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America Online for dummies
Kaufeld, John.
Personal Author:
Fifth edition.
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Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, [1999]

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xxiv, 400 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
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America Online For Dummies is recognized as the best-selling beginning reference on the market on AOL. This edition, updated for the latest AOL features, contains all the great info on using AOL that is the hallmark of the book, including guidance for getting on the service, navigating AOL channels, using AOL e-mail, browsing the Web via AOL, communicating with other Internet and AOL users, applying AOL to your job or hobby, and customizing the service to make it work best for you. This updated edition covers the latest enhancements to AOL including changes to the AOL e-mail, Web browsing, connectivity, and calendaring features.

Table of Contents

Introduction How to Use This Bookp. 1
Organization Is a State of Mindp. 2
Deciphering the Scrawlsp. 4
The Cast of Iconsp. 5
3, 2, 1 -- Off You Go!p. 6
Part I Getting to Know America Onlinep. 7
Browser Barp. 8
Exiting the Programp. 8
How AOL Worksp. 9
Menusp. 10
Signing Offp. 10
Signing Onp. 11
Starting the Softwarep. 12
Toolbar Buttonsp. 13
Part II Personalizing Your Corner of the Worldp. 15
Bringing the News to Your Mailboxp. 16
Changing Your Member Profilep. 16
Changing Your Passwordp. 16
Changing Your Preferencesp. 17
Auto AOLp. 18
Chatp. 19
Downloadp. 19
Fontp. 19
Generalp. 19
Graphicsp. 19
Languagep. 20
Mailp. 20
Marketingp. 21
Passwordsp. 21
Personal Filing Cabinetp. 21
Spellingp. 22
Time Zonep. 22
Toolbarp. 22
World Wide Webp. 22
Creating a Screen Namep. 24
Deleting a Screen Namep. 25
Limiting Your Child's Online Accessp. 26
Making Your Member Profilep. 26
My AOLp. 28
News Profilesp. 29
Parental Controlsp. 29
Kids Only (ages 12 and under)p. 31
Young Teen (tailored limits for older kids)p. 31
Mature Teen (restricted access for the near adult)p. 32
Custom Controlsp. 32
Restoring a Screen Namep. 34
Part III Navigating Here, There, and Everywherep. 35
Adding Something to Your Favorite Places Listp. 36
Browsing through the Channelsp. 36
Building Your Own Shortcut Keys Listp. 38
Changing Something in the Favorite Places Listp. 39
Deleting Items from the Favorite Places Listp. 39
Favorite Placesp. 40
Finding Almost Anything on America Onlinep. 41
Flipping between Windowsp. 41
Getting a List of Keywordsp. 41
Going to a Favorite Placep. 42
Locating Keywordsp. 43
Remembering Your Favorite Online Spotsp. 43
Using a Keywordp. 44
Part IV Locating, IM-ing, and Chatting with Everyonep. 45
Blocking Instant Messagesp. 46
Changing a Buddy List Groupp. 46
Chatting on AOLp. 46
Chat room fonts and formattingp. 47
Chat room Notify AQL buttonp. 47
Right-clicking in chat roomsp. 47
Role-playing chat roomsp. 47
Chats run by AOL Protocolp. 48
General chat room do's and don'tsp. 49
Creating a Buddy Chat Roomp. 49
Creating a Buddy List Groupp. 51
Creating a Members Chat Roomp. 51
Creating a Private Chat Roomp. 52
Creating a Profilep. 53
Deleting a Buddy List Groupp. 53
Expressing Yourself in a Chat Roomp. 53
Finding a Chat Roomp. 54
Using AOL Livep. 54
Finding member-created chat roomsp. 55
Getting Help in a Chat Roomp. 55
Going to a Friend's Chat Roomp. 55
Ignoring Someone in a Chat Roomp. 56
Instant Message Notes (IM)p. 57
Formatting Instant Message Notesp. 57
Adding links to Instant Message Notesp. 57
Locating Someone on America Onlinep. 58
People Connectingp. 58
Playing Sounds in a Chat Roomp. 59
Reading Someone's Profilep. 59
Receiving Instant Message Notesp. 60
Reporting Problems in a Chat Roomp. 60
Reporting Problems in an Instant Message Notep. 61
Someone's asking for your password or credit cardp. 61
Someone's being generally obnoxious and annoyingp. 63
Rolling Dice in a Chat Roomp. 63
Searching the Member Directoryp. 63
Taking a Road Tripp. 64
Using a Profilep. 66
Part V Expressing Yourself with E-Mail and Discussion Boardsp. 67
Addressing E-Mail with the Address Bookp. 68
Adding an entryp. 68
Changing or deleting an entryp. 69
Writing e-mail with the Address Bookp. 70
What's your e-mail address?p. 70
Attaching a File to an E-Mail Messagep. 70
Automating Your AOL Sessionsp. 72
Setting up Automatic AOLp. 72
Using Automatic AOLp. 74
Checking E-Mail Statusp. 74
Checking for New Discussion Board Messagesp. 75
Copying Others with CC/BCCp. 76
Dealing with Undeliverable E-Mailp. 77
Deleting an E-Mail Messagep. 77
Expressing Yourself in E-Mailp. 78
Emoticons {{*}},;)p. 78
Keyboard shorthandp. 79
E-mail etiquettep. 79
Formatting E-Mailp. 80
Posting a Reply to a Discussion Boardp. 82
Reply to the boardp. 82
Reply via e-mailp. 84
Reading a Discussion Board Messagep. 85
Reading E-Mail Offlinep. 86
Reading E-Mail Onlinep. 87
Receiving an Attached File in an E-Mail Messagep. 87
Replying to an E-Mail Messagep. 88
Sending E-Mail to an AOL Memberp. 89
Sending E-Mail to Several Addressesp. 89
Sending E-Mail to Someone on the Internetp. 89
Setting Your E-Mail Preferencesp. 90
Sharing Favorite Places in an E-Mailp. 90
Unsending E-Mailp. 90
Writing an E-Mail Message Offlinep. 91
Writing an E-Mail Message Onlinep. 92
Part VI Logging, Saving, Printing, and Downloadingp. 93
Chat Logsp. 94
Downloading Files from E-Mail Messagesp. 95
Downloading Files Later (The Download Manager)p. 96
Downloading files in waitingp. 96
Removing files from the download listp. 97
Seeing which files you already downloadedp. 97
Checking file descriptionsp. 97
Choosing where to store files to downloadp. 97
Downloading Files Right Nowp. 98
Finding Files to Downloadp. 100
Instant Message Logsp. 100
Printingp. 101
Saving Text from a Windowp. 101
Session Logsp. 102
Uploading Filesp. 103
VBRUN Files (Visual Basic Runtime Modules)p. 105
ZIP Filesp. 106
Part VII Exploring the Internetp. 107
E-Mailp. 108
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)p. 108
Downloading from FTP sitesp. 109
Uploading to FTP sitesp. 110
Using a particular FTP sitep. 111
Gopherp. 112
Going to a specific Gopher sitep. 113
Remembering a Gopher site with Favorite Placesp. 113
Searching Gopherspacep. 114
Mailing Listsp. 114
Newsgroupsp. 115
Posting messages to a newsgroupp. 116
Reading newsgroups onlinep. 117
Reading newsgroups offlinep. 117
Remembering a newsgroup with Favorite Placesp. 119
Replying to a newsgroup postingp. 120
Subscribing to a newsgroupp. 120
Searching for a particular topicp. 121
Browsing through the listsp. 122
Unsubscribing from a newsgroupp. 122
Searching the Netp. 123
Winsock Applications and AOLp. 123
World Wide Web Adventuresp. 124
Building a home pagep. 125
Making your own Web pagep. 125
Going to a specific Web sitep. 126
Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOLp. 127
Netscape Navigator and AOLp. 127
Remembering a site through Favorite Placesp. 128
Visiting friends at Hometown AOLp. 128
Part VIII Taking AOL on the Roadp. 129
Connecting from a Hotelp. 130
Finding a New Local Access Numberp. 130
Making Location Entriesp. 133
Creating a locationp. 133
Creating a location with Expert Addp. 135
Deleting a locationp. 137
Changing a locationp. 137
Signing On through Someone Else's Computerp. 138
Part IX Solving Problems and Finding Helpp. 139
Adding Your Own Two Cents Worthp. 140
Billing Problemsp. 140
Calling America Online for Helpp. 141
Finding a Lost Windowp. 141
Free Help from Other Membersp. 142
Host Not Respondingp. 142
Lost Carrierp. 143
Member Services Areap. 144
Top Tips from the Insiderp. 145
World Wide Web Page Won't Loadp. 146
Appendix A Places of Our Heartsp. 147
AOL Channel Guidep. 148
Ask a Teacherp. 148
Auto Centerp. 149
Baby Name Finderp. 149
Bed and Breakfast Guidep. 149
Best AOL Tipsp. 150
Billingp. 150
Blackberry Creekp. 150
Bonjour Parisp. 151
BoxerJam Game Showsp. 151
Building Home Pagesp. 152
Business Week Onlinep. 152
Collectable Cards Forump. 153
Conspiracies and UFOsp. 153
Consumer Reportsp. 153
Demographicsp. 154
Funny Pagesp. 154
Gamesp. 154
Historyp. 155
Homeschoolingp. 155
Hometown AOLp. 155
Internationalp. 156
Internet Connectionp. 156
Keywordsp. 157
Language Dictionariesp. 157
New York Times on AOLp. 157
Notify AOLp. 158
Online Campusp. 158
Puzzle Zonep. 158
Randomp. 159
Road Tripsp. 159
Sciencep. 159
Sports Cardsp. 160
Start-Up Businessesp. 160
The Teacher's Loungep. 160
ThirdAgep. 161
Triviap. 161
Westwoodp. 162
What's Newp. 162
Appendix B Clicking through the Channelsp. 163
AOL Todayp. 164
Computingp. 164
Entertainmentp. 166
Familiesp. 168
Gamesp. 169
Healthp. 171
Influencep. 172
Interestsp. 174
Internationalp. 175
Kids Onlyp. 177
Lifestylesp. 178
Localp. 179
Newsp. 180
Personal Financep. 181
Research and Learnp. 182
Shoppingp. 184
Sportsp. 186
Travelp. 187
WorkPlacep. 188
Glossary Techie Talkp. 191
Indexp. 201
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