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The complete idiot's guide to Visual Basic 6
Walnum, Clayton.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : QUE, [1999]

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xi, 334 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.
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This guide shows the reader the basics of Visual Basic through task-oriented examples and a hands-on approach. Topics include: events, variables, arrays, forms, classes and modules; message box object and input box object; BAS modules; file input and output; graphics and multimedia; controls and properties; levels, buttons, and text boxes; looping; list boxes and data lists; menus; toolbars; and distributing your application.

Table of Contents

I First Steps
1 An Introduction to Programming: A Walk on the Wild Side
The Surprising Secret
Why Learn to Program? What's a Computer Program? Programming Languages
The Programming Process
Is Programming Easy?
2 Cranking Up Visual Basic: What Does This Thing Do?
Starting Visual Basic
Starting and Loading Projects
The Parts of the Visual Basic Window
The Code Window
Menus and the Toolbar
3 Creating Projects: This Stuff Really Works!
Three Programming Steps
Step 1: Creating the User Interface
Adding the Program Source Code
Creating Your Program's Executable File
II Writing Basic Program Code
4 Variables and I/O: A Programming Secret Revealed
Computer Programs and I/O
Variables and Input
Declaring Variables
Labeling Your Text Boxes
Labeling Your Text Boxes
Fun with Input and Output
5 Visual Basic Mathematics: It's Easier Than You Think!
Variables and Math
Beyond Addition
Order of Operations
Data Types
Mixing Data Types
6 Strings and Text: A Frank Textual Discussion
Joining Strings
The Length of a String
Extracting a Substring
Finding Substrings
Changing Case
Converting Numbers to Strings
7 If, Then, and Else: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Program Flow and Branching
The If/Then Statement
Multi-Line If/Then Statements
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
The Infamous GoTo
8 Select Case: Another Way to Decide
Introducing Select Case
Digging into Select Case
Digging Even Deeper
Ranges and Select Case
9 Looping with For/Next: Counting the Computer Way
The For/Next Loop
Adding the Step Clause
Using Variables in Loops
10 Looping with Do, While, and Until: Around and Around We Go
The Do While Loop
The Do Until Loop
The Do/Loop While Loop.The Do/Loop Until Loop
11 Arrays: Tricky Problems with Clever Solutions
An Introduction to Arrays
Using a Variable as a Subscript
Control Arrays
String Arrays
12 File Handling: The Ol' Data I/O Shuffle
Steps in Accessing a File
Opening a File
Saving Data to the File
Closing the File
Trying It Out
Trying It Out
Loading Data from a File
Appending Data to a File
13 Procedures and Functions: Breaking Things Down
The Top-Down Approach to Programming
Using Procedures
Variable Scope
Using Functions
14 Printing: Your Own Edition of Hard Copy
The Printer Object
Printing Multiple Pages
Positioning Tex
15 The Art of Bug Extermination: Raid for the New Millennium
Program Debugging
Stepping Through a Program
Stepping Through a Program
Watching Variables
III The Elements Of Visual Basic Windows Programs
16 Controls and Objects: There's a Difference?
Thinking About Objects
Thinking About Controls
17 Properties, Methods, and Events: Controls and Objects' Inner Workings
Introducing Properties
Setting Properties
Introducing Methods
Calling Methods
Introducing Events
Writing Event Procedures
18 Forms and Containers: Places to Put Controls
The Form Object
Form Properties
Using Form Properties
Form Methods
Form Events
IV Writing Windows Applications
19 Button Controls: Clicking Your Way to Success
Command Button Controls
Command Button Properties
Command Button Methods
Command Button Events
CheckBox Controls
CheckBox Properties
CheckBox Methods and Events
OptionButton Controls
OptionButton Properties
CheckBox Methods and Events
20 Text Controls: Computers and the English Language
Label Controls
Label Properties
Textbox Controls
Textbox Properties
Textbox Methods and Events
21 List Controls: It's the User's Choice
ListBox Controls
ListBox Properties
ListBox Methods and Events
ComboBox Controls
ComboBox Properties
ComboBox Methods and Events
22 Scrolling Controls: Getting from Here to There
Scrollbar Controls
Scrollbar Properties
Scrollbar Methods and Events
The Promised Sample Program
23 Graphical Controls: Get the Picture, Dude?
Line Controls
Line Properties
Line Methods and Events
Shape Controls
Shape Properties
Shape Methods and Events
PictureBox Controls
PictureBox Properties
PictureBox Methods and Events
24 The Timer Control: Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick
The Timer Control
Timer Properties, Methods, and Events
A Single Timer Event
Digging In
Multiple Timer Events
Playing the Game
Digging In (Reprise)
25 Message Boxes and Dialog Boxes: Your Program Speaks Out!
The Message Box
Message Box Icons
Message Box Buttons
Message Box Titles
Putting It All Together
26 Menus: Great Selections at a Great Price
Introducing Menu Bars
Visual Basic's Menu Editor
Responding to Menu Commands
Appendix A Installing Visual Basic
Installing the Visual Basic Working Model
Appendix B Speak Like a Geek: The Complete Archive