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Using Microsoft Excel 2000
Blattner, Patrick.
Special edition.
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Indianapolis, IN : Que Corp., [1999]

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xx, 1063 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.
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Focusing on Microsoft Excel 2000, this title emphasises on realistic applications and uses of the program features. This book offers essential intermediate to advanced level coverage. It also provides practical advice on how to set up a designer look spreadsheet.

Author Notes

Patrick Blattner has been using Microsoft Excel for tracking, analyzing, and forecasting production schedules and processes for more than 12 years in corporate and private business. Currently with Disney Interactive, he has spent several years in interactive software development and is a member of The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.
Laurie Ulrich has been teaching computer classes for universities and corporate training centers for more than 10 years. Her other books include Using Microsoft Word 97, Using Microsoft PowerPoint 97, The Microsoft Office 97 Productivity Pack, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Running Your Small Office with Microsoft Office.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
I Workbook Basics
1 Getting Started with Excelp. 9
Starting and Exiting the Excel Programp. 10
Identifying Workbook Elementsp. 12
Working with Workbooksp. 21
Navigating the Workbookp. 25
Troubleshootingp. 29
Excel in Practicep. 29
2 Entering and Saving Worksheet Datap. 31
Planning Your Worksheetp. 32
Understanding Cell Basicsp. 32
Entering Textp. 34
Entering Numeric Datap. 45
Saving Excel Datap. 47
Controlling the Worksheet Viewp. 61
Troubleshootingp. 68
Excel in Practicep. 69
II Editing Worksheet Content
3 Selecting and Naming Cells and Rangesp. 73
Selecting Cellsp. 74
Selecting Columns and Rowsp. 77
Selecting Noncontiguous Rangesp. 78
Selecting Ranges on Grouped Worksheetsp. 80
Naming Ranges for Fast Accessp. 82
Troubleshootingp. 85
Excel in Practicep. 85
4 Editing Cell Contentp. 87
Editing with the Keyboardp. 88
Editing with the Mousep. 93
Finding and Replacing Datap. 96
Deleting the Contents of a Cellp. 98
Deleting Cells, Columns, and Rowsp. 99
Proofing Your Spellingp. 102
Using AutoCorrect to Fix Mistakes and Enter Contentp. 104
Tracking Changes Made by Multiple Usersp. 107
Using Comments to Explain Cell Contentp. 111
Troubleshootingp. 114
5 Moving, Copying, Linking, and Embedding Informationp. 115
Using the Clipboard to Move and Copy Datap. 116
Copying Sheetsp. 118
Linking Excel Datap. 121
Embedding Excel Data in Other Office Applicationsp. 129
Excel in Practicep. 132
III Formatting and Printing Excel Worksheets
6 Formatting Worksheetsp. 135
Why Change the Formation?p. 136
Using the Formatting Toolbarp. 137
Using the Format Cells Dialog Boxp. 139
Changing the Font, Point Size, and Font Stylesp. 141
Working with Stylesp. 145
Keeping Worksheets Legiblep. 150
Applying Borders and Shadingp. 157
Copying Formats with the Format Painterp. 160
Using AutoFormat to Enhance Your Worksheetsp. 161
Troubleshootingp. 162
Excel in Practicep. 163
7 Modifying Numbers and Datesp. 165
Applying Common Numeric Formats from the Toolbarp. 166
Applying Built-in Formatsp. 167
Creating Custom Formatsp. 173
Conditional Formattingp. 176
8 Using Excel's Drawing Toolsp. 181
Introducing the Drawing Toolbarp. 182
Working with AutoShapesp. 190
Ordering, Grouping, Moving, and Resizing Drawn Objectsp. 199
Formatting Drawn Objectsp. 205
Creating Text Boxesp. 214
Using WordArt to Create Artistic Textp. 217
Inserting Clip Art Imagsp. 220
Troubleshootingp. 222
Excel in Practicep. 222
9 Printing Excel Worksheetsp. 225
Printing a Worksheetp. 226
Previewing the Print Jobp. 229
Using Page Break Previewp. 231
Working with Page Setup Optionsp. 233
Troubleshootingp. 248
Excel in Practicep. 249
IV Using Formulas and Functions
10 Constructing Excel Formulasp. 253
Understanding Basic Formula Conceptsp. 254
Using AutoSum to Total Columns and Rows of Datap. 255
Editing Formulasp. 257
Writing Multiple Copies of a Formulap. 261
Using AutoCalculate for Quick Totalsp. 264
Understanding Formula Constructionp. 265
Using Relative, Absolute, and Mixed Cell References in Formulasp. 270
Referencing Values in Other Worksheets and Workbooksp. 272
Troubleshootingp. 276
Excel in Practicep. 277
11 Using Excel's Built-In Functionsp. 279
Understanding Functionsp. 280
Building Functions with the Paste Function Dialog Boxp. 280
Working with Excel's Most Useful Functionsp. 283
Converting Formula Results to Valuesp. 318
Troubleshootingp. 319
Excel in Practicep. 319
12 Working with Named Rangesp. 321
Managing Named Rangesp. 322
Using Range Names in Formulasp. 326
Pasting a List of Named Rangesp. 332
Using Range Names to Speed Formattingp. 334
Troubleshootingp. 334
Excel in Practicep. 335
V Creating and Modifying Charts
13 Building Charts with Excelp. 339
An Overview of Excel Chartsp. 340
Creating Charts with the Chart Wizardp. 342
Excel Chart Typesp. 362
Printing Chartsp. 376
Troubleshootingp. 377
Excel in Practicep. 378
14 Modifying Excel Chartsp. 381
Options for Improving Your Chartsp. 382
Changing the Chart Typep. 384
Changing a Data Seriesp. 386
Adding a Secondary Axis to the Chartp. 391
Value Axis Scalingp. 392
Category Axis Scalingp. 397
Changing the Series Orderp. 399
Adding a Trendline to a Data Seriesp. 401
Troubleshootingp. 407
Excel in Practicep. 407
15 Formatting Chartsp. 409
An Overview of Formatting Chartsp. 410
Formatting Lines: Axes, Tick Marks, High/Low Lines, and Error Barsp. 410
Formatting Text: Data Labels, Titles, Legends, and Text Boxesp. 420
Enhancing Charts with Drawing Objectsp. 427
Formatting Data Seriesp. 429
Changing the Border, Color, or Fill of a Chart Itemp. 431
Formatting 3D Chartsp. 436
Troubleshootingp. 440
Excel in Practicep. 441
16 Professional Charting Techniquesp. 443
Formatting Charts for a Professional Lookp. 444
Creating Column Depthp. 455
Pie Chart Techniquesp. 459
Using Fill Effects to Show Variance in 3d Chartsp. 461
Using Form Controls with Chartsp. 464
Stacking Multiple Chartsp. 467
Creating Cost and Production Curves with Charts for Variancep. 468
Linking Chart Text to Worksheet Cellsp. 470
Charting Hidden Datap. 470
Creating Effective Multiple-Combination Chartsp. 472
Troubleshootingp. 481
Excel in Practicep. 482
VI Analyzing and Managing Your Data
17 Setting Up a List or Databae in Excelp. 485
Using Excel As a Database Programp. 486
Building an Effective Listp. 486
Working with the Data Formp. 491
Viewing and Printing the Listp. 493
Excel in Practicep. 502
18 Using Excel's Data-Management Featuresp. 505
Data Management in Excelp. 506
Using Conditional Formatting with Listsp. 506
Sorting a Listp. 509
Filtering a Listp. 513
Protecting Your Datap. 520
Troubleshootingp. 525
Excel in Practicep. 525
19 Outlining, Subtotaling, and Auditing Worksheet Datap. 527
Organizing and Auditing Your Datap. 528
Grouping and Outlining Datap. 528
Consolidating Datap. 539
Creating Automatic Subtotalsp. 542
Validating and Auditing Data Entryp. 545
Troubleshootingp. 553
Excel in Practicep. 553
20 Using PivotTables and PivotChartsp. 555
Understanding PivotTablesp. 556
Using the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizardp. 558
Laying Out the PivotTablep. 560
Setting PivotTable Optionsp. 566
Creating PivotChartsp. 572
Modifying PivotTables and PivotChartsp. 574
Working with Dates in PivotTablesp. 586
Creating a PivotTable from Multiple Rangesp. 588
Managing Employee Hours and Costs with PivotTablesp. 589
Analyzing Costs with PivotChartsp. 594
Saving and Editing PivotTables in HTML Formatp. 596
Troubleshootingp. 602
Excel in Practicep. 602
21 Managing Data with Formulas and Form Controlsp. 605
Combining Excel Features to Manage Your Datap. 606
Extracting Date-Based Totals from Listsp. 606
Using the Conditional Sum Wizard and Lookup Wizardp. 613
Using Functions with Tablesp. 618
Adding Form Controls to Your Worksheetsp. 624
Troubleshootingp. 639
Excel in Practicep. 639
22 Using Excel's Analysis Toolsp. 641
Using Excel to Analyze Your Datap. 642
Using Goal Seekp. 642
Using Solverp. 646
Creating Amortization Tables to Calculate Mortgage Paymentsp. 658
Using the Analysis ToolPak Add-Inp. 667
VII Taking Excel to the Next Level
23 Innovative Ways to Use Excelp. 675
Thinking "Out of the Box" with Excelp. 676
Value Chainsp. 676
Value Matricesp. 679
Using Drawing Tools to Create Quadrantsp. 683
Creating Gantt Charts in Excelp. 68
Advanced Process Principlesp. 713
A Brief Overview of Critical Pathp. 714
Troubleshootingp. 716
Excel in Practicep. 716
24 Professional Formatting Techniquesp. 719
Combining Excel's Tools for Innovative Formattingp. 720
Combining Drawing Tools with Charts and Worksheetsp. 720
Professional Tablesp. 726
Creating Visual Effects and Professional Pointing Devicesp. 744
Troubleshootingp. 748
Excel in Practicep. 748
VII Integrating Excel with Other Applications
25 Using Excel with Word and PowerPointp. 753
Using Excel with Other Microsoft Office Programsp. 754
Copying Excel Data to a Word Documentp. 754
Copying Excel Data to a PowerPoint Presentationp. 762
Copying Word and PowerPoint Data to an Excel Worksheetp. 767
Combining Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files with Hyperlinksp. 773
Troubleshootingp. 778
Excel in Practicep. 779
26 Using Excel with Access and Other Databasesp. 781
Using Excel with Database Softwarep. 782
Using Access to Complement Excelp. 782
Exporting Excel Data into Other Databasesp. 808
Retrieving Data from Access and Other Relational Databasesp. 808
Retrieving Data from Text Files or the Webp. 829
Troubleshootingp. 834
Excel in Practicep. 835
27 Retrieving Data from OLAP Serversp. 837
What Is OLAP?p. 838
Creating an OLAP Data Source Definitionp. 840
Retrieving the Data with an OLAP PivotTable or PivotChartp. 842
Using OLAP PivotTables and PivotChartsp. 843
Performing OLAP Analysis on Database Datap. 847
Excel in Practicep. 854
IX Customizing and Automating Excel
28 Customizing Excel to Fit Your Working Stylep. 859
Why Customize Excel?p. 860
Changing the Default Excel Settingsp. 860
Changing Workbook Settingsp. 862
Changing the Excel Window Settingsp. 866
Modifying Toolbarsp. 869
Customizing the Excel Menusp. 879
Troubleshootingp. 883
Excel in Practicep. 883
29 Recording and Editing a Macrop. 885
Create Your Own Commands with Macrosp. 886
What Is a Macro?p. 886
Why Create Your Own Commands?p. 887
Creating a Macro with the Macro Recorderp. 887
Macro Playbackp. 895
Editing a Macrop. 908
Deleting Macros, Custom Buttons, and Custom Menu Itemsp. 912
Macros to Help You Work Fasterp. 913
Troubleshootingp. 914
Excel in Practicep. 914
30 Creating Interactive Excel Applications with VBAp. 917
Why Write Macros Rather Than Record Them?p. 918
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programmnigp. 919
Variables and Constantsp. 922
Understanding the Visual Basic Editorp. 925
Getting Help with Visual Basicp. 927
VBA Proceduresp. 928
Control Structuresp. 935
Code-Writing Tipsp. 939
Debuggingp. 942
Automatic Execution of VBA Codep. 949
Excel in Practicep. 951
31 Using Excel on the Webp. 955
Exploring Excel's Web Capabilitiesp. 956
Publishing Your Worksheet As a Web Pagep. 956
Copying Tabular Web Data to an Excel Worksheetp. 962
Collaborating Online with Excelp. 964
Sending Your Excel Workbook via Emailp. 969
X Appendixes
A Excel Function Referencep. 973
How to Use This Guidep. 974
Database Management and List Management Functionsp. 974
Date and Time Functionsp. 975
DDE and External Data Functionsp. 978
Engineering Functionsp. 978
Financial Functionsp. 983
Information Functionsp. 989
Logical Functionsp. 991
Lookup and Reference Functionsp. 991
Math and Trigonometry Functionsp. 994
Statistical Functionsp. 1000
Text Functionsp. 1009
B What's on the CD?p. 1013
Excel Workbooksp. 1014
Bonus Booksp. 1015
Que's Special Edition Showcasep. 1016
Third-Party Softwarep. 1016
Indexp. 1019