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Microsoft Access 2000 at a glance
Perspection, Inc.
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Redmond, Wash. : Microsoft Press, [1999]

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ix, 275 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm x 24 cm.
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Includes index.
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QA76.9.D3 M5568 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Central Closed Stacks

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""Microsoft Access 2000 At a Glance"" gives readers a fast, easy, visual way to solve problems and get work done with the latest version of Microsoft's powerful relational database management system. This reference title delivers concise answers and is an ideal desk-side companion for users who need quick problem-solving information.

Table of Contents

1 About This Bookp. 1
No Computerese!p. 1
What's Newp. 2
Useful Tasksp. 2
...And the Easiest Way to Do Themp. 2
A Quick Overviewp. 2
A Final Word (or Two)p. 3
2 Getting Started with Access 2000p. 5
Understanding How Databases Store Datap. 6
Starting Accessp. 8
Opening a Database/New2000p. 9
Viewing the Access Windowp. 10
Viewing Objects in the Database Windowp. 11
Working with Menus and Toolbars/New2000p. 12
Working with Dialog Boxesp. 13
Getting Office Assistant Help/New2000p. 14
Getting Task-Oriented Helpp. 16
Getting Help on the Webp. 17
Closing a Database and Quitting Accessp. 18
3 Touring Access Databasesp. 19
Opening a Sample Database/New2000p. 20
Using a Switchboardp. 21
Working with Database Objectsp. 22
Touring a Tablep. 24
Touring a Formp. 26
Entering Datap. 27
Touring a Queryp. 28
Touring a Reportp. 29
Creating a Databasep. 30
Stepping Through a Database Wizardp. 31
Sizing and Arranging Windowsp. 32
Grouping Database Objects/New2000p. 34
Detecting and Repairing Problems/New2000p. 35
Installing Additional Features/New2000p. 36
4 Planning and Creating a Custom Databasep. 37
Planning Tables and Table Relationshipsp. 38
Creating a New Databasep. 40
Creating Tables in a Databasep. 41
Creating Tables Using the Table Wizardp. 42
Setting a Primary Key Using the Table Wizardp. 44
Assigning Table Relationships in the Table Wizardp. 45
Creating Tables by Entering Datap. 46
Getting Data from Other Access Tablesp. 47
Creating Tables in Design Viewp. 48
Specifying a Primary key in Design Viewp. 49
Defining Table Relationships/New2000p. 50
Ensuring Referential Integrityp. 52
5 Working with Fieldsp. 53
Inserting, Deleting, and Reordering Fieldsp. 54
Specifying Data Types and Field Propertiesp. 56
Viewing Field Propertiesp. 57
Setting Field Sizep. 58
Formatting Text Valuesp. 59
Formatting Number and Currency Valuesp. 60
Formatting Date and Time Valuesp. 61
Creating Input Masksp. 62
Specifying Required Fields and Default Valuesp. 64
Adding a Caption to a Fieldp. 65
Creating Indexed Fieldsp. 66
Validating Field Valuesp. 68
Using Expression Builderp. 69
Creating a Lookup Fieldp. 70
Setting Lookup Propertiesp. 72
6 Working with Tablesp. 73
Searching for and Replacing Textp. 74
Entering Data Accurately with AutoCorrectp. 76
Editing Text/New2000p. 78
Working with Language/New2000p. 80
Arranging Columnsp. 82
Changing the Size of Rows and Columnsp. 84
Managing Columns in Datasheet Viewp. 85
Repairing Renaming Errors/New2000p. 86
Moving to a Specific Record in a Tablep. 87
Rearranging Recordsp. 88
Copying and Pasting Recordsp. 90
Viewing a Subdatasheet/New2000p. 91
Using Filters to View Specific Recordsp. 92
Creating Complex Filters Using a Formp. 94
7 Querying a Databasep. 95
Understanding the Different Types of Queriesp. 96
Creating a Query in Design Viewp. 97
Creating a Query Using the Query Wizardp. 98
Changing the Query Fieldsp. 100
Specifying Criteria for a Single Fieldp. 102
Specifying Criteria for Multiple Fieldsp. 103
Creating Queries with Comparison and Logical Operatorsp. 104
Performing Calculations in Queriesp. 106
Creating a Parameter Queryp. 107
Finding Duplicate Fieldsp. 108
Finding Unmatched Recordsp. 109
Creating New Tables with a Queryp. 110
Adding Records with a Queryp. 111
Deleting Records with a Queryp. 112
Updating Records with a Queryp. 113
Summarizing Values with a Crosstab Queryp. 114
Creating SQL-Specific Queriesp. 116
8 Creating Reportsp. 117
Exploring Different Ways to Create a Reportp. 118
Creating Reports the Easy Wayp. 120
Using Sections in Design Viewp. 122
Working with Controlsp. 123
Creating a Report from Scratchp. 124
Using Toolbox Buttons and Controlsp. 126
Arranging Informationp. 128
Creating Mailing Labelsp. 130
Setting Propertiesp. 131
Performing Calculations in Reportsp. 132
Grouping Recordsp. 134
Changing the Page Setupp. 136
Previewing a Reportp. 137
Printing a Reportp. 138
9 Creating Formsp. 139
Creating Formsp. 140
Working with Form Controlsp. 141
Creating a Form the Easy Wayp. 142
Creating a Custom Formp. 144
Creating a Form in Design Viewp. 146
Adding and Removing Controlsp. 147
Editing an Existing Formp. 148
Modifying a Form in Design Viewp. 149
Using the Control Wizardsp. 150
Creating a Subformp. 152
Editing in Form View/New2000p. 154
10 Improving the Appearance of Forms and Reportsp. 155
Changing the Appearance of Textp. 156
Formatting a Form or Report the Easy Wayp. 157
Adding Lines and Rectanglesp. 158
Changing Line or Border Thicknessp. 159
Applying Conditional Formatting/New2000p. 160
Changing Colorsp. 161
Aligning and Grouping Controls/New2000p. 162
Applying Special Effects to Controlsp. 164
11 Inserting Information from Other Sourcesp. 165
Sharing Information Among Documentsp. 166
Copying and Pasting Objectsp. 167
Inserting a New Objectp. 168
Inserting an Object from a Filep. 169
Inserting a Picturep. 170
Moving and Resizing an Objectp. 172
Inserting Excel Charts and Worksheetsp. 173
Inserting a Mapp. 174
Inserting a Chartp. 176
Getting Data From Other Programsp. 178
Exporting Data to Other Programsp. 180
Merging Data with Wordp. 182
Analyzing Data in Excelp. 184
12 Working on the World Wide Webp. 185
Integrating Access and the Internetp. 186
Creating a Hyperlink Fieldp. 188
Inserting a Hyperlink to a File or Web Pagep. 189
Linking to an Object in a Database/New2000p. 190
Linking to a New Document/New2000p. 191
Navigating Hyperlinksp. 192
Working with the Web Toolbarp. 193
Exporting Database Objects to HTMLp. 194
Exporting Database Objects to ASP Filesp. 195
Holding an Online Meeting/New2000p. 196
Creating Data Access Pages Using the Page Wizard/New2000p. 198
Creating a Data Access Page in Design View/New2000p. 200
Adding a Theme to a Page/New2000p. 201
Grouping a Data Access Page/New2000p. 202
Viewing a Data Access Page/New2000p. 204
13 Managing a Databasep. 205
Securing a Databasep. 206
Creating a Workgroup Information Filep. 208
Joining a Workgroupp. 209
Creating User and Group Accountsp. 210
Activating User Logonsp. 211
Setting User and Group Permissionsp. 212
Setting Object Ownershipp. 214
Securing a Databasep. 215
Encrypting a Databasep. 216
Locking Database Recordsp. 217
Replicating a Databasep. 218
Compacting and Repairing a Databasep. 220
Splitting a Databasep. 221
Analyzing a Databasep. 222
Converting Access Databasesp. 224
Using Add-Insp. 225
Creating a Database Switchboardp. 226
Managing a Switchboardp. 227
Documenting a Databasep. 228
14 Customizing Accessp. 229
Adding and Removing Toolbar Buttonsp. 230
Customizing a Toolbarp. 231
Customizing the Menu Barp. 232
Editing Toolbar Buttons and Menu Entriesp. 234
Customizing Access Startupp. 235
Learning About Macrosp. 236
Creating a Macrop. 237
Running and Testing a Macrop. 238
Creating Macro Groupsp. 240
Creating Conditional Macrosp. 241
Assigning a Macro to a Buttonp. 242
Assigning a Macro to an Eventp. 243
Creating a Message Boxp. 244
15 Working with VBAp. 245
Enhancing a Database with VBA/New2000p. 246
Creating a Standard Modulep. 248
Understanding Parts of the Visual Basic Editor/New2000p. 249
Creating a Sub Procedurep. 250
Writing VBA Commandsp. 251
Running a Sub Procedurep. 252
Copying Commands from the Object Browserp. 253
Creating a Custom Functionp. 254
Running a Custom Functionp. 255
Creating a Class Module for a Form or Reportp. 256
Setting Project Properties/New2000p. 257
Debugging a Procedurep. 258
Identifying VBA Debugging Tools/New2000p. 259
Optimizing Performance with an MDE File/New2000p. 260
Indexp. 261