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Windows for Mac users
Baron, Cynthia.
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Berkeley, Calif. : Peachpit Press, [1999]

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xviii, 421 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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If youre a die-hard Mac user who needs to work with Windows, you know that Microsofts operating system is just different enough from your familiar Mac OS to make the transition less than seamless. Dont waste time fumbling around on your own. Windows for Mac Users will make the switch much easier and less painful. In this one-of-a-kind book, Cynthia Baron teams up with best-selling Mac author Robin Williams to give you a clear, witty introduction to the PC interface and hardware. Youll learn how to make your cross-platform commute smoother and more productive with Mac-to-Windows keyboard shortcuts and easy-to follow instructions on how to rename and transfer your Mac files to a PC. Save yourself time and frustration by letting the experts be your guide to the world of Windows.

Author Notes

Cynthia L. Baron is the author of Creating a Digital Portfolio and the coauthor of Web Animation for Dummies. A designer and typographer, Cynthia teaches computer-related design courses at Northeastern University in Boston. As the technical director of computer graphics there, she also manages several networked, mixed-platform computer labs and is one of the founding members of the University's Multimedia Studies program.

Robin Williams is a fourth-generation Californian on both sides, born in Berkeley and raised in the Bay Area. She lived in Sonoma County for 15 years, then in 1993, she packed up her kids, the dog, and two cats and moved to New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Why two Mac evangelists wrote this bookp. xviii
Part 1 Choosing and Usingp. 19
1. Preparing to do windowsp. 21
Do you really need to "do Windows"?p. 22
You probably do need Windows if ...p. 23
Is your Macintosh ready?p. 24
How should you do Windows?p. 26
Choosing your Windows hardwarep. 31
2. What is Windows (really)?p. 35
The once and future Windowsp. 36
Some Windows basicsp. 37
Windows versions, pros and consp. 42
3. Setting Up Your PCp. 45
Look at the back of the computerp. 46
Keyboard and mouse connectorsp. 47
Serial, parallel, SCSI, and USBp. 48
Serial portsp. 49
Parallel portsp. 50
Keeping serial and parallel straightp. 50
USB portsp. 51
SCSI connections, if you have them!p. 52
Expansion card connectionsp. 55
Joysticksp. 56
4. Starting Up and Using Disksp. 57
Starting up in Windowsp. 58
The Windows Desktopp. 61
Inside "My Computer"p. 62
Disk drive lettersp. 63
Drive icons: what's what?p. 64
Drive C: and the Windows system folderp. 65
Where's the disk?p. 66
Clues in the File menup. 69
Initializing and erasing disksp. 70
Ejecting: it's not a dragp. 71
Restart, sleep, or shut downp. 72
5. The Keyboardp. 75
Special keysp. 76
Keyboard shortcuts: in Command or in Controlp. 78
Application keyboard shortcutsp. 80
Customizing the keyboardp. 81
PC keyboard emulation on a Macp. 82
6. The Mousep. 83
The amazing two-headed mousep. 84
Selecting and deselectingp. 84
The right mouse buttonp. 86
Right-clicking and property sheetsp. 87
The IntelliMouse wheel buttonp. 88
Customizing the mousep. 89
Mouse emulation on a Macp. 92
Part 2 Controlling the Desktopp. 93
7. Anatomy of a Windowp. 95
Windows in Windowsp. 96
A typical Desktop folder windowp. 97
Minimize buttonp. 98
Maximize and Restore buttonsp. 99
Minimizing and maximizing document windowsp. 100
Close buttonp. 102
Close vs. Quitp. 102
The Control menup. 103
The Desktop folder window menu barp. 103
The status barp. 104
Arranging files in a Desktop folder windowp. 105
Options for opening windowsp. 108
Closing many windowsp. 111
Moving a windowp. 112
Locked windowsp. 112
Applying a view to all windows (Windows 98)p. 113
Keeping the views you choose (Windows 98)p. 114
The browser interface (Windows 98)p. 115
The Internet Explorer interface (Windows 98)p. 115
8. The Taskbar and Start Menup. 121
Arranging windows on the Windows Desktopp. 122
Taskbar icons: Tray interestingp. 125
Taskbar Optionsp. 127
The Start menu: the Apple menu incognitop. 131
9. The Toolbarsp. 135
Displaying Desktop folder window toolbarsp. 136
Application toolbarsp. 140
Dialog box toolbarsp. 140
Make your own toolbars in the Taskbarp. 141
The Links toolbarp. 145
10. Trashing: the Recycle Binp. 147
Putting files in the Recycle Binp. 148
Deleting automaticallyp. 149
Get rid of the warningp. 149
Emptying the Recycle Binp. 150
Restoring filesp. 150
Limiting the size of the Recycle Binp. 151
11. Moving and Copyingp. 153
Selected files stay selectedp. 154
Standard cursor icons and what they meanp. 154
Moving and copying files on the same diskp. 155
Copying files from one disk to another diskp. 156
Moving files from one disk to another diskp. 156
Using "Send To"p. 157
My Briefcasep. 158
Refreshing after moving or copyingp. 161
Spring-loaded foldersp. 162
Running out of disk space while copyingp. 163
Duplicating an entire diskp. 164
Part 3 Accessories and Control Panelsp. 165
12. Display Settingsp. 167
Important notep. 168
Desktop property sheetsp. 168
Changing the background pattern or picturep. 168
Changing accent color and text settingsp. 174
Changing color depth and resolutionp. 176
Testing your monitor changesp. 180
Applying the monitor changesp. 181
About dual monitorsp. 182
13. Control Panelsp. 183
Control Panels in Windowsp. 184
General Controlsp. 185
Date/Time and Mapp. 186
Regional Settings for foreign stylesp. 186
Modem, PPP, and TCP/IPp. 188
Monitorsp. 191
ColorSyne System Profilep. 191
QuickTime Settingsp. 191
Soundsp. 192
Audio settings, volump. 193
ODBCp. 194
Othersp. 194
14. Mac Desk Accessories a la Windowsp. 195
Locating Windows accessoriesp. 196
Mac: Calculatorp. 197
Mac: Video Playerp. 198
Mac: AppleCD Audio Playerp. 200
Mac: Key Capsp. 202
Mac: Chooserp. 204
Mac: Note Padp. 204
Mac: SimpleTextp. 205
Mac: Clipboard and Scrapbookp. 207
Mac: Stickiesp. 210
Mac: About This Computerp. 211
Mac: System Profilerp. 211
15. Customizing the Start Menup. 215
Using the keyboard to navigate the Start Menup. 216
Putting new things in the Start Menup. 217
Rearranging items in the Start Menu (Windows 95/98)p. 220
Deleting items from the Start Menup. 222
Part 4 Applications, Folders, and Filesp. 223
16. Installing and Using Applicationsp. 225
Can you install this application?p. 226
Installing on applicationp. 228
Where the application gets storedp. 231
Putting an application alias in the Start Menup. 232
Memory and applicationsp. 233
Launching an applicationp. 234
Launching an application in the backgroundp. 236
Cycling through open applications and windowsp. 236
Quitting an applicationp. 236
The Startup folderp. 237
Uninstalling applicationsp. 238
17. Creating Folders, Files, and Aliasesp. 239
Creating a new folderp. 240
Creating and saving a new filep. 241
Creating aliases (shortcuts)p. 243
18. File Formats and their Iconsp. 249
Windows file formatsp. 250
Windows file iconsp. 250
Application files and their iconsp. 252
System files and their iconsp. 259
19. Paths and Long File Namesp. 261
The tree structurep. 262
Pathsp. 262
Path names and title barsp. 264
Extensions and long file namesp. 266
Long file names and pathsp. 269
Renaming files and foldersp. 270
Renaming numbered filesp. 271
DOS has a short memoryp. 272
20. Finding File Informationp. 273
Getting file informationp. 274
Locking and unlocking a filep. 275
Hiding or showing a filep. 275
Finding filesp. 276
Multiple searches at the same timep. 278
Using a found filep. 278
Sorting the listp. 278
Open containing folderp. 278
Saving a searchp. 279
Showing all the filesp. 280
Finding other sorts of itemsp. 282
Part 5 Going Back and Forthp. 283
21. Mounting PC Media and Reading PC filesp. 285
Mounting removable mediap. 286
Mounting PC CDs on a Macp. 288
The Mac's File Exchange control panelp. 289
Using File Exchange (OS 8.5 and up) to translate filesp. 293
Using Mac OS Easy Open (OS 8.0 and 8.1) to translate filesp. 295
Other file translatorsp. 298
22. Transferring Filesp. 299
Why won't some files open?p. 300
Generic Windows iconsp. 300
Create and name those Mac files correctly!p. 301
System-specific file formatsp. 304
What about Windows files on a Mac?p. 311
Saving EPS files on the PC for the Macp. 313
Know your application formatsp. 314
Getting Macintosh files onto a PCp. 316
Making a DOS-formatted floppy diskp. 316
Making a DOS-formatted Zip or Jaz diskp. 317
Checklist for transferring filesp. 318
23. Sending Email Attachmentsp. 319
Preparing files as email attachmentsp. 320
Compressing files for sending onlinep. 321
Disabling helper applicationsp. 324
Understanding attachments and encodingp. 327
Sending MIME-encoded filesp. 329
24. Fontsp. 331
Font technology basicsp. 332
Windows and TrueType fontsp. 333
Installing or deleting TrueType fontsp. 334
Windows and PostScript fontsp. 336
Installing or deleting PostScript fontsp. 336
Viewing your fonts in Windowsp. 338
Font management in Windowsp. 339
Know the font name equivalentsp. 340
Don't use system fonts if the file will go cross-platformp. 341
Separate your non-sharable fontsp. 342
Use Acrobat PDF files when possiblep. 342
Font style linkingp. 344
Converting fontsp. 346
The rules of using fonts cross-platformp. 349
25. Colorp. 351
Macintosh images on PCsp. 352
Computer "system palettes"p. 352
Dithered colorsp. 353
The Windows system palettep. 354
The Mac system palettep. 355
The Macintosh and Windows palettes comparedp. 356
Macintosh color calibrationp. 357
Gammap. 359
Setting a color profile in Windows 98p. 361
Advanced color topicsp. 363
26. Printingp. 365
Setting up a printer in Windowsp. 366
Printing a file in Windowsp. 369
Printing a folder list--not!p. 370
General note on all cross-platform printingp. 370
Windows printers and PostScriptp. 371
Saving EPS files for printing in Windowsp. 373
Printing from a Mac to a Windows printerp. 374
Sharing a Windows printerp. 374
Printing Windows files on a Mac printerp. 375
"Print to file"p. 376
Summary of printing filesp. 378
Part 6 Extrasp. 379
27. Multiple Users on one PCp. 381
User profiles maintain your Desktop settingsp. 382
Create Desktop profiles (Windows 95/98)p. 383
Logging on as a different userp. 388
Deleting user profilesp. 389
28. Preventing Problemsp. 391
Read this before you crashp. 392
Emergency disksp. 392
Backup Windows 98 system filesp. 394
NT repair diskp. 395
Back up your filesp. 396
Fragmentation and disk errorsp. 398
Keeping the disk trimp. 403
Virusesp. 404
Part 7 The Stuff at the Endp. 407
Indexp. 408
About the authorsp. 422
Colophonp. 422