight Trigramsp. 69
Motion over Matter--Qi's Pattern of Movementp. 69
Eight Is Enoughp. 70
Meet the Bagua Familyp. 71
The Cyclic Pattern of the Baguap. 74
Patterns of Numbersp. 77
Part 3 Understanding Your Environmentp. 79
8 Turtles, Tigers, and Dragons, Oh My: Evaluating Your Environmentp. 81
Here a Totem, There a Totemp. 82
Circus of the Starsp. 83
Read All About It: Heaven Falls to Earth!p. 83
In Search of the Dragon's Lairp. 84
Climb Every Mountainp. 85
Have a Seatp. 86
City Slickersp. 87
Rolling on the River; Ease on Down the Roadp. 87
9 Home Sweet Home: Evaluating Your House and Its Surroundingsp. 91
Church Bells and Power Polesp. 91
Land Sakes Alive!p. 92
Over Hill, over Dalep. 93
Lots of Plotsp. 94
House of Shapesp. 96
A Grand Entrancep. 98
Room for Improvementp. 99
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleepp. 100
Working Nine to Fivep. 101
Moving Dayp. 102
Part 4 Feng Shui Mechanics 101p. 105
10 The East/West System, Part 1p. 107
About Face: The East/West Systemp. 107
What's Your Trigram?p. 109
Personal Trigram Formula: Malep. 109
Personal Trigram Formula: Femalep. 110
The Personal Trigram Quick Reference Chartp. 111
Finding Your Wayp. 114
The Great Eight Trigram Letter Chartp. 119
11 The East/West System, Part 2p. 123
Your House Has a Trigram, Toop. 123
Comparing Your Personal Trigram to a Home's Trigramp. 126
Determine Your Home's Sitting and Facing Directionsp. 131
Using a Compass to Determine Your Home's Trigramp. 132
What's Your House Trigram?p. 133
12 The East/West System, Part 3p. 135
Assembling a Simple Floor Planp. 135
Great Grids!p. 138
Filling in the Gridp. 138
Making Sense of the Letter Patternsp. 140
Entrancesp. 141
Bedroomsp. 142
Color Me Minep. 142
Part 5 Feng Shui Mechanics 201p. 145
13 The Nine Floating Stars, Part 1p. 147
What Is the Nine Floating Stars System?p. 147
Ancient Beginningsp. 148
The Hetu River Mapp. 149
The Luoshu Writingp. 150
The Magic Square of Threep. 152
The Ming Tangp. 155
The Mystery of Numbersp. 155
Here's to the Ninesp. 157
Feng Shui and Ninep. 158
14 The Nine Floating Stars, Part 2p. 159
Do Stars Float?p. 159
Floating Starsp. 160
Your Home Floats, Toop. 161
Floating Trigrams!p. 164
The Annual Starp. 167
And the Annual Star Isp. 167
The Annual Star Chartp. 167
Floating the Annual Starp. 168
Combining Starsp. 168
15 The Nine Floating Stars, Part 3p. 171
It's All in the Numbersp. 171
In Sync with Greater Naturep. 172
A Number Is Worth a Thousand Wordsp. 172
Dial-a-Numberp. 173
In Sickness and in Healthp. 174
Two's Companyp. 175
Remedy, Enhance, or Otherp. 176
Star Combinationsp. 177
16 The East Group Houses for 1999p. 185
Your Number's Up: Getting Startedp. 185
1999 Zhen Housep. 186
1999 Xun Housep. 188
1999 Kan Housep. 191
1999 Li Housep. 192
17 The West Group Houses for 1999p. 195
Westward Ho!p. 195
1999 Qian Housep. 196
1999 Kun Housep. 198
1999 Gen Housep. 200
1999 Dui Housep. 203
18 Advanced Feng Shui--When to Call in a Prop. 207
What Is Advanced Feng Shui?p. 207
Twenty-Four Directionsp. 208
Twenty-Year Cyclesp. 208
Floating 501p. 209
Sleeping Beauty's Castle or the Haunted Mansion?p. 210
Do You Need a Professional?p. 212
Be a Discriminating Consumer: Don't Be Hadp. 212
Wanted: Competent Feng Shui Professionalp. 213
Audit Dayp. 215
Part 6 Practical Applicationp. 217
19 Try Your Hand at Analyzing an Apartmentp. 219
Two Sisters, Two Problemsp. 219
The Apartmentp. 221
The East/West Systemp. 223
The Nine Floating Starsp. 223
The Big Picturep. 224
The Answerp. 224
East Bound/West Boundp. 224
The Stars Give Lightp. 226
20 A House Hunting We Will Gop. 231
Doing Your Homeworkp. 231
Putting Your Best Direction Forwardp. 232
Homeward Boundp. 233
There's No Place Like Homep. 234
The Analysisp. 235
Looking Aheadp. 238
21 Open for Businessp. 241
Mama Mia! Tony's Pizzeria!p. 241
Holy-Li Moly!p. 242
The Cup Runneth Overp. 244
Pepperoni, Mushrooms, and Metal, Pleasep. 245
New Digsp. 246
Brighter Starsp. 247
22 Does Your Office Measure Up?p. 251
Labor Painsp. 251
First Things Firstp. 252
Let's Get Compatiblep. 253
Dui Have a Match?p. 253
Won't You Please Come In?p. 254
Star Light, Star Brightp. 255
Sitting Prettyp. 256
A Means to an Endp. 257
Part 7 Fate or Free Will: What's Your Destiny?p. 261
23 Introducing the Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiacp. 263
What Is the Chinese Zodiac?p. 264
Twelve Animals, Twelve Earthly Branchesp. 264
What's Your Animal Sign?p. 265
Who Are Your Friends?p. 269
Who Are Your Foes?p. 270
Good Year/Bad Yearp. 271
Personality Profilesp. 271
The Relentless Ratp. 272
The Methodical Oxp. 272
The Unpredictable Tigerp. 272
The Lucky Rabbitp. 273
The Dauntless Dragonp. 273
The Wise Snakep. 274
The Headstrong Horsep. 274
The Sensitive Sheepp. 274
The Mischievous Monkeyp. 275
The Meticulous Roosterp. 275
The Defensive Dogp. 275
The Nurturing Pigp. 276
24 The Four Pillars of Destiny, Part 1p. 277
How Free Is Free Will?p. 277
What Is the Four Pillars of Destiny?p. 278
Time Chinese Stylep. 279
The Ten Heavenly Stemsp. 279
The Twelve Earthly Branchesp. 280
The Cycle of Sixtyp. 281
Calculating Your Four Pillarsp. 282
The Year Pillarp. 282
The Month Pillarp. 284
The Day Pillarp. 284
The Hour Pillarp. 296
25 The Four Pillars of Destiny, Part 2p. 299
The All-Important Day-Masterp. 299
The Timeliness of Your Day-Masterp. 300
Day-Master Relationsp. 301
Strong or Weak?p. 303
The Strong Day-Masterp. 303
The Weak Day-Masterp. 304
What Are Your Favorable and Unfavorable Phases?p. 305
A Strong Day-Master's Favorable and Unfavorable Phasesp. 306
A Weak Day-Master's Favorable and Unfavorable Phasesp. 306
The Phases of Our Livesp. 307
The Fate of Princess Dianap. 308
26 The Four Pillars of Destiny, Part 3p. 311
The Axiom of Luckp. 312
Lucky Mep. 312
Yang Male or Yin Female, Please Step Forwardp. 313
Yin Male or Yang Female, Please Step Forwardp. 315
Wheel of Fortunep. 317
It Was a Very Good Yearp. 318
Your Sixty Cycle's Destinyp. 318
The Fate of Princess Diana, Part 2p. 320
27 Your Four Pillars Horoscope for 1999p. 323
What's in a Horoscope?p. 323
That Was Then, This Is Nowp. 324
Oh, What a Month!p. 328
Day by Dayp. 328
28 Your Four Pillars Horoscope for 2000p. 343
Your Best Months in 2000p. 344
Around and Around We Go: Determining a New Sixty-Day Cyclep. 346
One Day at a Timep. 346
A Glossaryp. 361
B Common Questions and Practical Answersp. 369
C Learning More About Feng Shuip. 371
D Chinese Dynasties and Periodsp. 375
E An Easy Guide to Completing Two Feng Shui Readingsp. 379
Indexp. 387