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Sams teach yourself StarOffice for Linux in 24 hours
Wells, Nicholas.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Sams Pub., [1999]

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xvi, 505 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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QA76.76.O63 W465 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Central Closed Stacks

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Sams Teach Yourself StarOffice 5 for Linux in 24 Hours is a hands-on tutorial aimed at making you, the reader, more effective and productive users of the office suite. It covers everthing from installation to configuration to using the program in an effective manner.

Author Notes

Nicholas Wells is an experienced author who began using Linux daily in 1994 while working as a technical writer at Novell. Linux is his main desktop environment and he is technically proficient in most aspects of UNIX. Nicholas started using StarOffice 3.1 when it first appeared for Linux in early 1997, but now uses StarOffice as his main working environment for word processing and spreadsheets.
R. Dean Taylor has over 14 years of channel-marketing experience in the computer industry working for companies such as Sanyo/Icon, IBM, WordPerfect, and Novell. He is currently responsible for channel marketing for Caldera Systems, Inc. Although he has extensive experience in professional writing and has discovered it to be extremely rewarding.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Part I Preparing to Use StarOfficep. 3
Hour 1 Installing StarOfficep. 5
Reviewing Linux System Requirementsp. 5
Checking Your Environment Variablesp. 6
Single-User and Network (Multiuser) Installationsp. 6
Checking File Permissions and Library Versionsp. 7
Using Different Linux Systemsp. 8
Obtaining a License Key for StarOfficep. 8
Installing a Single-User Version of StarOffice 5p. 9
Choosing an Installation Optionp. 13
Using the Custom Installation Optionp. 15
Finishing the Installationp. 16
Preparing for a Networked Installationp. 17
Installing the Server Side of a Networked Installp. 18
Installing a Client User for a Network Installationp. 20
Updating or Removing the StarOffice Installationp. 22
Modifying the StarOffice Installationp. 23
Deinstalling StarOfficep. 23
Repairing StarOfficep. 24
In the Next Hourp. 24
Hour 2 Getting Started with StarOfficep. 25
Starting StarOfficep. 25
Setting Your PATH Variablep. 26
Starting StarOffice from a Command Linep. 27
Using StarOffice in KDEp. 28
Making an Icon for Looking Glassp. 29
Defining Parts of the StarOffice Windowp. 32
Understanding the Overall Layout of StarOfficep. 33
Using the Function Toolbarp. 34
Reading the Status Barp. 36
Using the Start Barp. 38
Using the Toolbarsp. 39
Using the Explorer Windowp. 40
Viewing the Beamerp. 41
Using the Explorer Iconsp. 41
In the Next Hourp. 43
Hour 3 Using the Explorer and the Desktopp. 45
Using the Explorer Windowp. 45
Viewing the Beamerp. 47
Using Right-Click Menusp. 47
The Address Bookp. 48
The Bookmarks Folderp. 49
The Galleryp. 49
The Recycle Binp. 51
The Samples Folderp. 51
Your Work Folderp. 52
Your Workplacep. 53
Defining Parts of the Desktopp. 53
The Desktop Versus the Work Folderp. 54
The Desktop Iconsp. 55
Adding Your Documents to the Desktopp. 55
Removing a Document from the Desktopp. 57
Viewing Properties of an Item on the Desktopp. 58
Switching Between Documents and the Desktopp. 59
Viewing Multiple Document Windowsp. 60
Using the Start Menup. 60
Reviewing the Menusp. 60
Using Keyboard Shortcutsp. 61
In the Next Hourp. 63
Hour 4 Configuring StarOfficep. 65
Changing What's on the Menus and Toolbarsp. 65
Selecting Menu Items to Displayp. 66
Configuring the Toolbar Contentsp. 68
Setting Which Toolbars Are Displayedp. 71
Setting the General Optionsp. 72
Reviewing Your User Datap. 72
Setting Your Save Optionsp. 73
Reviewing Your StarOffice Pathsp. 75
Setting Language Optionsp. 77
Setting Other Global Optionsp. 79
Setting Up Keyboard Shortcutsp. 79
Setting What to Display in the Status Barp. 80
Configuring AutoCorrectionp. 81
Setting Up StarOffice Printersp. 84
Using the Printer Setup Utilityp. 84
Adding Another Printer Typep. 86
Setting the Default Printerp. 86
Changing the Print Queue Used by a Printerp. 86
Configuring a Printerp. 87
In the Next Hourp. 88
Hour 5 Importing and Exporting StarOffice Documentsp. 89
Importing Word Documentsp. 89
Using Microsoft Word 6.0/95 and Word 97 Filesp. 90
Reviewing Styles in Imported Filesp. 91
Importing Other Word Processor Documentsp. 93
Using WordPerfect Filesp. 93
Using Other Word Processor Filesp. 94
Using Text Filesp. 95
Using HTML as an Interchange Formatp. 96
Exporting StarWriter Documentsp. 96
Reviewing Imported and Exported Documentsp. 98
Importing Excel Spreadsheetsp. 100
Reading Excel 5.0, Excel 6.0/95 and Excel 97 Filesp. 100
Importing Other Spreadsheet Formatsp. 101
Using Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Filesp. 101
Using Other Interchange Formatsp. 102
Exporting Spreadsheets for Use in Other Programsp. 103
Reviewing Imported and Exported Spreadsheetsp. 104
Importing and Exporting Presentationsp. 106
Exporting StarImpress Presentationsp. 106
Importing and Exporting Graphicsp. 107
In the Next Hourp. 108
Hour 6 Creating Graphics with StarDrawp. 109
Vector and Raster Graphicsp. 109
Raster imagesp. 110
Vector Imagesp. 110
Creating a New StarDraw Imagep. 111
Reviewing the StarDraw Screenp. 112
Changing the View of the Pagep. 113
Inserting a New Objectp. 114
Modifying StarDraw Objectsp. 116
Changing Colorsp. 119
Arranging Objectsp. 120
Grouping Objectsp. 121
Adding Text to the Drawingp. 121
In the Next Hourp. 124
Part II Creating Documents with StarWriterp. 125
Hour 7 Creating a New StarWriter Documentp. 127
Starting from Scratch with StarWriterp. 127
Using the Start Menup. 128
Using the New Menup. 128
Using the Desktopp. 130
Using a Templatep. 130
Using the AutoPilotp. 131
Opening an Existing StarWriter Documentp. 133
Entering and Modifying Textp. 134
Saving Your Documentp. 134
Selecting a Location for Your Filesp. 135
Learning to Save Early, Save Oftenp. 135
Resaving with a New Document Namep. 136
Printing Your Documentp. 136
Setting Options for All Text Documentsp. 138
Choosing Which Parts of a Document Are Displayedp. 138
Choosing How the Document Layout Is Displayedp. 139
Changing the Default Fonts for Text Documentsp. 139
Setting Text Document Printing Optionsp. 140
Setting Table Optionsp. 141
In the Next Hourp. 142
Hour 8 Formatting Your Documentp. 143
Setting Character Stylesp. 143
Choosing a Fontp. 144
Using Bold, Italic, and Underlinep. 145
Adding a Hyperlinkp. 148
Choosing Paragraph Settingsp. 150
Setting Line Spacing and Paragraph Indentsp. 151
Setting Paragraph Alignmentp. 151
Setting Tabsp. 152
Using Other Paragraph Formatting Featuresp. 154
Arranging the Pagep. 154
Setting the Page Margins and Paper Sizep. 154
Defining Basic Page Numbering and Layoutp. 155
Adding a Header or Footer to Each Pagep. 156
The Default Format Settingp. 158
In the Next Hourp. 158
Hour 9 Using Advanced Formatting Toolsp. 159
Using Footnotesp. 159
Creating a Footnotep. 161
Editing a Footnotep. 163
Deleting a Footnotep. 163
Customizing Footnote Optionsp. 164
Setting Footnote Positionp. 165
Setting Up Automatic Numberingp. 165
Using Columnsp. 166
Defining Columnsp. 167
Adding Columns to an Existing Documentp. 169
Working with Columnsp. 170
Using Text Stylesp. 170
Explaining the Concept of Stylesp. 170
Reviewing the Style Commandp. 171
Opening the Stylist Windowp. 173
Applying a Stylep. 174
Reviewing the Stylistp. 174
Reviewing the Attributes of a Stylep. 176
Creating Your Own Stylesp. 177
Creating a Style by Examplep. 178
In the Next Hourp. 180
Hour 10 Using Tables, Indexes, and Other Special Featuresp. 181
Working with Tablesp. 182
Inserting a New Tablep. 182
Converting Between Text and Tablesp. 184
Formatting a Tablep. 185
Adding New Columns and Rowsp. 186
Splitting and Merging Cellsp. 187
Formatting Tablesp. 189
Creating an Indexp. 192
Inserting Index Markersp. 193
Inserting the Indexp. 195
Updating an Indexp. 197
Numbering and Outliningp. 197
Using Auto Numbering Outlinesp. 197
Using Bullets and Line Numberingp. 199
In the Next Hourp. 200
Hour 11 Adding Graphics to Documentsp. 201
Importing Graphicsp. 201
Placing Graphics in Your Documentp. 202
Using Other Linux Programs to Convert Graphic Formatsp. 204
Creating New Images in the Image Editorp. 205
Formatting Images in Your Documentp. 208
Selecting a Graphic to Editp. 208
Moving and Resizing Imagesp. 210
Setting Alignment and Text Wrappingp. 211
Using Layersp. 214
Adding a Borderp. 214
Using the Object Dialog Boxp. 216
Adding Horizontal Linesp. 217
In the Next Hourp. 218
Hour 12 Using SpellCheck and the Thesaurusp. 219
Using AutoCorrectp. 219
Setting AutoCorrect Optionsp. 220
Using Auto Spellcheckp. 223
Turning Auto Spellcheck On or Offp. 223
Spellchecking Your Documentp. 225
Using the Pop-Up Spelling Menup. 225
Activating the Spellcheck Dialog Boxp. 228
Searching the Thesaurusp. 230
Searching for More Meaningp. 231
Using the Thesaurus from the Spelling Dialog Boxp. 231
In the Next Hourp. 231
Part III Creating Spreadsheets with StarCalcp. 233
Hour 13 Creating Spreadsheets with StarCalcp. 235
Opening a New StarCalc Spreadsheetp. 235
Using the Start or New Menusp. 236
Using the Desktopp. 236
Using a Templatep. 237
Opening an Existing StarCalc Spreadsheetp. 240
Saving Your Spreadsheetp. 241
Printing Your Spreadsheetp. 242
Setting the Print Areap. 242
Using the Fit-to-Page Featurep. 244
Turning Grid Lines On or Offp. 246
Choosing the Page Formatp. 247
Setting Spreadsheet Optionsp. 249
Choosing What to Display Onscreenp. 249
Setting Input Optionsp. 251
Adding a Grid to a Spreadsheetp. 252
Setting Calculation Preferencesp. 254
In the Next Hourp. 255
Hour 14 Entering Spreadsheet Datap. 257
Navigating in StarCalcp. 257
Moving with the Mouse or Keyboardp. 257
Understanding Cell Referencesp. 258
Naming a Cell or Rangep. 259
Selecting a Range of Cellsp. 261
Selecting Rows or Columnsp. 262
Working with Sheetsp. 263
Naming a Sheetp. 263
Adding Another Sheetp. 265
Protecting a Sheetp. 266
Hiding Cellsp. 269
Entering Data in Your Spreadsheetp. 270
Entering Numbers, Dates and Textp. 270
Cutting, Pasting, and Movingp. 272
In the Next Hourp. 273
Hour 15 Using Formulas, Functions, and Namesp. 275
Labels and Formulasp. 275
Entering Cell Referencesp. 276
Entering Numbers and Labelsp. 276
Editing a Cellp. 278
Entering Formulasp. 278
Using Functionsp. 279
Using Functions to Simplify Formulasp. 279
Finding Functionsp. 280
Editing a Functionp. 283
Using the Mouse to Enter Cell Referencesp. 284
Recalculating Your Spreadsheetp. 286
Using More Advanced Functionsp. 286
Using a Financial Functionp. 287
In the Next Hourp. 290
Hour 16 Formatting Your Spreadsheetp. 291
Changing Fonts and Sizesp. 291
Formatting Cell by Cellp. 293
Setting a Font and Sizep. 293
Setting Number Formats in Cellsp. 298
Using the Object Bar to Set Number Formatsp. 298
Adjusting Decimal Placesp. 299
Using the Number Formatting Dialog Boxp. 301
Adjusting and Inserting Rows and Columnsp. 302
Adjusting Row Height and Column Widthp. 302
Inserting and Deleting Rowsp. 305
Inserting and Deleting Columnsp. 308
In the Next Hourp. 309
Hour 17 Adding Charts and Graphics to Spreadsheetsp. 311
Adding a Graphic to a Spreadsheetp. 311
Importing a Graphic Filep. 312
Editing an Imported Graphicp. 314
Creating a Chartp. 314
Selecting a Data Setp. 315
Starting a Chartp. 316
Selecting a Chart Typep. 317
Selecting a Chart Variantp. 319
Labeling Your Chartp. 321
Modifying and Formatting a Chartp. 324
Selecting a Chart to Modifyp. 325
Reviewing the Edit Options on a Chartp. 325
Changing a Color in the Chartp. 326
Changing the Numbers on an Axisp. 328
In the Next Hourp. 329
Hour 18 Using Database Functionsp. 331
Defining Database Termsp. 332
Using Data Validationp. 333
Setting up Data Validation Criteriap. 334
Sorting Database Recordsp. 339
Selecting Data to Sortp. 339
Setting the Sort Criteriap. 341
Reviewing Sorting Optionsp. 341
Filtering Data Recordsp. 343
Using Automatic Filteringp. 343
Using the Standard Filterp. 345
In the Next Hourp. 348
Part IV Working with Presentationsp. 349
Hour 19 Creating Presentations with StarImpressp. 351
Creating a New StarImpress Presentationp. 351
Slides and Pagesp. 352
Making Use of Presentation Templatesp. 353
Using a Slide Layoutp. 355
Using the AutoPilotp. 356
Creating Individual Slidesp. 360
Adding a Layout to a Slidep. 361
Inserting a New Slidep. 362
Entering Text on a Slidep. 363
Adjusting Paragraphsp. 364
Setting Font Optionsp. 366
Saving Your Presentationp. 367
Exporting Slides in Graphics Formatsp. 368
Exporting as a Web Presentationp. 370
In the Next Hourp. 372
Hour 20 Adding Graphics and Charts to Your Presentationp. 373
Importing and Editing Graphic Filesp. 373
Importing an Existing Graphic Filep. 374
Moving and Resizing an Imported Graphicp. 375
Editing an Imported Graphic Filep. 375
Adding Actions to Graphicsp. 377
Drawing Your Own Graphicsp. 379
Drawing Your Own Graphicsp. 379
Adding Lines and Rectanglesp. 380
Using Charts from Spreadsheetsp. 385
Importing a Chartp. 385
Inserting a spreadsheetp. 386
In the Next Hourp. 387
Hour 21 Formatting and Giving Your Presentationp. 389
Arranging Your Slidesp. 389
Choosing a Master Viewp. 390
Moving Between Slidesp. 391
Using the Background Modep. 392
Selecting Other Viewsp. 393
Rearranging Slides Using the Slide Sorterp. 396
Moving Slidesp. 396
Copying and Pasting Slidesp. 397
Deleting Slidesp. 398
Defining Transitions Between Slidesp. 398
SpellChecking Your Presentationp. 402
Adding Speaker Notesp. 403
Setting Presentation and Slide Show Optionsp. 405
Setting Presentation Optionsp. 405
Setting the Slide Show Optionsp. 407
Running a Slide Showp. 410
Preparing Hardcopy Slidesp. 412
Setting the Page Sizep. 412
Defining Printing Optionsp. 413
In the Next Hourp. 415
Part V Using Internet and Scheduling Features in StarOfficep. 417
Hour 22 Creating Internet Documents with StarOfficep. 419
Setting Internet Optionsp. 419
Choosing Internet Server Optionsp. 420
Setting up Internet Searchingp. 424
Setting up Internet Protocolsp. 425
Using the StarOffice Browserp. 427
Opening a Web Documentp. 427
Inserting Automatic Links in StarWriter Documentsp. 428
Inserting Manual Links in StarWriter Documentsp. 430
Inserting Links in Spreadsheets and Presentationsp. 431
Saving URLs in the Explorerp. 432
Working with Web Documentsp. 433
Saving Existing Documents for the Webp. 434
Creating New HTML Documentsp. 435
Adding Other HTML Elementsp. 438
In the Next Hourp. 441
Hour 23 Using StarOffice Email and Newsgroup Featuresp. 443
Configuring Email Accountsp. 443
Setting up a POP3 Accountp. 444
Setting up a Separate Email Outboxp. 447
Activating Your Email Settingsp. 448
Sending Emailsp. 450
Starting an Email Messagep. 450
Including Attachments in an Emailp. 452
Sending the Email Messagep. 454
Sending a Document as Emailp. 455
Using Other StarOffice Internet Functionsp. 456
Browsing an FTP Sitep. 456
Configuring the Newsgroup Readerp. 459
Creating a News Iconp. 459
Choosing Newsgroups to Viewp. 461
Reading Newsgroup Postingsp. 461
Posting a New Message to a Newsgroupp. 462
Updating Explorer Iconsp. 463
In the Next Hourp. 463
Hour 24 Using StarSchedulep. 465
How StarSchedule is Organizedp. 465
Using the Task Listp. 467
Creating New Tasksp. 467
Reviewing Task Detailsp. 468
Setting up Task Categoriesp. 472
Setting up Other Usersp. 473
Changing the Task List Layoutp. 475
Filtering the Task Listp. 477
Using the Event Calendarp. 478
Changing the Events Viewp. 478
Adding items to the Calendarp. 481
Filtering the Calendar Eventsp. 481
Setting up Reminders and Recurring Eventsp. 482
Congratulationsp. 484