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New movements in the study and teaching of history.
Ballard, Martin.
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Bloomington : Indiana University Press [1970]
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vi, 234 pages ; 23 cm
Change and the curriculum, by M. Ballard.--World history in the schools, by W. McNeill.--Prejudice and the teaching of history, by C. L. Hannam.--Black history, by D. W. Hoover.--Widening our historical horizon, by A. Toynbee.--Twentieth-century history, by D. C. Watt.--Economic history--direct and oblique, by P. Mathias.--Population family and household, by E. A. Wrigley.--Local history, by R. Douch.--American history, by M. Cunliffe.--History and the social sciences, by D. Heater.--History and biology, by C. D. Darlington.--Piaget and thinking in history, by R. N. Hallam.--The project method, by S. Ferguson.--The uses and abuses of examinations, by W. Lamont.--Original sources in the classroom, by P. Bamford.--A practical approach, by C. C. Bayne-Jardine.--What sort of history should we teach? By G. R. Elton.
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