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PalmPilot : the ultimate guide
Pogue, David.
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First edition.
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Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly & Associates, 1998.
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xviii, 489 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer laser optical disk (4 3/4 in.)
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3Com's PalmPilot is the world's bestselling hand-held PC. In two years, its incarnations as the Pilot, PalmPilot, Palm III, and IBM WorkPad have captured 70 percent of the palmtop market. About the size of a playing card, it's lightweight (5.7 ounces) with a touch-screen display. PalmPilot is elegantly designed and fast.Dense with previously undocumented information, this bible for PalmPilot users contains hundreds of timesaving tips and surprising tricks, plus a CD-ROM containing over 900 PalmPilot programs. It covers the PalmPilot, PalmPilot Professional, and the new software and features of the 1998 PalmPilot model, the Palm III, as well as OEM models such as the IBM WorkPad.This book is divided into five sections:

Section One details every hardware and software aspect of PalmPilot as it comes out of the box: the stylus and the screen, the buttons, and the current line of Pilot models. A tutorial takes the reader through the palmtop's preferences and settings panels, teaches the Graffiti alphabet, and unearths surprising features of the Pilot's eight built-in programs. Section Two explains step-by-step how your PalmPilot can work with your PC: how data gets from your Pilot to your desktop computer and then back to Pilot (HotSyncing), as well as what happens to the data when it reaches your PC. Special coverage is given to Pilot Desktop, the Windows or Macintosh program that duplicates the functions of the Pilot (calendar, phone book, to-do list, memo pad, email, and expense tracking) on the PC. Section Three takes the reader beyond the built-in Pilot software to the best of the 900 add-on programs included with the book. They include such graphics programs as DinkyPad, PalmDraw, and the amazing ImageViewer (which unlocks the "black-and-white" Pilot screen's grayscale features); electronic texts with the AportisDoc teleprompter/reader program; and music programs that use the Pilot's built-in speaker. A chapter on learning to write software for the Pilot includes a tutorial in using Metrowerks' Code Warrior Lite, a programming kit included exclusively with PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide . Section Four takes the Pilot online, where it's ideal for reading and replying to email -- a great time-shifter for anyone who'd otherwise consider plane, train, or automobile time as downtime. Chapters cover the four Pilot Web browsers, paging, faxing, and (on the Palm III) infrared beaming features. Section Five explains simple ways to troubleshoot both software and hardware, including HotSync snafus and various software glitches. Special chapters cover Pilot fans' options for upgrading and accessorizing their palmtops. PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide is the most comprehensive Pilot book yet written. With the cooperation of Palm Computing, 3Com, and Metrowerks, bestselling computer-book author David Pogue succinctly answers every conceivable question, unlocks Pilot features most users never suspected, and radiates the fun, passion, and sense of community shared by Piloteers the world over. The enclosed CD-ROM (which runs in Windows 9x, NT, and the Macintosh includes over 900 programs -- the entire contents of ISO Productions' "Everything PalmPilot" CD-ROM (a $25 value) -- plus Metrowerks' Code Warrior Lite programming kit. PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide is the essential guide for the PalmPilot owner.

Author Notes

David Pogue is an American technology writer and TV science presenter. He was born in 1963 and grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Pogue graduated summa cum laude from Yale University in 1985, with distinction in music.

After graduation, Pogue wrote manuals for music software, worked on Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, and wrote for Macworld Magazine. He wrote Macs for Dummies, which became the best-selling Mac title, as well as other books in the Dummies series. He launched his own series of humorous computer books entitled the Missing Manual series, which includes 120 titles. He spent 13 years as the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times, before leaving to found Yahoo Tech.

In addition to how-to manuals, he wrote Pogue's Basics: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying the Technology in Your Life, collaborated on The World According to Twitter, and co-authored The Weird Wide Web.

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Library Journal Review

As of this writing, Pogue's is just about the only book available on Palms, and though it will reward primarily beginners, experienced users can glean plenty of new tips as well. Detailing all the models currently available, the book ranges from Graffiti to web surfing to music composition. The book is well written, the CD-ROM has lots of goodies, and the audience is growing: not only are there many Palm users out there already, but people will want to read this book to decide whether to buy one or not. (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xi
I. This Is Your PalmPilot Speakingp. 1
1. The 3 [times] 5-Inch Powerhousep. 3
PalmPilot Basicsp. 3
The Stylus, Screen, and Lightp. 10
Battery Notesp. 12
The Lineup of Modelsp. 14
Executive Tip Summaryp. 16
2. PalmPilot Setup and Guided Tourp. 17
Setting Up Your PalmPilotp. 17
More Settings: PalmPilot and Palm III Onlyp. 22
A Ten-Minute Tourp. 27
Executive Tip Summaryp. 31
3. Typing Without a Keyboardp. 32
Graffiti: The Sure-Fire Alphabetp. 32
The Onscreen Keyboardp. 36
The Newton Keyboardp. 39
AportisDoc Filesp. 40
ShortCuts: Little Strokes for Big Wordsp. 41
The PalmPilot as Word Processorp. 42
Executive Tip Summaryp. 43
4. The Four Primary Programsp. 44
The Date Bookp. 44
The Address Bookp. 67
The To-Do Listp. 75
The Memo Padp. 82
Executive Tip Summaryp. 86
5. The Other Built-In Programsp. 89
Calculatorp. 89
Giraffep. 92
Memoryp. 95
Securityp. 99
Expensep. 102
Mailp. 109
HotSyncp. 109
The 3Com Games Collectionp. 109
Executive Tip Summaryp. 114
II. PalmPilot Meets PCp. 115
6. HotSync, Step by Stepp. 117
Getting Ready to HotSyncp. 118
Performing a Local HotSyncp. 124
Specialized HotSyncsp. 129
Mastering the User-Named Foldersp. 133
HotSync by Modemp. 139
Syncing with Your Favorite Programsp. 148
Network HotSyncsp. 154
Executive Tip Summaryp. 158
7. Installing New PalmPilot Programsp. 159
Installing Add-On Programsp. 159
What the InstallApp Program Doesp. 162
How to Uninstall Programsp. 169
Executive Tip Summaryp. 170
8. Pilot Desktop/Palm Desktopp. 171
Palm Desktop Overviewp. 172
Date Bookp. 176
Address Bookp. 191
To Dop. 209
Memo Padp. 213
Expensep. 216
Archived Recordsp. 222
Profiles and File Linking: Standardized Data, Multiple PalmPilotsp. 226
Executive Tip Summaryp. 232
III. The Undiscovered PalmPilotp. 237
9. PalmPilot: The Electronic Bookp. 239
About Docp. 239
Reading E-booksp. 242
Scrollingp. 244
Jumping Around in Your Documentp. 247
Where to Get Doc Booksp. 251
Making Your Own E-booksp. 255
Executive Tip Summaryp. 259
10. The PalmPilot's Secret Multimedia Worldp. 260
Photos on the PalmPilotp. 260
Painting and Drawingp. 263
Music on the PalmPilotp. 269
Where to Get More Art and Musicp. 272
Executive Tip Summaryp. 272
11. Writing PalmPilot Softwarep. 273
About CodeWarriorp. 273
The Amortize Projectp. 278
Debuggingp. 299
Enhancing the Examplep. 302
Where to Go from Herep. 302
IV. The PalmPilot Onlinep. 305
12. Email Anywherep. 307
The Two Routes to Emailp. 307
PalmPilot Mailp. 309
Palmeta Mailp. 329
HandStampp. 333
MultiMailp. 337
Postmanp. 339
America Online and CompuServep. 340
Executive Tip Summaryp. 341
13. The Web in Your Palmp. 343
The Principles of PalmPilot Web Browsingp. 344
Setting Up the PalmPilot for Web Browsingp. 345
ProxiWeb (Top Gun Wingman)p. 345
HandWebp. 350
Palmscapep. 355
How to Make Your Web Site PalmPilot-Friendlyp. 359
Executive Tip Summaryp. 360
14. Paging, Faxing, Printing, and Beamingp. 361
Pagingp. 361
Faxingp. 363
Printingp. 372
Beamingp. 375
Executive Tip Summaryp. 380
V. Troubleshooting and Upgradingp. 381
15. Troubleshootingp. 383
What to Do When Disaster Strikesp. 384
The Importance of Resettingp. 384
Graffiti-Recognition Problemsp. 387
HotSync Problemsp. 387
Pilot Desktop Problems in Windowsp. 395
Pilot Desktop Problems on the Macintoshp. 398
Software Troubles on the PalmPilotp. 399
Hardware Troublesp. 401
Understanding PalmPilot Memoryp. 403
Battery Managementp. 404
Executive Tip Summaryp. 406
16. Upgrading Your Pilotp. 408
The PalmPilot Familiesp. 409
Notes on Upgradingp. 415
Executive Tip Summaryp. 416
VI. Appendixesp. 417
A. 150 Programs Worth Knowing Aboutp. 419
B. PalmPilot Accessoriesp. 445
C. Piloteers in Cyberspacep. 458
Indexp. 467