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U. States Japan expedition, maps
U. States Japan expedition, maps
Perry, Matthew Calbraith, 1794-1858.
Physical Description:
14 unnumbered maps
General Note:
Expedition known as U.S. Japan expedition.

"Surveyed by order of Commodore M.C. Perry U.S.N."
The harbor of Hakodadi, Yesso Id. Japan -- Chart of the world shewing the track of the U.S. steam frigates Mississippi, Susquehanna, and Powhatan as flagships of the Japan Squadron, under the command of Commodore M.C. Perry, U.S.N. 1853-1854 -- Chart of the coast of China and of the Japan Islands including the Marianas and a part of the Philippines -- Island of Lew Chew -- The harbor of Napha, Lew Chew Id. -- Lew Chew Id., Deep Bay -- Keelung Harbor, Formosa Island -- The Coffin Islands -- Western shore of the Bay of Yedo -- Reconnoissance of the gulf and survey of the western shore of the Bay of Yedo -- (Lew Chew) Tubootch & Suco Harbors -- Shah Bay, Lew Chew I., -- Simoda Harbor, I. of Nippon -- Endermo Harbor, Island of Jesso.
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