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The complete idiot's guide to managing stress
Davidson, Jeffrey P.
Personal Author:
Second edition.
Publication Information:
New York : Alpha Books, [1999]

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371 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
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Youre no idiot, of course. You know that stress is a leading factor behind all sorts of physical and mental-health problems. But when it comes to detoxifying your nerves, mind and body, you feel like your only option is to relocate to a monastery in Tibet. Dont head for the Himalayas just yet The Complete Idiots Guide to Managing Stress, Second Edition, is packed with healthy, affordable ways of dealing with stress at home and at work - before it gets the best of you. In this completely revised and updated Complete Idiots Guide, you get:

Table of Contents

Part 1 Where It All Beginsp. 1
1 Stress: A Very Old Phenomenonp. 3
From the Prehistoric Era to the Presentp. 3
Racing in Overdrive: Your Brain at Workp. 4
Bet You Never Knewp. 5
Name Your Aggravationp. 5
The Nitpickersp. 8
Technology and the Accelerating Worldp. 9
A Margin Callp. 10
Finding Comfort in Ultra-Rapid Changep. 11
Handling Stress with Aplombp. 12
2 The Nature of the Beastp. 17
Stress: The Psychic Chameleonp. 18
Four Spheres of Stressp. 19
Stressful Work, Nerve-Wracking Workplacesp. 21
Following the Chameleon's Movementsp. 22
Is My Stress Unique to Me?p. 24
Listening to What Stress Is Telling Youp. 26
Channel the Negative Energyp. 27
Shake Up the Routinep. 29
3 Surveying Stress from Every Anglep. 31
Your Castle Besiegedp. 31
The Root of All Evil? Personal Financesp. 32
The Workplace--Career Stressorsp. 34
The Worst of the Rest of the Stressorsp. 34
The Workplace as a Rest Stopp. 38
Traffic Warsp. 40
Part 2 Your Workplace and Welcome to Itp. 43
4 Making Your Career Work for Youp. 45
Career Confusionp. 45
Your Most Challenging Competitor--Yourselfp. 46
Understanding the Big Picturep. 47
Standing Out from the Packp. 49
Commanding Your Own Shipp. 52
Some New Tools For New Adjustmentsp. 53
Little Victories Add Up!p. 55
5 Beating Back the Grindp. 57
Where Do You Draw the Line?p. 57
Much Pain, Any Gain?p. 58
How to Know When You've Been Working Too Long and Too Hardp. 58
Calculating Your "Overwork Quotient"p. 60
Regaining A Footholdp. 63
De-Stressing Through Denimp. 64
Manipulating the Time Framep. 65
Innovation Is Keyp. 66
Routine Maintenancep. 66
6 What Do They Want from Me!?p. 69
That Was Then, This Is Nowp. 69
Faster, Further, Higher--The Opening of the Expectation Floodgatesp. 70
Confronting Your Own Worst Critic--Yourselfp. 72
On a Wing and a Prayerp. 73
Hey, Who Needs It?p. 74
Burnout: Near Lethal Dosesp. 74
Likely Candidates for Burnoutp. 75
Burnout-Fighting Basicsp. 76
Know Thyself!p. 77
Handling an Unreasonable Workloadp. 78
Figuring Out Your Cycles of Productivityp. 79
When All Else Failsp. 81
Rising Above It Allp. 82
Sharpen Your Diplomatic Skillsp. 82
The Best Companies to Work Forp. 83
7 Get Out of Jail Freep. 85
The Information Lockup: Paralysis by Distractionp. 86
And I Was Just About to Sink that Puttp. 90
On the Road Againp. 91
All the Spam You Can Standp. 91
Faxing Can Be Taxingp. 92
The Sound of Silencep. 93
8 Dismantling Workplace Distractionsp. 95
Disruption Happensp. 96
Interruption Corruptionp. 97
Managing to Be Interrupted Less!p. 97
Multitasking: Good For Machines, Bad for Humansp. 99
Drowning in Paperp. 101
Timing Is (Nearly) Everythingp. 102
Shake Me, Wake Mep. 104
Mind Over Distractionsp. 104
Affirm and Winp. 105
You Gotta Have Zenp. 106
Relief Is a Maneuver Awayp. 107
9 The Office Danger Zone: When Stress Leads to Violencep. 109
A Rising Tide of Aggression at Workp. 109
Workplace Stress at the Boiling Pointp. 111
Ticking Time Bombs: Not Just a Postal Problemp. 112
Sabotage at Workp. 112
Firing (And Being Fired Upon)p. 113
Strategies for Handling an Abusive Managerp. 115
R-E-S-P-E-C-Tp. 116
Part 3 From the Far Corners of the Globep. 119
10 Overpopulation: Why Don't All These People Just Go Home?p. 121
My, How Crowded It's Gettingp. 121
The Uneven Effects of Population Pressurep. 122
How's Your Overpopulation Savvy?p. 122
On the Ecological Chopping Blockp. 123
The Vanishing Actp. 124
Making Room for the Futurep. 125
These Boots Are Made for Walkingp. 127
On The Home Frontp. 127
Standing Out from the Overcrowdingp. 128
11 Cranking Out the Factoidsp. 131
Social Evolution 101p. 131
I Don't Care How It Worksp. 133
Do I Need to Know This?p. 134
Perilous Publishingp. 134
The Real Reason for Deforestationp. 135
Daily Additions to the Overglutp. 136
Behind from the Startp. 137
So Much I Know, So Much More I Don'tp. 137
Dealing with Minutiaep. 138
No One Can Know It Allp. 139
Take in Information that Mattersp. 139
Manila Folders: The Key to Sanityp. 139
Tickle Me Elmo: Files by Datep. 140
The Stress of Excessp. 141
Overload's Gotta Gop. 141
Tomorrow's Challengep. 142
12 Unreality Bitesp. 143
Mirror, Mirror on the Wallp. 143
Pandora's Electronic Boxp. 144
Separating Fact from Fictionp. 145
Murder and Mayhem on Every Channelp. 146
Relaxing in Front of the Tube?p. 147
Real Life Versus Entertainmentp. 147
The Six O'Clock News: If It Bleeds, It Leadsp. 148
Speak Up, Speak Outp. 150
News You Can't Use: Tabloidsp. 151
But Is it News You Can Use?p. 152
Solicitation Everywherep. 152
Part 4 Empower Thyselfp. 155
13 Running on Emptyp. 157
Sleepwalking Through Lifep. 157
Not Enough Coffee in the Worldp. 158
Not New But Certainly Notablep. 159
Knocking on Danger's Doorp. 160
Your Needs, Not Theirsp. 161
Neither the Time nor the Placep. 161
Between Us Girlsp. 162
It's a Man's World? It Doesn't Feel Like It!p. 164
Alternating Your Required Performance Levelsp. 165
Set the Stage for Slumberp. 166
Refreshed and Invigoratedp. 168
14 Creating a Peaceful Kingdomp. 169
Raising the Drawbridge--A New Trendp. 169
Privacy is Possible--At a Premiump. 170
Home Sweet (and Stressful) Homep. 171
Beating Back the Invadersp. 171
Phone Solicitations: Have You Had Yours Today?p. 174
You Do Have Optionsp. 175
Junk Mail 101p. 176
The Space Racep. 177
The Disruption-Free Home: Truly a Castlep. 180
15 Finishing What You Startp. 181
The Futility of Worryingp. 181
Worries Equal Incompletionsp. 182
Incomplete and Doomedp. 183
Learn It! Get It Done! Move On!p. 184
One Stress-Inducer Among Manyp. 185
The Inevitability of Completionp. 185
Getting Complete, Now and Againp. 186
Saying Goodbye: The Ultimate Completionp. 187
Completions Despite Complexityp. 189
Completion in the Face of Overloadp. 191
Other People's Completionsp. 191
End Run Your Procrastinationp. 192
Focusing on One Thing at a Timep. 193
9/10ths and You're Donep. 193
Part 5 When Stress Comes, Tell It to Back Offp. 195
16 Mastering Your Environmentp. 197
Learning from a True Professional: The Strategy of the Pausep. 197
Mastering the Momentp. 199
The Steps to Becoming a Masterp. 200
Is It All Worth It?p. 200
Alleviating the Feeling of Powerlessnessp. 201
The Pause that Refreshesp. 202
Control from Withinp. 202
Recharging--Whenever and Wherever You Canp. 203
Four Walls and a Ceiling: Mastering Your Spacep. 206
Getting It Rightp. 207
17 The Isle of Tranquillityp. 209
Of Dubious Value--Or Even Dangerousp. 209
Tried and Truep. 210
18 What You See Is What You Getp. 217
Altered States Yield Less Stressp. 217
Follow the Leaderp. 219
Visualization Basicsp. 219
Imagine the Benefits!p. 219
Making Visualization Work for Youp. 220
Seeing It Can Make It Sop. 220
I Work, Therefore I Visualizep. 222
When Visualizing on Your Own Is Roughp. 226
The Split Screen of the Mindp. 227
Progressive Relaxation, in Detailp. 228
Instructing Your Body the Biofeedback Wayp. 229
Virtual Realityp. 230
19 Take a Breatherp. 233
Catching Your Breathp. 233
Taking Over the Controlsp. 236
Fresh-Air Fiendsp. 236
Effective Inhalationsp. 237
I Meditate, Therefore I'm Less Stressedp. 237
Meditational Magicp. 239
The View from Insidep. 240
Meditation in Many Formsp. 241
Mind Yourselfp. 242
Vivid and Accounted Forp. 242
Meditation in the Mundane Worldp. 242
Writing as Meditationp. 243
The Three-Minute Meditationp. 243
Musical Meditationp. 244
Centering: A Cousin to Meditationp. 245
Feelings, Nothing More than Feelingsp. 245
20 Potions, Massage, Bubbles, and Beadsp. 247
You Are What You Eatp. 247
Shall We Supplement?p. 250
Alternative Goes Mainstreamp. 251
Stroking Your Cares Awayp. 251
Push Me, Pull Me: A Visit to the Chiropractorp. 254
Easing Your Aches with Acupuncture: Stick It to Mep. 255
Spas and Suchp. 256
Feet Firstp. 257
Manipulation Galorep. 258
The Nose Knowsp. 258
Bathe Your Cares Awayp. 261
Rubber Ducky, You're the Onep. 261
21 Can We Talk?p. 263
Be Kind When You Talk to Yourselfp. 263
Say Something Nicep. 264
Shaping Your Own Destinyp. 264
Let Us Bow Our Headsp. 266
Don't Knock It if It Worksp. 269
The Spirit Within Youp. 270
The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Partsp. 271
Learning to Live in the Momentp. 272
People Are Talkingp. 274
22 Let's Get Physical: Yoga and Exercisep. 277
The Yoga Boomp. 277
Something for Everyonep. 278
Ready for Prime Timep. 278
Work In, Not Outp. 279
The Teacher/Student Relationshipp. 280
Men and Yogap. 282
Get Aligned, Brotherp. 282
Stretch and Be Savedp. 283
Going for the Gym Toysp. 285
Get Up and Get Moving!p. 285
The Fail-Safep. 288
23 Peace of Mind Through T'ai Chip. 291
A Martial Art and a Philosophyp. 291
A Hit with All Agesp. 293
It's All in the Movementp. 294
When Time Is at a Premiump. 295
Keys to Its Popularityp. 296
The Health Benefits of T'ai Chip. 297
The Antidote to Injuryp. 298
A Great Gaitp. 298
Do What You Likep. 299
Part 6 Higher Order Measuresp. 301
24 Do You Believe in Magic?p. 303
Stress and Self-Deceptionp. 303
How Did I Arrive at This Point?p. 304
Self-Awareness Is the Keyp. 304
Stepping on the Brakesp. 306
Breaking Out of Your Rutp. 308
Your Stress Is Sending You a Messagep. 308
Getting a Grip on Goalsp. 311
Taking a Real Holidayp. 311
Bless This Stressp. 312
Focus on Something Elsep. 313
Getting in Touch with Your Feelingsp. 314
From Stress Brilliant Solutionsp. 315
25 The Roads Not Taken: Choices Large and Smallp. 317
Choices and Stress: A Not-So-Odd Couplep. 318
Don't You Want Somebody to Lovep. 319
Cutting to the Chase in Choosingp. 319
Decision via Indecisionp. 319
Deciding What's Important--and What's Notp. 320
Rationalizing Your Purchasing Protocolp. 322
I've Got a Little Listp. 323
Making Choices the Checklist Wayp. 324
The Stress of Too Few Choicesp. 326
Choose and Choose Some Morep. 327
26 The Ultimate Choice: Choosing Less Stressp. 329
Choosing Wisely: A Strategy for Successp. 329
The Best Days of Your Lifep. 330
Choosing to Balance Your Checkbookp. 330
Happily Ever After?p. 331
Improving Your Tolerance Levelsp. 331
Contingency Planning--A Real Stressbusterp. 332
Working with Simon Legreep. 333
When Stress Is Inescapablep. 333
When the Chips Come Marching Inp. 334
Creating Your Own Personal Autopilotp. 335
More Creative Strategiesp. 337
Boosting Your Energy Through Choice Statementsp. 338
Recurring Stressors Require Creative Choicesp. 338
Proceeding With Originalityp. 339
27 De-stressing for the Long Haulp. 341
Gliding Along in the 21st Centuryp. 341
Longevity and Stressp. 343
The Straight Dope on Substancesp. 343
No Way Out?p. 344
Breaking Away from the Packp. 344
Advice from the Expertsp. 345
Becoming Alert to the Changes in Storep. 346
A Glossaryp. 351
B Sourcesp. 357
Indexp. 361