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The way of the saints : prayers, practices, and meditations
Cowan, Thomas Dale.
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New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, [1998]

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460 pages ; 24 cm
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This book is based on a series of lectures delivered over the years by the author at the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, at the University of Stuttgart, and at City University of Hong Kong. Its two-fold aim is to provide a thorough introduction to the basic theorems of differential geometry and to elasticity in curvilinear coordinates and shell theory.

To this end, the fundamental existence and uniqueness theorems are proved in great details. Such theorems include the fundamental theorem of surface theory, which asserts that the Gauss and Codazzi-Mainardi equations are sufficient for the existence of a surface with prescribed fundamental forms, as well as the corresponding rigidity theorem. Recent results, which have not yet appeared in book form are also included, such as the continuity of a surface as a function of its fundamental forms.

This book also provides a detailed description of the equations of nonlinear and linearized elasticity in curvilinear coordinates, together with a direct proof of the three-dimensional Korn inequality in curvilinear coordinates. The book also includes a detailed description of Koiter's equations for nonlinearly and linearly elastic shells, a complete analysis of the existence, uniqueness, and regularity of the solutions of Koiter's equations in the linear case.

The treatment is essentially self-contained and proofs are complete. In particular, no a priori knowledge of diferential geometry or elasticity theory or shell theory is assumed. Another highlight of this book is the focus on the interplay between "theoretical" and "applied" differential geometry. For instance, rather than being introduced in a formal way, covariant derivatives of a tensor field appear in a natural way in the course of the derivation of the basic boundary value problems of nonlinear elasticity in curvilinear coordinates and of shell theory.

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Library Journal Review

Capitalizing on a resurgence of interest in saints, angels, and other God-revealing phenomena, religious scholar Cowan offers a popular devotional manual based on the commonly accepted biographies of some 200 saints, with suggested prayers and devotions appended to each life. Librarians looking for a counterpart to Ramsgate Abbey's Book of Saints (Catholic Book, 1989) may be disappointed, but the charm and accessibility of this volume should win it a broad general readership. (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
St. Abraham Kidunaiap. 21
St. Adamnanp. 23
Sts.A gape, Chionia, and Irenep. 25
St. Agnesp. 27
St. Aidanp. 29
St. Albert Chmielowskip. 31
St. Albert the Greatp. 33
St. Ambrosep. 35
St. Anastasius the Fullerp. 37
St. Andrew the Apostlep. 39
St. Anne Linep. 41
St. Anselm of Canterburyp. 43
St. Anthony of Egyptp. 45
St. Anthony of Paduap. 47
St. Antonino of Florencep. 49
St. Apolloniap. 51
St. Ardalionp. 53
St. Athanasius of Athosp. 55
St. Attractap. 57
St. Augustine of Hippop. 59
St. Aybertp. 62
St. Basil the Greatp. 64
St. Bede the Venerablep. 66
St. Benedict the Moorp. 68
St. Benenp. 70
St. Bernadettep. 72
St. Bernard of Clairvauxp. 74
St. Bertilla Boscardinp. 76
St. Blaisep. 78
St. Bonaventurep. 80
St. Boniface of Germanyp. 82
St. Boniface of Tarsusp. 84
St. Brendanp. 87
St. Bridget of Swedenp. 89
St. Brigidp. 91
St. Camillus de Lellisp. 93
St. Canairep. 95
St. Catherine de Riccip. 97
St. Catherine Labourep. 99
St. Catherine of Genoap. 101
St. Catherine of Sienap. 104
St. Ceciliap. 107
St. Charles Borromeop. 109
St. Charles Lwangap. 111
St. Christina the Astonishingp. 113
St. Ciaranp. 115
St. Clarep. 117
St. Columbap. 120
St. Columbanp. 122
St. Conrad of Parzhamp. 124
Sts. Cosmas and Damianp. 126
St. Cuthbertp. 128
St. Damasusp. 130
St. Davidp. 132
St. Dominicp. 134
St. Dominic of the Causewayp. 136
St. Dorothyp. 138
St. Drogop. 140
St. Edmund Campionp. 142
St. Edward the Confessorp. 144
St. Elizabeth Ann Setonp. 146
St. Elizabeth Bichier Des Angesp. 148
St. Emily De Rodatp. 151
St. Endap. 154
Sts. Ethne and Fedelmp. 156
St. Eustacep. 158
St. Fiacrep. 160
St. Findbarr of Corkp. 162
St. Flannanp. 164
St. Frances Xavier Cabrinip. 166
St. Francis Caracciolop. 168
St. Francis De Salesp. 170
St. Francis of Assisip. 172
St. Francis of Paolap. 174
St. Francis Xavierp. 176
St. Gallp. 178
St. Genevievep. 180
St. Gilbert of Sempringhamp. 182
St. Gregory the Greatp. 184
St. Guy of Anderlechtp. 186
St. Halwardp. 188
St. Helenp. 190
St. Henry Morsep. 192
St. Hilarionp. 194
St. Hildp. 196
St. Hildegard of Bingenp. 198
St. Hugh of Lincolnp. 200
St. Hyacintha Mariscottip. 202
St. Ia of Cornwallp. 204
St. Ida of Herzfeldp. 206
St. Ignatius Loyolap. 208
St. Illtud of Walesp. 210
St. Isidore of Sevillep. 212
St. Itap. 214
St. James the Greater the Apostlep. 216
St. Jane Frances De Chantalp. 218
St. Jeromep. 220
St. Joan De Lestonnacp. 222
St. Joan of Arcp. 224
St. John Baptist De La Sallep. 227
St. John Boscop. 229
St. John Chrysostomp. 231
St. John Damascenep. 233
St. John De Brittop. 235
St. John Eudesp. 237
St. John Fisherp. 239
St. John Gualbertp. 241
St. John Massiasp. 243
St. John Nepomucene Neumannp. 245
St. John of the Crossp. 247
St. John Oglviep. 249
St. John the Apostlep. 251
St. John the Baptistp. 253
St. John Vianneyp. 255
St. Josaphatp. 257
St. Josephp. 260
St. Joseph Mary Tommasip. 262
St. Joseph of Cupertinop. 264
St. Jude the Apostlep. 266
St. Julian of Norwichp. 268
St. Kevinp. 271
St. Lawrence of Romep. 274
St. Lawrence O'Toolep. 276
St. Louis, King of Francep. 278
St. Lucyp. 280
St. Lukep. 282
St. Lutgardisp. 284
St. Maedocp. 286
St. Magnus of Orkneyp. 289
St. Malachyp. 292
St. Marcianp. 294
St. Margaret Clitherowp. 296
St. Margaret Mary Alacoquep. 299
St. Margaret of Cortonap. 301
St. Margaret of Scotlandp. 303
St. Margaret Wardp. 305
St. Maria Gorettip. 307
St. Marinusp. 309
St. Marthap. 312
St. Martin De Porresp. 314
St. Martin of Toursp. 316
St. Mary Di Rosap. 318
St. Mary Francesp. 320
St. Mary Magdalenp. 323
St. Mary of Egyptp. 325
Mary, the Mother of Jesusp. 327
St. Matthew the Apostlep. 329
St. Maximilianp. 331
St. Maximilian Kolbep. 333
St. Mechtildis of Edelstettenp. 335
St. Monicap. 337
St. Moses the Blackp. 339
St. Mucian Mary Wiauxp. 341
St. Nicholasp. 343
St. Nicholas of Tolentinop. 345
St. Non of Walesp. 347
St. Notburga of Rattenburgp. 349
St. Odo of Clunyp. 351
St. Osithp. 353
St. Paternusp. 355
St. Patrickp. 357
St. Paul of Tarsusp. 359
St. Paula Frassinettip. 362
Sts. Perpetua and Felicitap. 364
St. Peter the Apostlep. 366
St. Peter Canisiusp. 368
St. Peter Claverp. 371
St. Peter Julian Eymardp. 373
St. Peter Orseolop. 375
St. Philip the Apostlep. 377
St. Philip Evansp. 379
St. Philip of Heracleap. 381
St. Philippine Duchesnep. 383
St. Rhipsimep. 385
St. Richard Pampurip. 387
St. Robert Bellarminep. 389
St. Roque Gonzalezp. 391
St. Rose of Limap. 394
St. Rose of Viterbop. 396
St. Sabas the Abbotp. 398
St. Safanp. 400
St. Sebastianp. 402
St. Solangep. 404
St. Stephenp. 406
St. Stephen Hardingp. 408
St. Stephen of Permp. 410
St. Sturmip. 412
St. Teresa of Avilap. 414
St. Teresa of Lisieuxp. 416
St. Thaisp. 418
Sts. Theodore and Theophanesp. 421
St. Therese Coudercp. 424
St. Thomas the Apostlep. 426
St. Thomas Aquinasp. 428
St. Thomas Becketp. 430
St. Thomas Morep. 432
St. Thomas of Villanovap. 434
St. Thorfinnp. 436
St. Valeryp. 438
St. Veronicap. 440
St. Vincent De Paulp. 442
St. Vincent Pallottip. 444
St. Vitusp. 446
St. William of Yorkp. 448
St. Wulfstanp. 450
Calendar of Saints' Daysp. 453